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Map of radio stations in Southern Africa

Kaart van radiostasies in Suider-Afrika / Mapa das estações de rádio em África Austral / Carte radio de l'Afrique australe

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Radio stations in South Africa / Radiostasies in Suid-Afrika

Pretoria radio stationsJohannesburg radio stationsCape Town radio stations    more ...

    Area: 1 221 037 km²; Population: 56.7 million; ITU country code: AFS; callsign prefix: S8, ZR~ZU

Radio stations in Namibia / Radiostasies in Namibië

Windhoek radio stations

    Area: 824 116 km²; Population: 2.5 million; ITU country code: NMB; callsign prefix: VP

Radio stations in Botswana / Seteiene sa seyalemowa ya Botswana

Gaborone radio stations

    Area: 582 000 km²; Population: 2.3 million; ITU country code: BOT; callsign prefix:

Radio stations in Zambia / Mawailesi mu Zambia

Lusaka radio stationsKitwe radio stationsLivingstone radio stations

    Area: 752 612 km²; Population: 17 million; ITU country code: ZMB; callsign prefix: 9A~9J

Radio stations in Zimbabwe / Redhiyo nenhepfenyuro muZimbabwe

Harare radio stationsBulawayo radio stations

    Area: 390 757 km²; Population: 16.5 million; ITU country code: ZWE; callsign prefix: Z2

Radio stations in Mozambique / Estações de rádio em Moçambique

Maputo radio stations

    Area: 799 380 km²; Population: 29.7 million; ITU country code: MOZ; callsign prefix: C8~C9

Radio stations in the Seychelles / Stations de radio aux Seychelles

Victoria radio stations

    Area: 457 km²; Population: 95 thou.; ITU country code: SEY; callsign prefix: S7

Radio stations in Mauritius / Stations de radio à Maurice

Port Louis radio stations

    Area: 1 969 km²; Population: 1.2 million; ITU country code: MAU; callsign prefix: 3B

Radio stations in Réunion / Stations de radio à La Réunion

Saint-Denis radio stations

    Area: 2 513 km²; Population: 877 thou.; ITU country code: REU; callsign prefix: FR

Radio stations in Ascension Island

Georgetown radio stations

    Area: 88 km²; Population: 0.8 thou.; ITU country code: ASC; callsign prefix: ZD8

Radio stations in St. Helena

Jamestown radio stations

    Area: 122 km²; Population: 4 thou.; ITU country code: SHN; callsign prefix: ZD7

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