Radio stations in Duluth, MN

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 WWEN Real Presence Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Superior, WI, Cnty Rds A and B
  88.50 WSSU WPR News & Classical
NPR News
Hilltop Park
  89.10 WGZS Dibiki Giizis Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa
  89.90 WHSA WPR News & Classical
NPR News
Brule, WI
  90.50 KDNI Faith Radio Hilltop Park
  90.90 W215CG MPR The Current Hilltop Park
  91.30 KUWS WPR Ideas
NPR News
BBC World Service
Hilltop Park
  92.10 WWAX The Fan
Fox Sports Radio
Hilltop Park
  92.90 WSCD Classical MPR Hilltop Park
  93.70 WGHF 3ABN Radio Superior, WI, Superior Seventh Day Adventist Church
  94.90 KQDS Hilltop Park
  95.70 KDAL My 95.7 Hilltop Park
  96.50 WKLK Legends Rock Cloquet
  97.30 KDNW Life 97.3 Hilltop Park
  98.10 WDSM News Talk Hilltop Park
  98.90 KTCO Kat Country Hilltop Park
100.50 WSCN MPR News
NPR News
BBC World Service
Hilltop Park
100.90 W265DO The Jock Hilltop Park
101.70 KLDJ Kool 101.7 Hilltop Park
102.50 KDKE The Duke Hilltop Park
103.30 KUMD Duluth Public Radio Hilltop Park
103.90 W280FB News Talk Hilltop Park
105.10 KKCB B105 Hilltop Park
105.90 WEGZ VCY America Washburn, WI
106.50 W293CT Sasquatch 106.5 Hilltop Park
106.90 WMOZ The Moose Moose Lake
107.30 WNXR Iron River, WI
107.70 KBMX Mix 108 Hilltop Park
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.55 KIG64 NOAA Weather Radio Hilltop Park
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    560 WEBC Sasquatch 106.5 South Range, WI
    590 WJMS Real Country Ironwood, MI
    610 KDAL News Talk S 63rd Ave W
    650 WNMT Northern Minnesota Talk Hibbing
    710 WDSM News Talk Superior, WI, S Pokegama Rd
    830 WCCO Newsradio Minneapolis, MN, Coon Rapids
    850 WQRM VCY America 1120 E McCuen St
    910 WCBN The Cabin Hayward, WI
    970 WDUL CBS Sports Radio Superior, WI, Maryland Ave
  1030 WCTS St. Paul, MN, Woodbury, Cnty Hwy 19
  1230 WKLK America's Best Music Cloquet
  1490 KJOQ The Jock
NBC Sports Radio
Superior, WI, Maryland Ave
  1500 KSTP SKOR North
ESPN Radio
St. Paul, MN, Maplewood, N Hwy 61



Hilltop Park antenna farm

Coordinates: 46°47'15" N, 92°07'02" W
Hilltop Park west of Downtown Duluth is the location of broadcasting towers of all TV and radio stations for Twin Ports market.