Radio stations in Vancouver, BC

溫哥華的廣播電台 / Stations de radio à Vancouver, BC

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FM,MHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
  88.10 CBU CBC Radio One Mount Seymour
  88.50 CBU CBC Radio One Abbotsford, Trans-Canada Hwy
  88.70 CHNW New Westminster Radio New Westminster, Moody Park
  88.90 CBUX ICI Musique Victoria, BC, Malahat Ridge
  89.30 CFVT Vancouver Tourist Radio North Vancouver
  89.70 CJSU Juice FM Duncan, Big Sicker Mountain
  90.10 CJSF Burnaby, Simon Fraser University
  90.50 CBCV CBC Radio One Victoria, BC, Malahat Ridge
  90.90 CBUX ICI Musique Mount Seymour
  91.30 CJZN The Zone Victoria, BC, Malahat Ridge
  91.70 CKAY The Coast Nanaimo, Mount Benson
  92.10 CBU CBC Music Victoria, BC, Salt Spring Island, Hope Hill
  92.90 KISM Classic Rock USA, Orcas Island, WA, Mount Constitution
  93.10 CKYE Red FM Mount Seymour
  93.70 CJJR JRfm 93.7 Mount Seymour
  94.50 CFBT Virgin Radio Mount Seymour
  95.30 CKZZ Z95.3 Mount Seymour
  96.10 CHKG 加拿大中文電台
Радио Вера
Mount Seymour
  96.90 CJAX Jack 96.9 Mount Seymour
  97.70 CBUF ICI Première Mount Seymour
  98.30 CIRH Roundhouse Radio Park Place
  98.50 CIOC Ocean 98.5 Victoria, BC, Triangular Hill
  98.70 CKPM Tri-City Radio Port Moody, Murray St
  99.30 CFOX Mount Seymour
  99.70 CBUF ICI Première Victoria, BC, Munns Rd
100.30 CKKQ The Q Victoria, BC, Malahat Ridge
100.50 CFRO Co-op Radio Mount Seymour
101.10 CFMI Rock 101 Mount Seymour
101.70 CHLY Radio Malaspina Nanaimo, Cottle Hill
101.90 CITR University of British Columbia
102.30 CKWV The Wave Nanaimo, Cottle Hill
102.70 CKPK The Peak Mount Seymour
103.10 CHTT KiSS 103.1 Victoria, BC, Triangular Hill
103.50 CHQM QM/FM Mount Seymour
104.10 KAFE Today's Variety USA, Orcas Island, WA, Mount Constitution
104.30 CHLG The Breeze Mount Seymour
104.90 CKKS Kiss Radio Mount Seymour
105.70 CBU CBC Music Mount Seymour
106.50 KWPZ Praise 106.5 USA, Orcas Island, WA, Mount Constitution
106.90 CHWF The Wolf Nanaimo, Cottle Hill
107.30 CHBE Kool FM Victoria, BC, Triangular Hill
107.50 CISC Mountain FM South Bowen Island
107.70 CISF Pulse FM Surrey, Cloverdale
107.90 CFML Evolution 107.9 Burnaby, Metropolis at Metrotown
WB,MHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
162.525 KAD93 NOAA Weather Radio USA, Blaine, WA
162.55 CGZ555 Weatheradio Canada Burnaby, Simon Fraser University
AM,kHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
    550 KARI USA, Blaine, WA
    650 CISL Sportsnet 650
CBS Sports Radio
Richmond, Fraser Wharves
    660 KAPS Country USA, Mount Vernon, WA, 2029 Freeway Dr
    690 CBU CBC Radio One Richmond, Steveston
    710 KIRO ESPN Seattle USA, Seattle, WA, Maury Island
    730 CHMJ All Traffic TD Tower
    790 KGMI News Talk USA, Bellingham, WA, Yew Street Rd
    820 KGNW Christian Talk USA, Seattle, WA, Vashon Island
    880 KIXI Retro Radio USA, Seattle, WA, Bellevue, Mercer Slough
    930 KBAI K-Bay USA, Bellingham, WA, Meridan
    980 CKNW Global News Radio Surrey, 88th Ave
  1000 KOMO NewsRadio USA, Seattle, WA, Vashon Island
  1040 CKST TSN 1040
ESPN Radio
Delta, Ladner Trunk Rd
  1070 CFAX Victoria, BC, Trial Islands
  1110 KRPA The Whale USA, Oak Harbor, WA
  1130 CKWX News 1130 Richmond, Fraser Wharves
  1170 KPUG The Sports Leader
ESPN Radio
USA, Bellingham, WA, Barkley Village
  1200 CJRJ Spice 1200 Richmond, Cambie Rd
  1320 CHMB 華僑之聲 Richmond, Granville Ave
  1410 CFTE BNN Bloomberg Radio 1410 Delta, Ladner Trunk Rd
  1470 CJVB 加拿大中文電台 Richmond, No 8 Rd
  1550 KRPI Sher-E-Punjab USA, Bellingham, WA, Ferndale
  1600 KVRI Radio India USA, Blaine, WA
SW,kHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
  6160 CBU CBC Radio One Richmond, Steveston


Weather / Météo

Mount Seymour Tower

Coordinates: 49°21'13" N, 122°57'24" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 846 metres (2775 ft), Antenna Height: 82.2 metres (270 ft)
Mount Seymour is a mountain located in Mount Seymour Provincial Park in the District of North Vancouver, British Columbia. Most of Vancouver-area broadcasters have their transmitters on the forward slopes of Mount Seymour facing out over Greater Vancouver.


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