Radio stations in Victoria

Stations de radio à Victoria

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FM,MHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
  90.00 Pure FM Anse du Soleil
  90.70 Pure FM Saint Louis
  92.60 SBC Paradise FM Anse du Soleil
  93.00 SBC Paradise FM Fairy Land
  93.60 SBC Paradise FM Saint Louis
  95.70 Pure FM Praslin, Pointe Cabrei
100.80 SBC Paradise FM Praslin, Pointe Cabrei
102.80 RFI Afrique Anse du Soleil
103.20 RFI Afrique Praslin, Pointe au Sel
103.80 RFI Afrique Saint Louis
105.20 BBC World Service Anse du Soleil
105.60 BBC World Service Praslin, Pointe au Sel
106.20 BBC World Service Saint Louis
MW,kHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
  1368 SBC Radyo Sesel Saint Louis


Weather / Météo

Saint Louis Transmitter Site

Coordinates / Coordonnées: 04°37'14" S, 55°26'29" E
Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation AM/FM transmitter site on a hill in Saint Louis district.

BBC Indian Ocean Relay Station

Coordinates / Coordonnées: 04°40'49" S, 55°27'14" E
BBC Indian Ocean Relay Station (IORS) is located in the western Mahé district of Grand Anse. The station had been broadcasting BBC radio programmes on shortwave towards eastern Africa from 1988 until its closure in 2004.