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Map of radio stations in West Africa

Carte radio de l'Afrique de l'Ouest / Mapa das estações de rádio em África Ocidental

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Radio stations in Nigeria

Abuja radio stationsLagos radio stations

    Area: 923 768 km²; Population: 190.9 million; ITU country code: NIG; callsign prefix: 5N~5O

Radio stations in Ghana

Accra radio stations

    Area: 238 537 km²; Population: 28.8 million; ITU country code: GHA; callsign prefix: 9G

Radio stations in Ivory Coast / Stations de radio en Côte d'Ivoire

Abidjan radio stations

    Area: 322 463 km²; Population: 24.3 million; ITU country code: CTI; callsign prefix: TU

Radio stations in Liberia

Monrovia radio stations

    Area: 111 369 km²; Population: 4.7 million; ITU country code: LBR; callsign prefix: 5L~5M, 6Z, A8, D5, EL

Radio stations in Sierra Leone

Freetown radio stations

    Area: 72 300 km²; Population:7.5 million; ITU country code: SRL; callsign prefix: 9L

Radio stations in Senegal / Stations de radio en Sénégal

Dakar radio stations

    Area: 196 712 km²; Population: 15.8 million; ITU country code: SEN; callsign prefix: 6V~6W

Radio stations in Guinea / Stations de radio en Guinée

Conakry radio stations

    Area: 245 857 km²; Population: 12.7 million; ITU country code: GUI; callsign prefix: 3X

Radio stations in Mali / Stations de radio en Mali

Bamako radio stations

    Area: 1 240 192 km²; Population: 18.5 million; ITU country code: MLI; callsign prefix: TZ

Radio stations in Burkina Faso / Stations de radio en Burkina Faso

Ouagadougou radio stations

    Area: 272 967 km²; Population: 19.2 million; ITU country code: BFA; callsign prefix: XT

Radio stations in Niger / Stations de radio en Niger

Niamey radio stations

    Area: 1 267 000 km²; Population: 21.5 million; ITU country code: NGR; callsign prefix: 5U

Radio stations in Cape Verde / Estações de rádio em Cabo Verde

Praia radio stations

    Area: 4 033 km²; Population: 546 thou.; ITU country code: CPV; callsign prefix: D4

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