Radio stations in Kansas City, MO

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 KJTY Family Life Radio Lawrence, KS, Red Tail Ridge
  88.50 KJNW Life 88.5 Blue Ridge, 2800 Wallace Ave
  88.90 K205ER Bott Radio Netw. Blue Ridge, 1603 S Menown Ave
  89.30 KCUR Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Blue Ridge, KCPT-TV Tower
  89.70 KJCV Bott Radio Netw. St. Joseph, Hwy 36
  90.10 KKFI Community Radio Blue Ridge, 2000 Stark Ave
  90.50 KLHW LifeTalk Radio Raytown
  90.70 KJHK Lawrence, KS, University of Kansas
  90.90 KTBG The Bridge Oak Grove, 35 Hwy TT
  91.50 KANU Kansas Public Radio
NPR News
Lawrence, KS, University of Kansas
  92.30 KCCV Bott Radio Netw. Olathe, KS
  92.70 K224ET Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Brown Estates
  93.30 KMXV Mix 93.3 Brown Estates
  94.10 KFKF Country 94.1 Brown Estates
  94.50 WIBW Country 94.5 Topeka, KS, Maple Hill, WIBW-TV Tower
  94.90 KCMO Greatest Hits Blue Ridge, 1603 S Menown Ave
  95.30 KCPZ Praise 95 Brown Estates
  95.70 KCHZ The Vibe Linwood, KS
  96.10 KLRQ K-Love Clinton, Windsor
  96.50 KRBZ The Buzz Brown Estates
  96.90 K245CC Bott Radio Netw. Olathe, KS
  97.30 KLRX K-Love Blue Ridge, 1603 S Menown Ave
  97.70 KNIU One Heart Radio 201 N 7th St, Centro Cristiano Agua Viva
  98.10 KMBZ NewsRadio Brown Estates
  98.50 KUAW 4510 Linwood Blvd
  98.90 KQRC The Rock Brown Estates
  99.30 K257DZ Radio María Brown Estates
  99.70 KZPT The Point Brown Estates
100.10 KONN One Kansas City Radio Kansas City Museum
100.30 KDVV V-100 Topeka, KS, Dover Cumulus Tower
100.50 KPPZ Aliento FM Brown Estates
100.70 KMZU Carrollton, US-24
101.10 KCFX The Fox Brown Estates
101.50 K268CF Bott Radio Netw. Blue Ridge, 1603 S Menown Ave
102.10 KCKC KC102.1 Blue Ridge, 1603 S Menown Ave
102.50 K273BZ Jack FM Brown Estates
102.70 KPGZ Kearney
102.90 K275BQ KCXL Blue Ridge, 1603 S Menown Ave
103.30 KPRS Hot 103 Jamz Brown Estates
103.70 K279BI Talk Radio Brown Estates
104.30 KBEQ New Country Q104 Blue Ridge, KCPT-TV Tower
104.70 KOJH 1823 Highland Ave
105.10 KCJK The X Blue Ridge, 1603 South Menown Ave
105.50 KKJO K-Jo 105.5 St. Joseph, Wathena, KS
105.90 KKSW Kiss FM Lawrence, KS, Lecompton
106.10 K291CN Gospel 4000 E Linwood Blvd
106.50 WDAF The Wolf Blue Ridge, 2800 Wallace Ave
106.90 KTPK Christmas Country Topeka, KS, KTKA-TV Tower
107.30 KMJK Magic 107.3 Napoleon, CMP KC Tower
107.50 KESJ Joe Town St. Joseph, N Belt Hwy
107.90 K300CH Air 1 Brown Estates
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.55 KID77 NOAA Weather Radio Blue Ridge, 1603 S Menown Ave
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    540 KWMT Fort Dodge, IA
    560 KWTO News Talk Springfield, MO, Ozark
    580 WIBW News Now Topeka, KS, Silver Lake
    610 KCSP Sports
Fox Sports Radio
Prairie Village, KS, Mission Rd
    680 KFEQ St. Joseph, US 71 at Emerald Ln
    710 KCMO Talk Radio 12416 N Eastern Ave
    750 KBNN Lebanon, MO
    760 KCCV Bott Radio Netw. Eastwood Park
    810 WHB Sports Radio
ESPN Radio
    860 KKOW Classic Country Pittsburg, KS
    870 KAAN Regional Radio ESPN Bethany
    920 KYFR Family Radio Coin, IA
    980 KMBZ Talk Radio Westwood, Entercom Radio transmitter
  1030 KCWJ Real Country Blue Springs
  1040 WHO NewsRadio Des Moines, IA, Mitchellville
  1090 KEXS Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Excelsior Springs
  1110 KFAB NewsRadio Omaha, NE, Papillion
  1120 KMOX NewsRadio St. Louis, MO, Pontoon Beach, IL
  1140 KCXL Liberty
  1160 KCTO Radio María Cleveland
  1190 KDMR Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
6200 E 35th St
  1220 KOFO Country Favorites Ottawa, KS
  1250 KYYS La Super Estación Hughes Rd
  1270 KGNM St. Joseph, MO, 2414 S Leonard Rd
  1320 KLWN News Talk Lawrence, KS, Green Meadows Park
  1340 KDTD La GranD Kansas City, KS, Ann Ave
  1360 KMRN U.S. Country Cameron, I-35 exit 68
  1380 KCNW Christian Talk Kansas City, KS, 4535 Metropolitan Ave
  1410 KKLO Here’s Help Radio Leavenworth, KS
  1480 KCZZ Kansas City, KS, 1701 S 55th St
  1510 KCTE Hot Talk
ESPN Radio
Independence, E 28th St
  1550 KESJ Joe Town St. Joseph, N Belt Hwy
  1590 KPRT Gospel 4000 E Linwood Blvd
  1600 WPBE684 Hwy Advisory Radio I-70, I-435
  1610 WPWA756 Hwy Advisory Radio I-35, I-70, I-435
  1610 WQI284 MCI Airport Radio Kansas City International Airport
  1660 KWOD The Score
Fox Sports Radio
CBS Sports Radio
Westwood, Entercom Radio transmitter



Union Hill, KCTV-TV Tower

Coordinates: 39°04'14" N, 94°34'57" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1007 ft (307 m), Antenna Height: 1042 ft (317.6 m)
KCTV (CBS Ch. 5) transmitter tower at its former studios at East 31st Street on Union Hill south of Downtown Kansas City is a widely recognized Kansas City landmark. This is due largely in part to the string lights on the four corners of the tower that can be seen for miles around at night. It is so recognized that for a time the "tall tower" (as it was called on-air) was the official logo of KCTV.



Blue Ridge Towers

Coordinates: 39°05'25" N, 94°28'19" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 881 ft (268.5 m), Antenna Height: 1168 ft (356 m)
Blue Ridge area, east of I-435 is the location of several tall broadcasting towers for Kansas City media market, including:
• 1220 ft (372 m) tall Kansas City Public Television KCPT-TV (PBS Ch. 19) Tower at 2100 Stark Avenue,
• 1168 ft (356 m) tall American Tower at 1603 South Menown Avenue,
• 1022 ft (311.5 m) tall American Tower at 2800 Wallace Avenue, and others.


Brown Estates Towers

Coordinates: 39°01'19" N, 94°30'49" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 886 ft (270.1 m), Antenna Height: 1158 ft (353 m)
Brown Estates Tower is a guyed mast at 6309 East 56th Street, built in 2003, formerly owned by Richland Towers, currently owned by American Tower Corporation. It is used for TV broadcasting by KPXE-TV (ION Ch. 50) and many Kansas City FM radio stations.


Coordinates: 39°00'55" N, 94°30'25" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 890 ft (271.3 m), Antenna Height: 1102 ft (335.9 m)
Brown Estates Candelabra Tower is a guyed mast at 6621 East 58th Street, built in 1987, owned by American Tower Corporation. It is used for radio broadcasting by KMXV 93.3 FM, KFKF 94.1 FM and KPRS 103.3 FM.

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