Radio stations in Pensacola, FL

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 WUWF Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Gulf Breeze
  88.50 WBHY Power 88 Mobile, AL, Spanish Fort, WKRG-TV Tower
  88.70 W204BW CSN Radio Gulf Breeze
  88.90 WILF The Life FM Monroeville, AL
  89.50 WPCS Rejoice Radio Robertsdale, AL, WJTC-TV Tower
  90.10 WTJT Southern Gospel Music Baker, Cnty Rd C4A
  90.50 WTGF Pace, 4670 Hwy 90
  90.90 WOWB WOW Radio Brewton, AL
  91.30 WHIL Alabama Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Mobile, AL, Spanish Fort, WKRG-TV Tower
  91.70 WEGS Moody Radio Milton, Hamilton Bridge Rd
  92.30 W222BR NewsRadio 2400 N Palafox St
  92.90 WBLX 93BLX Robertsdale, AL, WEAR-TV Tower
  93.30 WNCV Coast 93.3 Fort Walton Beach
  94.10 WMEZ Soft Rock Robertsdale, AL, WPMI-TV Tower
  94.50 W233CM Playlist 94.5 2070 N Palafox St
  94.90 WKSJ 95KSJ Robertsdale, AL, WEAR-TV Tower
  95.30 W237BE NewsRadio Robertsdale, AL, Hwy 112
  95.70 WKFP K-Love Navarre, River Rd
  96.10 WRKH The Rocket Mobile, AL, Spanish Fort, WKRG-TV Tower
  96.50 WZNS Z96 Fort Walton Beach
  97.10 W246BN The Ticket
SB Nation Radio
2070 N Palafox St
  97.50 WABD Hit Music Station Mobile, AL, Spanish Fort, WKRG-TV Tower
  98.10 WHWY Highway 98 Country Fort Walton Beach
  98.70 WYCT Cat Country Robertsdale, AL, Hwy 112
  99.10 W256DL ESPN Pensacola 2070 N Palafox St
  99.50 WKSM 99Rock Fort Walton Beach
  99.90 WMXC Mix 99.9 Mobile, AL, Spanish Fort, WKRG-TV Tower
100.30 WTKE The Ticket
SB Nation Radio
Fort Walton Beach
100.70 WJTQ Jet 100.7 Robertsdale, AL, WEAR-TV Tower
101.10 W266AL WOW Radio 1604 N Pace Blvd
101.50 WTKX TK101 Robertsdale, AL, WPMI-TV Tower
102.70 WXBM Your Country Robertsdale, AL, WPMI-TV Tower
103.30 W277CC Guadalupe Radio Netw.
EWTN Catholic Radio
2070 N Palafox St
103.70 W279CY Talk Radio 3801 N Pace Blvd
104.10 WDLT Smooth Hits Robertsdale, AL, WEAR-TV Tower
104.50 W283CU Faith Radio 3801 N Pace Blvd
104.70 WAAZ The Good Country Crestview, W 1st Ave
105.10 WPFL Legends 105.1 Flomaton, AL
105.30 W287DA Urban Gospel 3801 N Pace Blvd
105.50 WYZB The Wolf Fort Walton Beach
105.70 WCSN Sunny 105.7 Orange Beach, AL
106.10 WRRX Magic 106.1 W Fairfield Dr
106.50 WAVH FM Talk Mobile, AL, Beau Terra, Shelton Beach Rd
106.90 W295AP The Touch 31 Stumpfield Rd
107.30 WRGV The Beat Robertsdale, AL, WPMI-TV Tower
107.90 WYHJ Coastline Life Radio Gulf Breeze
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.40 KEC86 NOAA Weather Radio Milton
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    540 WASG Urban Gospel Mobile, AL, Prichard, 2301 Smiley Ln
    590 WDIZ 96 Rock Panama City
    610 WVTJ Urban Gospel Truman Court
    660 WXQW News Talk
CBS Sports Radio
Mobile, AL, Daphne
    690 WQNO Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
New Orleans, LA, Paris Rd, Chalmette
    790 WPNN Talk Radio 4151 N Pace Blvd
    840 WBHY Christian Radio Mobile, AL, Eight Mile, Whistler St
    870 WWL News Sports Talk
ESPN Radio
New Orleans, LA, Estelle
    960 WLPR Solid Gospel Mobile, AL, Eight Mile, Whistler St
    980 WRNE The Touch Milton, 1281 Avalon Blvd
  1000 WJNZ TalkRadio Robertsdale, AL, 18647 Fairgrounds Rd
  1050 WJSB The Good Country Crestview, W 1st Ave
  1060 WLNO Gospel Radio New Orleans, LA, Belle Chasse
  1070 WNVY Faith Radio Gonzalez
  1110 WTOF Tower of Faith Mobile, AL, Bay Minette
  1230 WDWR Guadalupe Radio Netw.
EWTN Catholic Radio
2070 N Palafox St
  1310 WHEP Radio Baldwin Foley, AL
  1330 WEBY ESPN Pensacola East Milton, Painters Alley
  1370 WCOA News Talk Holywood St
  1450 WBSR WOW Radio 1604 N Pace Blvd
  1490 WTKE Fox Sports 1490 Milton, Hamilton Bridge Rd
  1540 WQCX654 Escambia Cnty Radio 6575 N W St
  1580 WPWL619 Hwy Advisory Radio N Davis Hwy
  1590 WPWL619 Hwy Advisory Radio I-10
  1620 WNRP NewsRadio 2400 N Palafox St
  1650 WPWL619 Hwy Advisory Radio I-110 at S Farfield Dr
SW,kHz Station Transmitter
15555 WJHR Milton (USB Mode)



Robertsdale antenna farm

Coordinates: 30°35'16" N, 87°33'14" W
Robertsdale, Alabama is the location of three very tall broadcasting towers for stations serving Pensacola, Florida and Mobile, Alabama:
• 1913 ft (583.1 m) tall WEAR-TV (ABC Ch. 3) tower at 26781 Ard Road,
• 1894 ft (577.3 m) tall WPMI-TV (NBC Ch. 15) candelabra tower at 26567 Ernest Patterson Rd,
• 1501 ft (457.5 m) tall WJTC-TV (UTV Ch. 44) and WPCS-FM (89.5 MHz) tower in Elsanor.


Spanish Fort antenna farm

Coordinates: 30°41'21" N, 87°49'49" W
Spanish Fort is the location of several tall broadcasting towers for stations serving Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida, including:
• 1879 ft (572.7 m) and 999 ft (304.5 m) tall Media General WKRG-TV (CBS Ch. 5) towers at 11400 Austin Lane,
• 1200 ft (365.8 m) tall WALA-TV (Fox Ch. 10) and WFNA-TV (CW Ch. 55) tower at Jenkins Pit Rd,
• 545 ft (166.2 m) tall WEIQ-TV (PBS Ch. 42) tower at 29900 Wayside Dr,
• 802 ft (244.6 m) tall Clearview Tower.
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