Radio stations in Ottawa, ON

Stations de radio à Ottawa, ON

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FM,MHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
  88.50 CILV Live 88.5 Gatineau Hills, Camp Fortune
  89.10 CHUO
Radio France Internationale
Gatineau Hills, Camp Fortune
  89.90 CIHT Hot 89.9 Gatineau Hills, Camp Fortune
  90.70 CBOF ICI Première Gatineau Hills, Camp Fortune
  91.50 CBO CBC Radio One Gatineau Hills, Camp Fortune
  92.30 CJET Jack 92.3 Smiths Falls, Beckwith
  93.10 CKCU Gatineau Hills, Camp Fortune
  93.90 CKKL New Country 94 Gatineau Hills, Camp Fortune
  94.50 CJFO Unique FM Gatineau Hills, Camp Fortune
  94.90 CIMF Rouge FM Gatineau Hills, Camp Fortune
  95.70 CFPO Elmnt FM Place de Ville Tower C
  96.50 CFTX Capitale Rock Gatineau, Place Vincent-Massey
  97.10 CHLX Planète Radio Gatineau, Place Vincent-Massey
  97.50 CIIO Information Radio Place de Ville Tower C
  97.90 CJLL CHIN International Radio Place de Ville Tower C
  98.50 CJWL Jewel 98.5 Minto Business Centre
  99.10 CHRI Family Radio Manotick Transmitter
  99.70 CJOT Boom 99.7 Manotick Transmitter
100.30 CJMJ Majic 100 Gatineau Hills, Camp Fortune
101.10 CKBY Country 101.1 Smiths Falls, Beckwith
101.70 CIDG Rebel 101.7 The CrossWinds
102.50 CBOX ICI Musique Gatineau Hills, Camp Fortune
103.30 CBOQ CBC Music Gatineau Hills, Camp Fortune
104.10 CKTF Énergie Gatineau Hills, Camp Fortune
104.70 CKOF Gatineau, Bellevue
105.30 CISS KiSS 105.3 Gatineau Hills, Camp Fortune
106.10 CHEZ World Class Rock Gatineau Hills, Camp Fortune
106.90 CKQB Jump! Gatineau Hills, Camp Fortune
107.50 CFTX Capitale Rock Buckingham
107.90 CKDJ Ottawa's New Music Algonquin College
WB,MHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
162.55 VBE719 Weatheradio Canada Gatineau Hills, Camp Fortune
AM,kHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
    580 CFRA News Talk Radio Watterson Corners
    690 CKGM TSN Radio 690
ESPN Radio
Montréal, ON, Mercier
    730 CKAC Radio Circulation Montréal, ON, Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, Chemin d'Oka
    740 CFZM Zoomer Radio Toronto, ON, Mississauga, Eighth Line
    760 WCHP Christian Radio USA, Champlain, NY, Coopersville
    810 WGY News Talk USA, Albany, NY, Rotterdam, I-90 exit 25A
    860 CJBC ICI Première Toronto, ON, Mississauga, Eighth Line
    940 CFNV (test) Montréal, ON, Mercier
  1200 CFGO TSN Radio 1200
Fox Sports Radio
ESPN Radio
Twin Elm
  1280 CFMB Radio Montréal Montréal, ON, Saint-Mathieu
  1310 CIWW 1310 News Barnhaven West
  1630 CHYW Airport Radio Ottawa International Airport
  1670 CJEU Radio Oxygène Gatineau, CEGEP de l'Outaouais Campus Félix-Leclerc
SW,kHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
  3330 CHU NRC Time signal
CHU CNRC Signaux horaires
  7850 CHU NRC Time signal
CHU CNRC Signaux horaires
14670 CHU NRC Time signal
CHU CNRC Signaux horaires


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Gatineau Hills, Camp Fortune

Coordinates: / Coordonnées: 45°30'09" N, 75°50'58" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 359 metres (1178 ft), Antenna Height: 219 metres (718 ft)
Camp Fortune is an alpine ski centre located in the Gatineau Hills, approximately 15 minutes from Downtown Ottawa. TV tower in Camp Fortune, known as the Ryan Tower was erected in 1961 at the summit of the Clifford Slope. This 228.9 metre (750 feet) tall guyed mast was taken down on Sunday, November 4, 2012 and its functions were transferred to a new, nearby replacement tower.

More info: Wikipedia

Place de Ville Tower C

Coordinates: / Coordonnées: 45°25'09" N, 75°42'17" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 70 metres (230 ft), Antenna Height: 157.1 metres (515 ft)
Place de Ville is a complex of office towers in downtown Ottawa, Canada. 112 metres (367 feet) tall Tower C of Place de Ville is the tallest building in Ottawa.

More info: Wikipedia