Radio stations in Rochester, MN

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.70 KMSE MPR The Current Silver Creek MPR Tower
  89.10 KVCS VCY America Grand Meadow, 760th Ave and 20th St
  89.30 KCMP MPR The Current St. Paul, MN, Farmington, Annette Ave
  89.90 KRPR Silver Creek MPR Tower
  90.30 WHLA WPR Ideas
NPR News
BBC World Service
La Crosse, WI
  90.70 KLSE Classical MPR Silver Creek MPR Tower
  91.70 KZSE MPR News
NPR News
BBC World Service
Silver Creek MPR Tower
  92.90 KFSI Christian Radio 5315 W Country Club Rd SW
  93.30 WIZM Z93 La Crosse, WI
  93.50 K228FY Sports Radio
Fox Sports Radio
1320 Salem Rd SW, KAAL-TV Tower
  93.90 KIAI The Country Moose Mason City, IA
  94.30 K232EK KTIS Silver Creek MPR Tower
  96.50 KWWK Quick Country Byron, 14th St NW
  96.90 K245CX News Talk 122 4th St SW
  97.50 KNXR Minnesota 97.5 Silver Creek MPR Tower
  98.30 KQYB KQ98 Spring Grove
  98.90 KNLW Christian Radio 6301 34th Ave NW
  99.90 KAUS US Country Austin
100.90 KOWZ Owatonna
101.70 KRCH Laser 101.7 Pine Island, 575th St
102.50 KMFX The Fox Zumbro Falls
103.10 KFIL True Country Chatfield
103.90 KDCZ The Doc Eyota
104.30 KFNL Fun 104.3 Elkton
104.90 K285EL Y105 Assisi Heights
105.30 KYBA Y105 Elkton
105.70 K289BO Kinship Christian Radio 5315 W Country Club Rd SW
106.10 KLSS Star 106.1 Mason City, IA
106.50 K293CV KROC Assisi Heights
106.90 KROC Ostrander, KTTC-TV Tower
107.70 KDZZ Z-Rock Eyota
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.475 WXK41 NOAA Weather Radio Viola Rd NE (Cnty Rd 2 NE)
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    580 WKTY Sports
CBS Sports Radio
La Crosse, WI
    790 WAYY SportsTalk
CBS Sports Radio
Eau Claire, WI, Black Ave
    830 WCCO Newsradio Minneapolis, MN, Coon Rapids
    880 WMEQ News Talk Eau Claire, WI, Menomonie
    920 KDHL The Mighty Faribault, Cnty Hwy 45
    970 KQAQ Classic country Legends Austin
  1040 WHO NewsRadio Des Moines, IA, Mitchellville
  1060 KFIL True Country Preston
  1080 KYMN Northfield, W 320th St
  1130 KTLK News Talk Minneapolis, MN, Credit River Township, Flag Trl
  1170 KOWZ Classic Hits Owatonna
  1190 WBHA Country Wabasha
  1250 KCUE America's Greatest Country Red Wing
  1270 KFAN Sports Radio
Fox Sports Radio
30th St SE
  1340 KROC News Talk US 52/US 14 Interchange
  1380 KAGE KG-Country Winona
  1390 KRFO Hometown Station Owatonna
  1480 KAUS Mower County's Voice Austin
  1520 KOLM The Ticket
CBS Sports Radio
2525 Pinewood Rd SE



Silver Creek MPR Tower

Coordinates: 44°02'28" N, 92°20'26" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1246 ft (379.8 m), Antenna Height: 993 ft (302.7 m)
Guyed radio tower built in 1986 by Silver Creek Tall Tower Associates. Located at 2003 70th Avenue NE (County Road 119) near Silver Creek Reservoir east of Rochester. Used by radio stations KLSE 90.7 FM; KZSE 91.7 FM; KMSE 88.7 FM, KRPR 89.9 FM; KNXR 97.5 FM.