Radio stations in Helena, MT

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  89.10 KYPH Yellowstone Public Radio
NPR News
Hogback Mountain
  90.10 KHLV K-Love North Hill
  90.90 K215CG CSN Radio North Hill
  91.70 KUHM Montana Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
North Hill
  93.10 K226BI Oldies North Hill
  94.10 KOPR Butte, X-L Heights
  94.90 K235BW ESPN Montana Hogback Mountain
  95.50 KMBR Best Rock Butte, X-L Heights
  95.90 K240EM News Radio Mount Belmont
  96.30 K242CX Rock 96.3 North Hill
  96.70 K244EH Yellowstone Public Radio
NPR News
Hogback Mountain
  97.30 KNEH Relevant Radio Carroll College
  97.70 KCCH Christian Radio 55 Dunbar Ave
  98.10 K251AC KGLT Hogback Mountain
  98.50 KHGC Your Network of Praise East Helena
  99.50 KBLL The Bull Mount Belmont
100.30 KEAJ JeffCo Emergency Radio Jefferson City
101.10 KZMT Z101 Mount Belmont
101.90 KHFG Effect Radio 55 Dunbar Ave
102.30 KMXM The Trail Hogback Mountain
103.10 KVCM Your Network of Praise North Hill
104.10 KBMI Your Network of Praise North Hill
104.50 K283BP Dave FM Hogback Mountain
104.90 KIKF The Wolf Great Falls, MT, Tiger Butte
105.30 KMTX Best Variety Mount Belmont
105.90 KWLG JeffCo Emergency Radio Montana City
106.50 KYPX Yellowstone Public Radio
NPR News
Hogback Mountain
107.30 KIMO The Mighty Mo Hogback Mountain
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.40 WXK66 NOAA Weather Radio Hogback Mountain
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    550 KBOW Butte, Beef Trail Rd
    560 KMON Country Radio Great Falls, MT, 167 Dune Dr
    580 KANA Anaconda
    680 KKGR Oldies East Helena
    750 KERR Classic Country Polson, N Reservoir Rd
    950 KCAP News Radio 6457 N Montana Ave
  1010 CBR CBC Radio One Canada, Calgary, AB, Shepard
  1150 KSEN Classic Hits Shelby
  1370 KXTL Talk Radio Butte



Hogback Mountain

Coordinates: 46°49'29" N, 111°42'15" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 7795 ft (2376 m)
Hogback Mountain is located northeast of Helena in Helena National Forest. The tower supports antennas for several stations, including KTVH (NBC Ch. 12), KMTF (CW Ch. 10), KIMO 107.3 MHz and others.


More info: KYPH transmitter - Montanavision, Inc. ; K244EH translator - Montanavision, Inc.

Mount Belmont

Coordinates: 46°44'53" N, 112°19'51" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 7322 ft (2231.7 m)
Mount Belmont in Great Divide Ski Area, above Marysville, Montana, approximately 20 miles west of Helena.


More info: KZMT-FM transmitter - Montanavision, Inc.

North Hill

Coordinates: 46°46'11" N, 112°01'27" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 4960 ft (1511.8 m)
North Hill Electronic Site is located north of Helena, just East of I-15. The site houses several TV and radio stations' transmitter towers.


More info: KVCM transmitter - Montanavision, Inc. ; KHKR-FM transmitter - Montanavision, Inc. ; K215CG translator - Montanavision, Inc.
Photo courtesy of William Mitchell