Radio stations in Saskatoon, SK

Stations de radio à Saskatoon, SK

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FM,MHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
  88.70 CKSB ICI Musique Strawberry Hills, CBC Tower
  89.10 CBK CBC Music Prince Albert
  90.50 CFCR Community Radio South Saskatoon, Lorne Ave
  91.70 CITT Tourism Radio Sturdy Stone Centre
  92.90 CKBL The Bull Strawberry Hills, CTV Tower
  94.10 CBK CBC Radio One South Saskatoon, Lorne Ave
  95.10 CFMC C95 Strawberry Hills, CTV Tower
  96.30 CFWD Cruz FM Strawberry Hills, CBC Tower
  98.30 CJMK 98 Cool Strawberry Hills, CTV Tower
  99.10 CIZL Power 99 Prince Albert
  99.50 VF2499 Park&Zoo Information
Fox FM
Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo
100.30 CFAQ Free 100.3 Strawberry Hills, Discovery Ridge
101.50 CHQX Mix 101 Prince Albert
102.10 CJDJ Rock 102 Strawberry Hills, CTV Tower
104.10 CIRN MBC Network Radio South Saskatoon, Lorne Ave
105.50 CBKS CBC Music Strawberry Hills, CBC Tower
106.90 VF7353 Drag Racing Radio Saskatchewan International Raceway
107.50 CHBO Bolt FM Humboldt, Bruno
WB,MHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
162.55 XLF322 Weatheradio Canada Strawberry Hills, Hwy 5
AM,kHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
    540 CBK CBC Radio One Watrous
    570 CKSW Swift Current
    600 CJWW Hwy 60
    620 CKRM The Source Regina, SK, Hwy 6
    650 CKOM News Talk Rosewood
    750 CKJH CK750 Melfort, Pleasantdale
    800 CHAB Moose Jaw
    860 CBKF ICI Première Hwy 12 N
    900 CKBI Today's Country Prince Albert
    980 CJME News Talk Regina, SK, Hwy 6


Weather / Météo

Strawberry Hills, Saskatoon CTV Tower

Coordinates: 52°11'28" N, 106°23'16" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 597.4 metres (1960 ft), Antenna Height: 205.2 metres (673 ft)
CTV Transmitter mast is located on Valley View Road near Highway 41 and Bergheim, northeast of Saskatoon.

Strawberry Hills, Saskatoon CBC Tower

Coordinates: 52°10'28" N, 106°26'04" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 594.5 metres (1950 ft), Antenna Height: 183 metres (600 ft)
CBC Tower is located on Burgheim Road near Highway 41 and Eagle Ridge, northeast of Saskatoon.

South Saskatoon Tower

Coordinates: 52°05'09" N, 106°40'09" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 500 metres (1640 ft), Antenna Height: 77 metres (253 ft)

Watrous CBK Transmitter

Coordinates: 51°40'45" N, 105°26'47" W
Watrous Transmitter is located approximately 100 km southeast of Saskatoon and 145 km north of Regina. It is CBC Radio One's primary station in Saskatchewan (CBK). The transmitter was originally located at Watrous in 1939 in order to cover most of the Prairie Provinces with a strong nighttime signal (the station, then as now, is a 50,000-watt clear-channel station). It was also intended to serve most of the province's populated area, including Regina and Saskatoon, from one transmitter. The Watrous transmitter is still considered the station's primary signal, even though both of the larger urban areas are now served by separate FM rebroadcasters.


More info: Watrous and District Heritage Centre