Radio stations in New Haven, CT

Emisoras de radio en New Haven, CT

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 WMNR Fine Arts Radio Monroe, 180 Old Newtown Rd
  88.70 WNHU College Radio West Haven, University of New Haven
  89.10 W206BW Connecticut Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
West Rock Ridge
  89.50 WPKN The Real Alternative Bridgeport, Booth Hill
  89.90 WSUF News & Talk
NPR News
BBC World Service
Long Island, NY, Greenport
  90.10 WRXC Fine Arts Radio Shelton, Great Hill
  90.50 WNPR Connecticut Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Meriden, West Peak
  91.10 WSHU News and Classical
NPR News
Bridgeport, Booth Hill
  91.50 WGRS Fine Arts Radio Guilford
  91.90 WSHR The Arrow Lake Ronkonkoma, NY
  92.50 WWYZ Country 92.5 Meriden, West Peak
  93.10 W226AG Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Hamden, Mad Mare Ridge
  93.70 WZMX Hot 93.7 Meriden, West Peak
  94.30 WYBC West Rock Ridge
  95.10 WRKI i95 Rock Danbury, CT, Brookfield
  95.70 WKSS Kiss FM Meriden, West Peak
  96.50 WTIC TIC-FM Hartford, CT, Avon Mountain, 275 Deercliff Rd
  97.50 WALK Real Variety Long Island, NY, Farmingville, Telescope Hill
  98.10 WQAQ Hamden, Quinnipiac University
  98.30 W252AS Fine Arts Radio West Haven, Burwell Hill
  99.10 WPLR 99.1-PLR Hamden, Mad Mare Ridge
  99.90 WEZN Star 99.9 Bridgeport, Booth Hill
100.50 WRCH Lite 100.5 Hartford, CT, Farmington, Rattlesnake Mountain
100.90 W265DB The Beat West Rock Ridge
101.30 WKCI KC101 Hamden, Mad Mare Ridge
101.90 W270DL Life Changing Radio West Rock Ridge
102.30 W272DO Bomba 97.1 Hamden, Mad Mare Ridge
102.90 WDRC The Whale Meriden, West Peak
103.50 WNHH Hamden, Hamden Hall
104.10 WMRQ Radio 104.1 Meriden, West Peak
104.50 W283BS Bomba 97.1 Bridgeport, 1000 Trumbull Ave
104.90 WIHS Christian Radio Middletown, Round Hill
105.90 WHCN The River Meriden, West Peak
106.10 WBLI Long Island, NY, Farmingville, Telescope Hill
106.50 W293AU Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
106.90 WCCC K-Love Hartford, CT, Avon Mountain, 3114 Albany Ave
107.10 W296AO Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Knights of Columbus Building
107.50 WNHA Alma Radio Branford, 405 Brushy Plain Rd
107.90 WEBE 108 Bridgeport, United Illuminating Company power plant smokestack
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.40 WXJ42 NOAA Weather Radio Meriden, West Peak
162.475 WXM80 NOAA Weather Radio Long Island, NY, Northampton, Peconic Hills
162.50 WWH33 NOAA Weather Radio Cornwall, Mohawk Mountain
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    540 WBWD Bolly 540 Islip, NY, Freeman Ave
    570 WMCA The Mission New York, NY, Kearny, NJ
    600 WICC News and Information Bridgeport, Pleasure Beach
    660 WFAN Sports Radio
CBS Sports Radio
New York, NY, The Bronx, High Island
    690 WADS Amor 690 Ansonia
    710 WOR News Talk New York, NY, Lyndhurst, NJ
    740 WNYH Radio Cántico Nuevo Huntington, NY, Cold Spring Harbor
    770 WABC New York, NY, Lodi, NJ
    820 WNYC Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
New York, NY, Kearny, NJ
    840 WRYM La Gigante Hartford, CT, New Britain, Newington
    850 WAXB The Hawk Danbury, CT, Ridgefield
    880 WCBS Newsradio New York, NY, The Bronx, High Island
    910 WLAT La Mega Hartford, CT, Farmington, Rattlesnake Mountain
    930 WPAT
W Radio
New York, NY, Clifton, NJ
    940 WINE CBS Sports Radio Danbury, CT, Brookfield
    960 WELI News Talk Hamden, 495 Benham St
    990 WNTY Kool Radio Hartford, CT, Southington
  1010 WINS New York, NY, Lyndhurst, NJ
  1030 WBZ NewsRadio Boston, MA, Hull, Newport Rd
  1050 WEPN ESPN Deportes Radio New York, NY, Secaucus, NJ
  1080 WTIC News Talk Hartford, CT, Avon Mountain, 375 Deercliff Rd
  1100 WHLI The Hits of A Lifetime Long Island, NY, Hempstead
  1130 WBBR Bloomberg Radio New York, NY, Carlstadt, NJ
  1150 WMRD Middletown, Riverfront Park
  1190 WLIB New York, NY, Lyndhurst, NJ
  1240 WWCO Viva! Waterbury, 393 Thomaston Ave
  1260 WSHU News & Talk
NPR News
BBC World Service
  1300 WAVZ ESPN New Haven West Haven, Spring St
  1320 WATR Waterbury, 79 Baldwin Ave
  1340 WYBC News & Talk
NPR News
BBC World Service
West Haven, Front Ave
  1370 WALK The Hits of A Lifetime East Patchogue, NY
  1390 WRIV Riverhead, NY, 160 Flanders Rd
  1400 WSTC News & Talk
NPR News
BBC World Service
  1410 WPOP NewsRadio Hartford, CT, New Britain, Central Connecticut State University
  1440 WNYG Radio Cántico Nuevo Medford, NY
  1450 WCUM Radio Cumbre Bridgeport, 1000 Trumbull Ave
  1470 WMMW Talk of Connecticut Meriden, Mule Well Field
  1500 WFIF Life Changing Radio Milford, 90 Kay Ave
  1560 WFME Family Radio New York, NY, Queens, Maspeth
  1580 WLIM Polskie Radio
Polskie Radio dla Zagranicy
Patchogue, NY
  1590 WSIN Southern Connecticut State University (Carrier current)
  1670 WPML750 Hwy Advisory Radio West Haven
  1670 WQDG293 Hwy Advisory Radio North Haven



Hamden, Mad Mare Ridge, WTNH-TV Tower

Coordinates: 41°25'22" N, 72°57'05" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 642 ft (195.7 m)
WTNH-TV (ABC Ch. 8) and WPLR 99.1 FM broadcasting tower on Mad Mare Ridge near Hamden, Connecticut.

Meriden, West Peak tower farm

Coordinates: 41°33'44" N, 72°50'38" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1024 ft (312.4 m)
West Peak is situated in Meriden, New Haven County, Connecticut, midway between the cities of New Haven and Hartford, located about 20 miles to the north and south, respectively. Edwin Howard Armstrong, who invented FM radio and was a network radio pioneer, used West Peak as the location of one of the first FM radio broadcasts, in 1939. His original 70-foot radio mast is still there. Currently, West Peak is home to FM broadcast stations: WNPR 90.5 FM, WWYZ 92.5 FM, WZMX 93.7 FM, WKSS 95.7 FM, W253BQ 98.5 FM, WDRC 102.9 FM, WMRQ 104.1 FM and WHCN 105.9 FM. WXJ42 NOAA Weather Radio 162.40 MHz also transmit from West Peak, as do Amateur Radio station W1ECH with repeaters operating on 2 meters and 440 MHz.


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