Radio stations in St. Louis, MO

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 KDHX Arnold, Edmar Dr
  88.70 WSIE Jazz Station Edwardsville, IL, Southern Illinois University
  88.90 KSEF Public Radio
NPR News
Farmington, Simms Mountain
  89.10 KCLC The Wood St. Charles, Lindenwood University
  89.30 KTBJ CSN Radio Red Bud, IL
  89.50 KCFV The Wave Ferguson, St. Louis Community College
  89.70 WCBW Faith Hope Family Locust St, YMCA
  89.90 WLCA College Radio Godfrey, IL, Lewis and Clark Community College
  90.10 KRHS Radioactive Radio Ritenour High School
  90.10 W211AD Faith Hope Family Granite City, IL
  90.30 KWUR Clayton, Washington University
  90.70 KWMU Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Shrewsbury, New KDNL-TV Tower
  91.10 WIBI Faith Hope Family Carlinville, IL
  91.50 KSIV Bott Radio Netw. Shrewsbury American Tower
  91.90 K220HT CSN Radio 1215 Cole Street, Old KDNL-TV Tower
  92.30 WIL New Country Butler Hill Rd, KETC-TV Tower
  93.70 KSD The Bull Shrewsbury American Tower
  94.10 KPVR Boost 101.9 Bowling Green
  94.70 KSHE Real Rock Radio Shrewsbury American Tower
  95.50 WFUN R&B and Old School De Baliviere Ave, Radio One Tower
  96.30 KNOU Now 96.3 Shrewsbury American Tower
  97.10 KFTK News Talk Dardenne Prairie, Oakland Hills Dr
  97.70 KHZR Boost 101.9 Potosi
  98.10 KYKY Y98 Shrewsbury American Tower
  98.50 KTJJ J98 The Boot Farmington, Stono Mountain
  98.70 K254CR News Talk Brentwood, 2628 Porter Ave
  99.10 KLJY Joy FM Shrewsbury American Tower
  99.50 KTGP Praise 99.5 Clayton
  99.90 KFAV Today's Hot Country Warrenton, Wright City
100.30 KMJM The Beat Olivette, 1494 Kinark Dr
100.70 KFNS The Viper Troy, Davis
101.10 WXOS ESPN St. Louis Butler Hill Rd, KETC-TV Tower
101.50 K268BF Air 1 North Riverfront, 239 Prairie Ave
101.70 KXQX fmX Elsberry, Unicorn Trl
101.90 K270BW Boost 101.9 Shrewsbury American Tower
102.50 KEZK Shrewsbury American Tower
103.30 KLOU Shrewsbury American Tower
103.70 W279AQ Majic Shrewsbury American Tower
104.10 WHHL Hot 104.1 De Baliviere Ave, Radio One Tower
104.50 KSLQ Q104.5 Washington, Osage Ridge
104.90 KLLT Alt 104.9 Shrewsbury American Tower
105.70 KPNT The Point Hillsboro, Sinclair Radio Tower
106.50 WARH The Arch Shrewsbury American Tower
107.30 K297BI RAF Classical Radio Brentwood, 2628 Porter Ave
107.70 KSLZ Z107.7 Shrewsbury American Tower
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.55 KDO89 NOAA Weather Radio Shrewsbury
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    550 KTRS The Big 550 Madison, IL, Mueller Ln
    590 KFNS The Fan
Fox Sports Radio
Wood River, IL
    630 KYFI Bible Broadcasting Netw. Madison, IL, Big Bend Rd
    640 WCRV Bott Radio Netw. Memphis, TN, Stateline Rd, Mineral Wells, MS
    650 WSM The Legend Nashville, TN, Brentwood
    670 WSCR The Score
CBS Sports Radio
Chicago, IL, Glendale Heights
    690 KSTL Jubilee 690 East St. Louis, IL, Poplar Street Bridge
    730 KWRE Traditional Country Warrenton
    770 WEW Variety 77
Bosanski Mensur Radio
Bosanski Radio Behar
Washington Park, IL, 6902 Bunkum Rd
    800 KREI Supertalk Farmington, 1401 Krei Blvd
    810 WHB Sports Radio
ESPN Radio
Kansas City, MO, Nashua
    850 KFUO Christian Radio Clayton, Concordia Seminary
    880 WIJR La Ley Highland, IL
    920 WGNU CBS Sports Radio Pontoon Beach, IL
  1010 KXEN Christian Radio Pontoon Beach, IL
  1040 WHO NewsRadio Des Moines, IA, Mitchellville
  1080 WRYT Covenant Network
EWTN Catholic Radio
Edwardsville, IL
  1120 KMOX NewsRadio Pontoon Beach, IL
  1190 KQQZ Kool Kountry Pontoon Beach, IL
  1260 WSDZ The Answer Belleville, Schlueter Germaine Rd
  1280 KYRO Westplex News Talk Valmeyer, W Main St
  1320 KSIV Bott Radio Netw. Webster Groves, 1004 Cornell Ave
  1350 KRAP Sports
CBS Sports Radio
  1380 KXFN The Pulse Madison, IL, Chouteau Island
  1400 KFTK News Talk Festus, Scenic Dr
  1430 KZQZ The Krazy Dupo, IL
  1460 KHOJ Covenant Network
EWTN Catholic Radio
St. Charles, State Hwy B
  1490 WQQX Timeless Oldies East St. Louis, IL, Railroad Ave
  1570 WBGZ Radio for the Riverbend Alton, IL
  1600 KATZ Hallelujah Washington Park, IL, 6902 Bunkum Rd



1215 Cole Street, Old KDNL-TV Tower

Coordinates: 38°38'09" N, 90°11'45" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 469 ft (143 m), Antenna Height: 527.5 ft (161 m)


Shrewsbury American Tower

Coordinates: 38°34'27" N, 90°19'31" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 450 ft (137 m), Antenna Height: 1115 ft (340 m)
Shrewsbury American Tower also known with its previous name "Crestwood master FM tower" is a guyed mast, located at 7555 Mackenzie Road in the St. Louis suburb of Shrewsbury. It is used as a main antenna for about a dozen FM radio stations.