Radio stations in Miami, FL

Emisoras de radio en Miami, FL

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  87.75 WEYS Almavisión Radio Andover, Industrial Communications Tower
  88.10 WRGP Radiate FM Homestead Transmitter Tower
  88.30 WGNK La Nueva Pennsuco, AT&T High-Seas Service Radio Station
  88.50 WMFL Family Radio Florida City, Card Sound Rd
  88.50 WKPX Radio X Sunrise, Piper High School
  88.90 WDNA Serious Jazz
BBC World Service
Homestead Transmitter Tower
  89.70 WMLV K-Love Homestead Transmitter Tower
  90.50 WVUM College Radio Coral Gables, University of Miami
  90.90 WLFE LifeFM Florida City, Card Sound Rd
  91.30 WLRN Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Pembroke Park, WLRN-TV/FM Tower
  91.90 WMKL The Call Tamiami Trail, Miccosukee Indian Reservation, Sprint Nextel Tower
  92.30 WCMQ Zeta 92 Downtown Miami, One Biscayne Tower
  93.10 WFEZ Easy 93.1 Andover, 390 NW 210th St
  93.50 W228BY Revolution Radio Downtown Miami, One Biscayne Tower
  93.90 WMIA 93.9 MIA Andover, 390 NW 210th St
  94.30 WRIZ Gridlock Radio North Miami Beach
  94.50 WVGK Kingdom Radio Hialeah, 2100 W 76th St
  94.90 WZTU Tú 94.9 Andover, 390 NW 210th St
  95.30 WLJM The Cross North Miami Beach
  95.30 W237CP Radiate FM FIU University Park Campus
  95.70 WRMA Ritmo 95.7 Downtown Miami, One Biscayne Tower
  96.10 WZPP Caribbean Andover, 390 NW 210th St
  96.50 WPOW Power 96 Andover, 390 NW 210th St
  96.90 WWWO Power One 96.9 Kendall
  96.90 W245BF Radiate FM North Miami, FIU Biscayne Bay Campus
  97.30 WFLC Hits 97.3 Andover, 390 NW 210th St
  97.90 WRMF West Palm Beach, FL, Greenacres Malrite Communications Tower
  98.30 WRTO Mix 98.3 Homestead Transmitter Tower
  99.10 WEDR 99 Jamz Andover, 695 NW 199th St
  99.50 WBUJ The Mix Miami Shores, Barry University
  99.90 WKIS Kiss Country Andover, 1255 NW 210th St
100.70 WHYI Y100 Andover, 390 NW 210th St
101.50 WLYF Lite FM Andover, WPLG-TV Tower
101.90 W270CV Radio VEN Downtown Miami, One Biscayne Tower
102.10 WKLG Star FM Key Largo
102.70 WMXJ The Beach Andover, 390 NW 210th St
103.50 WMIB The Beat Andover, 390 NW 210th St
103.90 W280DU Money Talk Radio Boca Raton, Parkland
104.30 WSFS The Shark Pembroke Park, 4991 SW 28th St
104.70 W284CS The Bull Andover, 1255 NW 210th St
105.10 WHQT Hot 105 Andover, 390 NW 210th St
105.50 W288DD Throwback Pembroke Park, 4991 SW 28th St
105.90 WBGG Big 105.9 Pembroke Park, 3324 Pembroke Rd
106.30 WRAZ La Nueva North Key Largo
106.70 WXDJ El Zol Pembroke Park, 3324 Pembroke Rd
107.10 WURN Éxitos 107 54400 S Dixie Hwy
107.50 WAMR Amor 107.5 Andover, 390 NW 210th St
107.90 WMIV Shake 108 The Roads
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.425 WNG663 NOAA Weather Radio Princeton
162.50 WZ2531 NOAA Radio del Tiempo Hialeah
162.55 KHB34 NOAA Radio del Tiempo Andover, 390 NW 210th St
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WQFW220 Coral Gables Radio Coral Gables
    540 WFLF NewsRadio WFLA Orlando, FL, Clermont
    560 WQAM Sports Radio
CBS Sports Radio
Virginia Key
    590 WAFC Pure Country Clewiston
    610 WIOD NewsRadio Treasure Island
    640 WMEN The Hurricane
Fox Sports Radio
Belle Glade
    670 WWFE La Poderosa SW 117th Ave
    710 WAQI Radio Mambí Miramar
    740 WSBR Money Talk Radio Boca Raton, Parkland
    760 WEFL ESPN Deportes 760 West Palm Beach, FL, Tequesta
    790 WAXY The Ticket
ESPN Radio
Tamiami Trail, Miccosukee Indian Reservation
    810 ZNS3 The Light The Bahamas, Freeport
    830 WACC Radio Paz
EWTN Radio Católica Mundial
Radio Vaticano
    850 WFTL News Talk Belle Glade
    880 WZAB The Biz
Bloomberg Radio
The Hammocks, Krome Quarry
    940 WINZ Miami Sports
Fox Sports Radio
Miami Gardens
    970 WQMN969 Miami Gardens Radio Miami Gardens, Florida's Turnpike Exit 0 + Carol Park
    980 WHSR Radio Haïti Amerique Int. Boca Raton, Parkland
    990 WMYM ESPN Deportes 990 Tamiami, 14800 SW 202nd Ave
  1020 WLVJ Radio Actualidad Boynton Beach
  1040 WURN Radio Actualidad Medley
  1080 WHIM The Answer Tamiami Trail, Coopertown
  1140 WQBA Noticias
Univision Deportes
Tamiami, Schortemeyer's Triangle
  1170 WAVS Caribbean Fort Lauderdale, Davie
  1210 WNMA Radio Actualidad Hialeah Gardens, WRMI Tower
  1260 WSUA Caracol 1260 Tamiami
  1320 WLQY Haitian Radio Cooper City
  1360 WKAT Radio Luz Virginia Key
  1430 WOIR Radio Zoe Florida City
  1450 WOCN Radio VEN Little Haïti
  1470 WWNN Health&Wealth Netw. Pompano Beach, Tamarac
  1490 WMBM Gospel 1490 South Beach
  1520 WEXY Gospel Radio Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park
  1550 WRHC Cadena Azul Coral Terrace
  1580 WSRF Fort Lauderdale, Davie
  1610 WQAW405 MIA Airport Radio Miami International Airport
  1610 WKCR MDC Radio Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus
  1640 WPKU228 Hwy Advisory Radio Florida's Turnpike
  1650 WQBV776 Hwy Advisory Radio Dolphin Expressway
  1680 WQCF602 City of Miami Radio Hadley Park + NW 7th St + Shenandoah Park
  1700 WJCC Radio Mega Hialeah Gardens, WRMI Tower
SW,kHz Station Transmitter
  9395 WRMI Tru News Okeechobee
  9955 WRMI Radio Miami International Okeechobee
15190 WRMI Radio Pan Am Okeechobee
multiply WRMI Overcomer Radio Okeechobee



Andover/Pembroke Park antenna farm

Coordinates: 25°58'01" N, 80°12'42" W
Many of Miami's radio and television stations broadcast from an antenna farm in the Andover and Pembroke Park neighborhoods of Miami Gardens. There are several tall broacating towers in the area:
• 1043 ft (317.9 m) tall WPBT (PBS Ch. 2) & WEDR (99.1 MHz) tower at 695 NW 199th St;
• 1041 ft (317.3 m) tall American Tower Corp. / WFOR-TV (CBS Ch. 4), WTVJ-TV (NBC Ch. 6), WLTV-TV (Univision Ch. 23) & WSFL-TV (CW Ch. 39) candelabra tower at 1255 NW 210th Street
• 1042 ft (317.6 m) tall WSVN-TV (Fox Ch. 7) & WPLG-TV (ABC Ch. 10) candelabra tower at 501 NW 207th Street;
• 1042 ft (317.6 m) tall American Tower Corp. tower at 390 NW 210th Street in Andover. Built in 1983, this guyed tower is primarily used for FM broadcasting. At the 306 m level is a master antenna for 10 FM stations: WFEZ, WMIZ, WZTU, WPOW, WFLC, WHYI, WMXJ, WMIB, WHQT and WAMR. At 281 m was WEDR (99.1 MHz); at 261 m is WBFS-TV (MyTV Ch. 33); and at 213 m is a second auxiliary master antenna for all 11 FM stations above. NOAA Weather Radio station KHB34 broadcasts from this site, on 162.55 MHz.;
• 1044 ft (318.2 m) tall Industrial Communications tower at 350 NW 215st Street;
• 1010 ft (308 m) tall WLRN-TV (PBS Ch. 17) & WLRN-FM (NPR 91.3 FM) tower at 3300 SW 52nd Avenue in Pembroke Park;
• 1019 ft (310.6 m) tall American Tower Corp. / WSCV-TV (Telemundo Ch. 51) & WAMI-TV (UniMás Ch. 69) candlabra tower at 4991 SW 28th Street in Pembroke Park;
• 1041 ft (317.3 m) tall American Tower Corp. candelabra tower at 3324 Pembroke Road in Pembroke Park.



Homestead Transmitter Tower

Coordinates: 25°32'25" N, 80°28'06" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 8 ft (2 m), Antenna Height: 1840.88 ft (561 m)
American Tower broadcasting tower at 17107 SW 248th Street in Princeton, near Homestead, Florida. Over 1800 feet high (and one of the tallest structures in Florida), this tower is home to the television transmitter of WTVJ-TV (NBC Ch. 6), FM transmitters of WRGP 88.1 FM, WDNA 88.9 FM, WKCP 89.7 FM and WRTO 98.3 FM, and the wide-area SFFMA 147.000 repeater, among others. The tower and building was destroyed on August 24, 1992, by Hurricane Andrew and was rebuilt by LeBlanc Tower of Canada. It was actually fabricated and engineered by LeBlanc of Canada but was erected By Tower King Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia. At the time of erection the structure was the heaviest guy supported broadcast tower in the world. Note the extra large cross section of the tower and the unusual double guying at each level - both presumably for greater hurricane resistance.