Radio stations in Moncton, NB

Stations de radio à Moncton, NB

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FM,MHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
  88.10 CBAF ICI Première Charlottetown, PE, Strathgartney Hill
  88.50 CBAF ICI Première Lutes Mountain
  88.90 CBAL ICI Musique Charlottetown, PE, Strathgartney Hill
  89.50 CJSE Country 89 Indian Mountain Rd
  90.10 CIRM Information Radio Homestead Rd
  90.70 CFBO BO-FM Indian Mountain Rd
  91.90 CKNI The Bend Lutes Mountain
  92.50 CJSE Country 89 Memramcook
  93.10 CHLQ Q93 Charlottetown, PE, Strathgartney Hill
  93.50 CKUM Codiac FM Université de Moncton
  94.50 CKCW K94.5 Lutes Mountain
  95.10 CFCY The Island's Country Charlottetown, PE, Strathgartney Hill
  95.50 CBA CBC Music Lutes Mountain
  96.10 CBCT CBC Radio One Charlottetown, PE, Strathgartney Hill
  96.90 CJXL New Country 96.9 Caledonia Mountain
  98.30 CBAL ICI Musique Lutes Mountain
  99.90 CHOY Choix FM Lutes Mountain
100.30 CHTN Ocean 100 Charlottetown, PE, Strathgartney Hill
101.70 CKDH Today's Best Country Amherst, NS
103.10 CJMO C103 Caledonia Mountain
103.90 CFQM Max FM Caledonia Mountain
104.70 CBCH CBC Music Charlottetown, PE, Strathgartney Hill
105.10 CITA Harvesters FM Lutes Mountain
105.50 CKQK Hot 105.5 Charlottetown, PE, Strathgartney Hill
106.10 CBAM CBC Radio One Lutes Mountain
107.30 CKOE CKO1 Lutes Mountain
107.90 CFTA Community Radio Amherst, NS
WB,MHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
162.40 XLM647 Weatheradio Canada Charlottetown, PE, Hazelgrove
162.55 XLM467 Weatheradio Canada Indian Mountain Rd
AM,kHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
    930 CFBC Country Favourites Saint John, NB, Sheldon Point Trl
  1260 CKHJ Pure Country 103.5 Fredericton, NB, Royal Rd


Weather / Météo

Bell Aliant Tower

Coordinates: 46°05'23" N, 64°46'36" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 14 metres (46 ft), Antenna Height: 127 metres (417 ft)
The Bell Aliant Tower (also known as NBTel Tower) is a reinforced concrete tower located in Downtown Moncton, New Brunswick. It is used for microwave communications and is the tallest freestanding structure in Atlantic Canada.



Lutes Mountain CBC Tower

Coordinates: 45°08'37" N, 64°54'08" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 171 metres (561 ft), Antenna Height: 131 metres (430 ft)
CBC Transmission Tower on Lutes Mountain Ridge, near Magnetic Hill, Moncton, New Brunswick.