Radio stations in Freetown

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  89.90 RFI English Service
RFI Afrique
Leicester Peak
  90.70 Radio Maria Leicester Peak
  93.00 Believers Broadcasting Network Leicester Peak
  93.50 Choice 93.5 FM 51 Kroo Town Rd
  94.30 BBC World Service Leicester Peak
  94.70 Radio Tempo Oniel St
  95.10 Radio Education Leicester Peak
  96.20 Voice of the Handicapped Freetown
  98.10 Radio Democracy 31 Murray Town Rd
  98.70 Universal Radio 95 Campbell St
  99.90 SLBC Radio FM 100 Leicester Peak
101.60 Africa Young Voices Tower Hill, Wesley St
102.00 Voice of Islam Leicester Peak
102.40 VOA Africa Leicester Peak
103.00 Kids Radio Network 159 Circular Rd
103.50 Star FM Leicester Peak
104.50 Culture Radio 24 Fort St
104.90 Capital Radio Leicester Peak
105.70 Kalleone Radio Leicester Peak
106.10 Galaxy FM Mahera
106.60 Skyy Radio 157 Circular Rd
107.30 Radio Mont Aureol Mount Aureol, Fourah Bay College



Leicester Peak transmitting station

Coordinates: 08°26'59" N, 13°13'24" W
The Leicester Peak transmitting station is a broadcast transmitting station and communications relay station located near Freetown, Sierra Leone. The site is owned by the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) the country's state broadcaster. It is now the primary transmitting station providing broadcast services for the Western Area of Sierra Leone. Previously the SLBC operated a shortwave transmitting station in Waterloo and a shortwave/mediumwave station in Goderich.


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