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Map of radio stations in Southeast Asia

แผนที่ของสถานีวิทยุในเอเชียตะวันออกเฉียงใต้ / Đông Nam Á đài phát thanh bản đồ

Peta stasiun radio di Asia Tenggara / Peta stesen radio di Asia Tenggara

Mapa ng mga istasyon ng radyo sa Timog Silangang Asya

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Radio stations in Thailand / สถานีวิทยุในประเทศไทย

Bangkok radio stationsPattaya radio stationsPhuket radio stations

    Radio broadcasting in Thailand began in 1929 (Radio Bangkok). The National Broadcasting Services of Thailand - NBT (สถานีวิทยุโทรทัศน์แห่งประเทศไทย) under the Government Public Relations Department - PRD (กรมประชาสัมพันธ์) is the largest national public broadcaster with several national networks, 46 local radio stations on AM/FM and international shortwave service Radio Thailand - HSK9 (สถานีวิทยุกระจายเสียงแห่งประเทศไทย). Mass Communication Organization of Thailand - MCOT (อสมท) is another public broadcaster with several national channels and 54 regional stations on AM/FM. Broadcasting is regulated by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission - NBTC (กสทช). Currently there are over 200 AM and 700 FM radio stations in Thailand. About 40% of radio broadcasting licenses are hold by the Ministry of Defence or different branches of Royal Thai Armed Forces and often leased to commercial or religious stations. There are about 4,300 low-power community stations which operate with unclear legal status. The FM band (87.5-108.0 MHz) channel allotments in Thailand are generally spaced by 0.25 MHz, therefore frequencies such 90.25 or 90.75 MHz are in use. Primary language on radio is Thai.

Radio stations in Malaysia / Stesen radio di Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur radio stationsGeorge Town radio stationsIpoh radio stations

    Radio broadcasting in Malaysia began in 1923 (Johore) and 1930 (Kuala Lumpur). Radio Televisyen Malaysia - RTM was founded in 1946 and today is the largest public radio broadcaster in the country with six national networks in five languages and 46 regional stations on MW, SW and FM. There are also several private radio networks and university radio stations. Broadcasting in Malaysia is regulated by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission - SKMM . Primary languages on radio are Malay, English and Chinese.

Radio stations in Singapore / 新加坡广播电台

Singapore radio stations

    Radio broadcasting on the island of Singapore began in 1924 (AWSM Radio). British Malaya Broadcasting Corporation (BMBC) was established in 1935. Today there are 19 FM radio stations in Singapore, owned by three radio broadcasting companies, namely: MediaCorp, SPH Radio and SAFRA Radio. Broadcasting in the country is regulated by the Media Development Authority - MDA . BBC operates on Shortwave from its Far Eastern Relay Station in Singapore. Medium wave transmissions ceased in 1993. Primary languages on radio are English, Chinese and Malay.

Radio stations in Indonesia / Stasiun radio di Indonesia

Jakarta radio stations

    Radio broadcasting in Indonesia‎ began in 1925 (BRX Batavia). Radio Republik Indonesia - RRI was founded in 1945 and today is the largest public radio network in the country with four main stations on AM/FM and overseas service Voice of Indonesia on Shortwave. Broadcasting in Indonesia is regulated by the Directorate General of Resources and Equipment of Post and Information Technology - SDPPI (Ditjen Postel). Currently‎ there are 282 AM, 1655 FM radio stations and one DAB Digital radio multiplex in Indonesia‎. Primary language on radio is Indonesian.

Radio stations in the Philippines‎ / Mga himpilan ng radyo sa Pilipinas

Manila radio stations

    Radio broadcasting in the Philippines‎ began in 1922 (KZKZ Manila). Philippine Broadcasting Service - PBS was founded in 1933 and today is the largest public radio network in the country with Radyo ng Bayan national network on AM/FM and overseas sevice DZRP Radyo Pilipinas. Broadcasting in the country is regulated by the National Telecommunications Commission - NTC (Pambansang Komisyon sa Telekomunikasyon). International broadcasters use powerful Shortwave transmitters in Tinang, Bocaue, Palauig and Iba. Currently‎ there are 387 AM and 738 FM radio stations in the Philippines. Primary languages on radio are Filipino and English.

Radio stations in Vietnam / Đài phát thanh tại Việt Nam

Hanoi radio stationsHo Chi Minh City radio stations

    Radio broadcasting in Vietnam began in 1930 (FZS Radio Saigon). The first Vietnamese-language radio transmission was made in 1945 in Hanoi. Today, Vietnam's government-owned radio broadcaster, the Voice of Vietnam - VOV (Đài Tiếng nói Việt Nam) has four domestic AM/FM radio channels and international channel VOV World Service on Shortwave (Sơn Tây transmitter). Regional radio stations are operated by provincial and municipal broadcasting organisations, there is no privately owned radio stations. Broadcasting in Vietnam is regulated by the Ministry of Information and Communications - MIC (Bộ Thông tin và Truyền thông). Currently‎ there are 60 AM and 126 FM radio stations in Vietnam. Primary language on radio is Vietnamese.

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