Radio stations in Davenport, IA

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 WAXR AFR Talk Geneseo, IL
  88.50 KALA St. Ambrose University
  88.90 KAIP Air 1 Wapello
  89.30 WDLM Moody Radio Bettendorf, KWQC-TV Tower
  90.30 WVIK Quad Cities NPR
NPR News
Bettendorf, KWQC-TV Tower
  91.10 KNSB IPR Studio One
NPR News
East Moline, IL, 17325 20th Ave N
  91.70 KSUI IPR Classical Iowa City, West Branch, KIIN-TV Tower
  92.50 WGVV Groove 92.5 Moline, IL, 2151 1st Street A
  92.90 KATF Kat FM Dubuque
  93.10 KMCS The Buzz Muscatine
  93.50 KJOC I-Rock Le Claire, Townsquare Media Tower
  93.90 KQCJ Jack FM Geneseo, IL
  94.50 K233AA IPR Studio One
NPR News
Rock Island, IL, Telco Building
  94.70 KMCN MaC FM Clinton
  94.90 WAAG The Country Station Galesburg, IL
  95.30 K237FP Relevant Radio Bettendorf, 500 Belmont Rd
  96.10 KMXG Mix 96 Le Claire, iHeart Radio Radio Tower
  96.90 WXLP 97X Orion, IL, Townsquare Media Tower
  97.50 K248CE Air 1 I-280 / US 61 Interchange
  97.90 K250BU Air 1 Bettendorf, Indiana Ave / Wells Ferry Rd
  98.90 WLKU K-Love Orion, IL, Nexstar Broadcasting Tower
  99.70 KBEA B100 Wilton
100.70 KKRQ The Fox Iowa City, Solon, 4170 NE 245th St
101.30 KUUL Kiss FM Bettendorf, KWQC-TV Tower
102.10 K271AF IPR Studio One
NPR News
102.30 WRMJ Aledo, IL
102.50 WJRE Hog Country Kewanee, IL
102.70 KTJT Relevant Radio 3823 W Locust St
103.10 KTJT Relevant Radio 3705 W Locust St
103.70 WLLR Today's Country Bettendorf, KWQC-TV Tower
104.50 K283BV Alt 104.5 1756 N Main St
104.90 KIIK DeWitt
105.70 K289BI La Jefa Moline, IL, 53rd St and Old Colona Rd
106.10 K291BP KALA2
Radio Bilingüe
St. Ambrose University
106.50 KCQQ Q-106.5 Le Claire, iHeart Radio Radio Tower
107.90 KRQC 3ABN Radio 5919 Brady St
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.55 WXJ73 NOAA Weather Radio Rock Island, IL, Telco Building
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    560 WIND The Answer Chicago, IL, Griffith, IN, Colfax Ave
    580 WILL Illinois Public Media
NPR News
BBC World Service
Champaign, UI South Farms
    600 WMT News Talk Cedar Rapids, IA, Marion, 1837 Radio Rd
    670 WSCR The Score
CBS Sports Radio
Chicago, IL, Glendale Heights
    720 WGN Radio Chicago, IL, Elk Grove Village
    780 WBBM Newsradio Chicago, IL, Itasca
    800 KXIC News & Sports
Fox Sports Radio
Iowa City, 1 Stephen Atkins Dr
    860 KWPC Voice of Muscatine Muscatine
    890 WLS Chicago's Talk Leader Chicago, IL, Orland Park
    910 WSUI IPR News
NPR News
BBC World Service
Iowa City, Hills, Sand Rd SE
    960 WDLM Radio Moody Coal Valley, IL
  1000 WMVP ESPN Chicago Chicago, IL, Downers Grove
  1040 WHO NewsRadio Des Moines, IA, Mitchellville
  1170 KBOB ESPN Quad Cities Coyne Center, IL
  1230 WFXN Fox Sports Radio Moline, IL, 3031 7th St
  1270 WKBF La Jefa Moline, IL, 53rd St and Old Colona Rd
  1340 KROS Clinton
  1390 KCLN Voice of the River Cities Clinton
  1420 WOC News Talk Bettendorf, 3977 Belmont Rd
  1450 WKEI News Talk
CBS Sports Radio
Kewanee, IL
  1540 KXEL News Talk Waterloo, Dysart
  1610 WPJT281 LeClaire Radio LeClaire, 900 Eagle Ridge Rd
  1630 KCJJ The Mighty Iowa City, 4404 Napoleon St SE
  1680 WQHC968 Hwy Advisory Radio I-80



Bettendorf antenna farm

Coordinates: 41°32'48" N, 90°28'37" W
Many Quad Cities radio and television stations operate from towers in Bettendorf, including 1381 ft (421 m) tall KWQC-TV (NBC Ch. 6) tower and the WOC-AM antenna array.