Radio stations in Birmingham, AL

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 WSJL Elijah Radio Bessemer, W Highland Church Rd
  88.50 WLJR Highland Lakes, Crest Rd
  88.90 WMFT Moody Radio Tuscaloosa, Pleasant Ridge
  89.50 WBFR Family Radio Red Mountain, Beacon Pkwy E
  89.70 KRLE K-Love Carbon Hill, Lynn
  89.90 W210CA WAY-FM Red Mountain, WIAT-TV Tower
  90.30 WBHM Public Radio
NPR News
Red Mountain, WBRC-TV Tower
  91.10 WVSU Smooth Jazz Red Mountain, Vestavia Hills
  91.50 WUAL Alabama Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Tuscaloosa, Hargrove Rd E
  91.90 WGIB Where God is Blessing Highland Lakes, Poplar Branch
  92.10 WKUL Cullman
  92.50 WYDE Inspirational music Cordova
  92.70 W224CK Guadalupe Radio Netw.
EWTN Catholic Radio
Red Mountain, Crawford Broadcasting Tower
  92.90 WTUG Tuscaloosa, Jones Camp Rd
  93.30 WFYN 4116 1st Ave N (1 AM-1 PM)
  93.30 WLVC 400 17th St N (1 PM-1 AM)
  93.70 WDJC Radio That Matters Red Mountain, Crawford Broadcasting Tower
  94.10 W231DE WJLD Red Mountain, iHeart Radio Tower
  94.50 WJOX Jox 94.5
CBS Sports Radio
Red Mountain, Cumulus Media Tower
  94.90 W235BS V94.9 Red Mountain, iHeart Radio Tower
  95.30 W237EK The Truth Red Mountain, Crawford Broadcasting Tower
  95.70 WBHJ Jamz Red Mountain, Cumulus Media Tower
  96.10 W241AI K-Love Red Mountain, American Tower
  96.50 WMJJ Magic 96.5 Red Mountain, iHeart Radio Tower
  96.90 W245CS Inspirational music 3431 N Second Ave
  97.30 WPYA Play 97.3 Red Mountain, American Tower
  97.70 WRYD Revocation Radio Jemison
  98.10 WTXT 98 TXT Tuscaloosa, Boyd Rd
  98.30 W252BE La Jefa Red Mountain, WIAT-TV Tower
  98.70 WBHK Kiss FM Red Mountain, American Tower
  99.10 W256CD Alt 99.1 Red Mountain, WIAT-TV Tower
  99.50 WZRR Talk 99.5 Red Mountain, Cumulus Media Tower
  99.90 WZAL APH Radio Alabaster
100.10 W261BX WAGG Red Mountain, WIAT-TV Tower
100.50 WJQX ESPN Jox-2
ESPN Radio
101.10 WXJC The Truth Cullman
101.50 WQEM Where God is Blessing Columbiana
102.10 W271BN Air 1 Red Mountain, WIAT-TV Tower
102.50 WDXB The Bull Red Mountain, iHeart Radio Tower
102.90 WFMA Air 1 Tuscaloosa, Marion
103.10 W276BQ The Vulcan Red Mountain, iHeart Radio Tower
103.70 WQEN The Q Red Mountain, iHeart Radio Tower
104.10 W281AB The Beat Red Mountain, American Tower
104.70 WZZK Country Red Mountain, American Tower
105.10 W286BK Hallelujah Red Mountain, American Tower
105.50 WERC NewsRadio Red Mountain, American Tower
106.50 W293CM B106.5 Red Mountain, iHeart Radio Tower
106.90 WBPT The Eagle Red Mountain, American Tower
107.30 W297BF Mountain Radio Red Mountain, WIAT-TV Tower
107.70 WUHT Hot 107.7 Red Mountain, American Tower
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.475 KIH58 NOAA Weather Radio Anniston, Mount Cheaha
162.55 KIH54 NOAA Weather Radio Red Mountain, American Tower
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    570 WAAX News Talk Gadsden
    610 WAGG Avenue W
    640 WGST Fox News Radio Atlanta, GA, 2108 Joseph E. Boone Blvd NW
    650 WSM The Legend Nashville, TN, Brentwood
    690 WJOX Jox-3
Fox Sports Radio
    750 WSB News Talk Atlanta, GA, Northlake Tower Festival Shopping Plaza
    760 WURL Moody
    790 WTSK The Truth Tuscaloosa, Fosters Ferry Rd
    810 WCKA Alabama 810 Jacksonville
    850 WXJC The Truth Pawnee
    900 WATV V94.9 Pratt
    930 WGAD Greatest Hits Gadsden
    960 WERC NewsRadio 2400 Arkadelphia Rd
  1070 WAPI Talk 99.5 Forestdale
  1150 WJRD True Oldies Channel Tuscaloosa, Northport
  1220 WAYE La Jefa Woodland Park
  1260 WYDE Inspirational music North Avondale, Brook St
  1320 WENN Kiss FM Hooper City, Daniel Payne Dr W
  1360 WIXI WJLD Jasper
  1400 WJLD Germania Park
  1430 WFHK The River Pell City
  1480 WMMA Guadalupe Radio Netw.
EWTN Catholic Radio
  1500 WQCR La Jefa Alabaster
SW,kHz Station Transmitter
  5970 WEWN EWTN Radio Católica Vandiver
  9385 WEWN EWTN Catholic Radio Vandiver
12050 WEWN EWTN Radio Católica Vandiver
15610 WEWN EWTN Catholic Radio Vandiver



Red Mountain

Coordinates: 33°29'21" N, 86°47'56" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1007 ft (306.9 m)
Red Mountain is a long ridge running southwest-northeast and dividing Jones Valley from Shades Valley south of Birmingham, Alabama. Most of Birmingham's television and radio stations have their transmission towers located atop Red Mountain. Five tall towers are located near Vulcan Park overlooking downtown Birmingham and another three towers аре built five miles southwest:
• 1075 ft (327.7 m) tall WVTM-TV (NBC Ch. 13) tower at 1732 Valey view Drive,
• 1042 ft (317.6 m) tall WBRC-TV (Fox Ch. 6) tower at 1720 Valey view Drive,
• 1134 ft (345.6 m) tall WIAT-TV (CBS Ch. 42) tower at 2075 Golden Crest Drive,
• 1062 ft (323.7 m) tall WTTO-TV (CW Ch. 21) tower at 2021 Golden Crest Drive,
• 1102 ft (335.9 m) tall American Towers/WABM-TV (MyTV Ch. 68) candelabra tower at 2371 Golden Crest Drive,
• 709 ft (216.1 m) tall Cumulus Media tower near Spaulding Ishkooda Road,
• 702 ft (214 m) tall iHeart Radio tower near Spring Gap,
• 700 ft (213.4 m) tall Crawford Broadcasting tower near Spring Gap and
• 593 ft (180.8 m) tall WBMA-TV (ABC Ch. 58) tower near Spring Gap.



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