Radio stations in Boston, MA

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 WMBR Cambridge, Kendall Square, Eastgate Building
  88.90 WERS One Financial Center
  89.30 WTBU Boston University Campus (Leaky Feeder)
  89.30 WCDV Radio Torrente De Vida Lynn
  89.70 WGBH Boston Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Milton, Blue Hill Observatory
  90.30 WZBC Newton, Boston College Campus
  90.90 WBUR Boston's NPR News
NPR News
BBC World Service
Newton American Tower
  91.50 WMFO Freeform Radio Medford, Tufts University Campus
  91.50 WZLY College Radio Wellesley, Wellesley College Campus
  91.50 WMLN Curry Radio Milton, Curry College Campus
  91.90 WUMB Boston's NPR Music Forbes Hill Water Tower
  92.30 WPRO Pro FM Providence, RI, Johnston, Neutaconkanut Hill
  92.50 WXRV The River Haverhill
  92.90 WBOS Alt 92.9 Prudential Tower
  93.30 WSNE Coast 93.3 Providence, RI, Rehoboth, 89 Pine St
  93.70 WEEI Sports Radio
ESPN Radio
NBC Sports Radio
Peabody, Lakeland Park Dr
  94.10 WHJY Rock and Roll East Providence, RI, 115 Eastern Ave
  94.50 WJMN Jam'n 94.5 Newton American Tower
  95.30 WHRB Harvard Radio One Financial Center
  95.50 WBRU East Providence, RI, 115 Eastern Ave
  95.70 WZID Today's Variety Manchester, NH, South Mount Uncanoonuc
  95.90 WATD South Shore's Radio Marshfield, Grove St
  96.10 WSRS Worcester, Paxton, Mt. Asnebumskit
  96.30 W242AA Classical New England Cambridge, Kendall Square, Eastgate Building
  96.50 W243DC The River Needham American Tower #1
  96.90 WBQT Hot 96.9 Prudential Tower
  97.50 WOKQ New Country Dover, NH, Green Hill
  97.70 WKAF Boston's Rock Station Milton, Great Blue Hill
  98.50 WBZ The Sports Hub
CBS Sports Radio
Newton American Tower
  99.10 WPLM Easy 99.1 Plymouth, Columbus Rd
  99.50 WCRB Classical New England Andover, Bald Hill
  99.90 WHHB Holliston, Mellen St
100.10 WBRS Waltham, Brandeis University Campus
100.30 WHEB Rock Station Portsmouth, NH, 775 Lafayette Rd
100.70 WZLX Classic Rock Prudential Tower
101.10 WGIR Rock 101 Manchester, NH, South Mount Uncanoonuc
101.50 WWBB B101 Providence, RI, Rehoboth, 33 Pine St
101.70 WBWL The Bull One Financial Center
102.50 WKLB Country Needham American Tower #2
102.90 WBCA BNN Radio Egleston Square, 3025 Washington St
102.90 WBPG Boston Praise Radio Dorchester
102.90 WLAS Lasell College Radio Newton, Auburndale
103.30 WODS AMP Radio Newton American Tower
103.70 W279BQ Renew FM Beverly Farms
104.10 WBMX Mix 104.1 Prudential Tower
104.50 WXLO Worcester, Leominster
104.90 WBOQ North Shore Gloucester, 13 Kondelin Rd
104.90 WRBB Northeastern University Campus
105.10 WWLI Lite Rock Providence, RI, Johnston, Neutaconkanut Hill
105.70 WROR Classic Hits Prudential Tower
106.70 WMJX Magic 106.7 Prudential Tower
107.30 WAAF Boston's Rock Station Worcester, Boylston, Stiles Hill
107.90 WXKS Kiss 108 Prudential Tower
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.475 KHB35 NOAA Weather Radio Milton, Great Blue Hill
162.50 KZZ41 NOAA Weather Radio Mount Washington, NH
162.55 WXL93 NOAA Weather Radio Worcester, Paxton, Mt. Asnebumskit
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WQFV858 Hwy Advisory Radio I-90, I-93
    550 WSJW Relevant Radio Providence, RI, Valley Falls
    560 WGAN NewsRadio Portland, ME, 236 Lane Ave
    590 WEZE The Word Medford, Commercial St
    630 WPRO News Talk East Providence, RI, Riverside, Wampanoag Trl
    640 WTBU Boston University Campus (Carrier current)
    650 WSRO Rádio Brasileira Framingham, Farm Pond
    660 WFAN Sports Radio
CBS Sports Radio
New York, NY, The Bronx, High Island
    680 WRKO Boston's Talk Station Burlington, Meadow Rd
    710 WOR News Talk New York, NY, Lyndhurst, NJ
    740 WJIB Cambridge, 443 Concord Ave
    760 WVNE Life Changing Radio Worcester, North Brookfield
    770 WABC New York, NY, Lodi, NJ
    790 WPRV Talk & Business Providence, RI, Omega Pond
    800 WNNW Power 800 West Andover, Chandler Rd
    810 WGY News Talk Albany, NY, Rotterdam, I-90 exit 25A
    830 WCRN News Talk Worcester, Leicester
    850 WEEI ESPN Radio Needham Conservation Land
    880 WCBS NewsRadio New York, NY, The Bronx, High Island
    890 WAMG La Nueva Mega Holliston, Sewell St
    920 WHJJ Talk Radio East Providence, RI, Riverside, Wampanoag Trl
    950 WROL The Spirit of Boston Saugus, Salem Turnpike
    980 WCAP Voice of the Valley Lowell, Pawtucketville
  1030 WBZ NewsRadio Hull, Newport Rd
  1060 WQOM Station of the Cross
EWTN Catholic Radio
Holliston, Sewell St
  1080 WTIC News Talk Hartford, CT, Avon
  1090 WILD China Radio Int'l Medford, Wellington Station
  1120 WBNW Money Matters Radio West Concord, Acton, Knox Trl
  1130 WBBR Bloomberg Radio New York, NY, Carlstadt, NJ
  1150 WWDJ Radio Luz Belmont, 75 Concord Ave
  1170 WDIS Norfolk, 100 Pond Street
  1200 WXKS Bloomberg Radio Newton, 750 Saw Mill Brook Pkwy
  1230 WESX West Lynn, Western Ave
  1260 WBIX The Buzz Waltham, 309 Waverley Oaks Rd
  1300 WJDA Quincy, Palmer St
  1330 WRCA
Nossa Rádio
Newton, 750 Saw Mill Brook Pkwy
  1360 WLYN Multicultural Radio West Lynn, Western Ave
  1390 WPLM Easy 99.1 Plymouth
  1430 WKOX Talk Medford, Wellington Station
  1440 WVEI Sports Radio WEEI
ESPN Radio
NBC Sports Radio
Worcester, Hickory Dr
  1470 WAZN Multicultural Radio Belmont, 75 Concord Ave
  1510 WMEX Talk Radio Waltham, 411 Waverley Oaks Rd
  1550 WNTN Auburndale, 143 Rumford Avenue
  1570 WMVX Viva 1570 Beverly, Endicott College
  1600 WUNR International Radio Newton, 750 Saw Mill Brook Pkwy
  1650 WQBQ732 BOS Airport Radio Logan International Airport



Prudential Tower

Coordinates: 42°20'50" N, 71°04'57" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 12 ft (3.6 m), Antenna Height: 907 ft (276.4 m)
The Prudential Tower, also known as the Prudential Building, is a skyscraper in Boston, Massachusetts. The building, a part of the Prudential Center complex, currently stands as the 2nd-tallest building in Boston, behind the John Hancock Tower. Completed in 1964, the building is 749 feet (228 m) tall, with 52 floors. Including its radio mast, the tower stands as the tallest building in Boston and is tied with others as the 77th-tallest in the United States, rising to 907 feet (276 m) in height.


More info: Wikipedia

Newton American Tower

Coordinates: 42°18'27" N, 71°13'23" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 76 ft (23 m), Antenna Height: 1177 ft (359 m)



Needham American Tower #1 at 140 Cabot St

Coordinates: 42°18'10" N, 71°13'04" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 100 ft (30 m), Antenna Height: 1101 ft (336 m)


Needham American Tower #2 at 350 Cedar St

Coordinates: 42°18'38" N, 71°14'10" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 152 ft (46.6 m), Antenna Height: 1296 ft (395 m)