Radio stations in Winston-Salem, NC

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.50 WFDD Public Radio
└ HD2 Classical 24
└ HD3 Wake Radio
Lexington-Welcome Davidson Broadcasting Tower
  89.30 WBFJ Your Family Station GMAC Tower
  89.50 WTJY Joy FM Asheboro, Cedar Rock Mountain
  89.90 W205CP Air 1 Pfafftown, Reynolda Rd
  90.10 WNAA The Voice Greensboro, NC, North Carolina A&T State University
  90.50 WSNC Jazz Radio Winston-Salem State University
  90.90 WQFS Your Only Alternative Greensboro, NC, Guilford College
  91.30 WXRI Joy FM Forbush, 1647 Bloomtown Rd
  91.50 WUNC Public Radio
└ HD2 WUNC Music
Chapel Hill, Terrells Mountain, UNC-TV Tower
  92.30 WKRR Rock 92 Randleman, Dick Broadcasting Tower
  93.10 WPAW The Wolf Greensboro, NC, Beasley Summerfield Tower
  93.50 W228BE CSN Radio S Martin Luther King Jr Dr
  94.10 WWLV K-Love Lexington-Welcome Davidson Broadcasting Tower
  94.50 WPTI Piedmont's Talk Station Madison iHeart Radio Tower
  95.10 WNKS Kiss 95.1 Charlotte, NC, Dallas, WJZY-TV Tower
  95.50 WHPE Bible Broadcasting Netw. High Point, 1714 Tower Ave
  96.10 WHQC Hits 96.1 Charlotte, NC, Dallas, WJZY-TV Tower
  96.30 W242CC The Big 980 1107 Salem Valley Rd
  96.90 WKKT The Kat Charlotte, NC, Mooresville iHeart Radio Tower
  97.10 WQMG R&B and Old School Greensboro, NC, 3351 Wall Rd, American Tower
  97.30 WKBC Today's Hottest Music North Wilkesboro, Brushy Mountain
  97.70 W249BZ The Truth 1107 Salem Valley Rd
  98.10 WBRF Classic Country Galax, VA, Blue Ridge Mountains, Fisher Peak
  98.30 WIST La Raza High Point, 1607 Country Club Dr
  98.70 WSMW Simon Greensboro, NC, 3351 Wall Rd, American Tower
  99.10 W256DR The Truth High Point, 1714 Tower Ave
  99.50 WMAG Randleman, WFMY-TV Tower
  99.90 W260BG Air 1 Lexington-Welcome Davidson Broadcasting Tower
100.30 WMKS Kiss FM Sauratown Mountain
101.10 WYMY La Ley Burlington, Bass Mountain
101.50 W268CG Sports Hub Triad
Fox Sports Radio
Robinhood Rd
102.10 WJMH 102 Jamz Greensboro, NC, Beasley Summerfield Tower
102.50 W273DH The Light High Point, 1714 Tower Ave
102.70 W274BO Your Family Station Kernersville
103.30 WAKG Country Danville, VA, Chatham
103.50 W278BM The Light 1107 Salem Valley Rd
103.70 WSOC The New Charlotte, NC, 8036 Hood Rd, American Tower
104.10 WTQR New Country Q104.1 Sauratown Mountain
104.70 WKQC K104.7 Charlotte, NC, 8036 Hood Rd, American Tower
105.10 WFOZ The FORSe Forsythe Technical Community College
105.70 WVBZ Man Up! Greensboro, NC, Old Randleman Rd Pinnacle Tower
106.50 WEND The End Charlotte, NC, China Grove, Brown Rd
106.90 W295CE Latina 106.9 Walkertown
107.50 WKZL Hit Music Greensboro, NC, Beasley Summerfield Tower
107.90 WLNK The Link Charlotte, NC, Dallas, Jefferson Pilot Comm Tower
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.40 WXL42 NOAA Weather Radio Sauratown Mountain
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    550 WAME Country Legends Statesville
    580 WKSK The Farm West Jefferson
    600 WSJS Sports Hub Triad
Fox Sports Radio
Robinhood Rd
    680 WPTF NewsRadio Raleigh, NC, Cary, E Clatham St
    700 WZOO The Zoo Asheboro, Lazy Pine Rd
    740 WPAQ Voice of the Blue Ridge Mount Airy
    790 WBLO Latina 106.9 High Point, 1607 Country Club Dr
    830 WTRU The Truth Walkertown
    880 WPIP
FBN Radio
4135 Thomasville Rd
    920 WPCM Sports Hub Triad
Fox Sports Radio
Burlington, 1109 Tower Dr
    950 WPET Greensboro, NC, 1219 S Eugene St
    980 WTOB The Big 980 Northwest Blvd
  1040 WSGH Activa Triad Forbush, 1647 Bloomtown Rd
  1070 WGOS Cadena Radial Nueva Vida High Point, Old Mendenhall Rd
  1090 WKTE The Wave King, 117 WKTE Dr
  1110 WBT News Talk Charlotte, NC, 9201 Nations Ford Rd
  1130 WCLW Southern Gospel Eden
  1160 WODY Joy FM Martinsville, VA
  1200 WSML Maverick Radio Burlington
  1230 WMFR Sports Hub Triad
Fox Sports Radio
High Point, 150 S Main St
  1260 WKXR Asheboro, 1119 Eastview Dr
  1300 WSYD Mount Airy
  1320 WCOG Sports Hub Triad
Fox Sports Radio
Summerfield, 2612 Pleasant Ridge Rd
  1340 WPOL The Light 1107 Salem Valley Rd
  1380 WWNT Activa Triad Mill Creek Rd
  1420 WMYN Rockingham County Radio Mayodan
  1440 WLXN Air 1 Lexington
  1470 WWBG Activa Triad Summerfield, 2612 Pleasant Ridge Rd
  1500 WSMX La Movidita 1107 Salem Valley Rd
  1520 WDSL Mocksville
  1550 WBFJ Stereo 1550 1249 N Trade St
  1590 WYSR Qué Pasa Radio High Point, Wallburg-High Point Rd



Sauratown Mountain (WXII-TV Tower)

Coordinates: 36°22'31" N, 80°22'25" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 2400 ft (731.5 m), Antenna Height: 683 ft (208 m)
The Sauratown Mountains are an isolated mountain range located north of Winston-Salem in Stokes and Surrey counties.


Lexington-Welcome Davidson Broadcasting Tower

Coordinates: 35°55'02" N, 80°17'37" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 764 ft (233 m), Antenna Height: 1050 ft (320 m)
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