Radio stations in North Platte, NE

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  89.30 KJTF Christian Music Meadows Lawns Rd
  90.10 KFJS Spirit Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
US-83 4.7 mi North, KNOP-TV Tower
  91.70 KPNE NET Radio
NPR News
Hwy 25 South of Sutherland Reservoir
  93.10 KRVN The River Lexington, 5 mi south on US-283
  93.50 KZTL Sunny 93.5 Paxton, Rd East 50
  93.90 KSWN The Zone McCook, Culbertson
  94.30 K232EC My Bridge Radio I-80 at Homestead Rd, American Tower
  94.90 KJLT Christian Radio Meadows Lawns Rd
  95.30 KBBN The Thunderbird Broken Bow
  96.10 KICX McCook, Rd 382
  97.10 KELN Mix 97.1 US-83 7.4 mi North
  98.50 KHAQ The Hawk US-83 5.6 mi North
  99.30 KHZY My Bridge Radio Lexington, 5 mi south on US-283
  99.70 KOGA The Lake Paxton, Rd East 50
100.70 KRNP Rock 100 Paxton, Rd East 50
102.10 KZMC True Country McCook, Culbertson
102.90 KADL Jack FM Imperial
103.50 KXNP KX104 Country Legend US-83 5.6 mi North
103.90 KQHK The Hawk McCook, Rd 382
104.50 KCVN Bott Radio Netw. Lexington, 5 mi south on US-283
105.30 KIOD Coyote Country McCook, Culbertson
106.50 KMCX Hot Country Ogallala
107.30 KNPQ Q-Country W 17th St and N Washington Ave
107.90 K300BM Bott Radio Netw. I-80 at Homestead Rd, American Tower
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.55 WXL68 NOAA Weather Radio Sutherland
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    750 KMMJ Christian Radio Grand Island, Central City
    790 KXXX Classic Country Colby, KS
    850 KOA NewsRadio Denver, CO, Paker Regional Park
    880 KRVN Rural Radio Lexington
    930 KOGA Memories Ogallala
    970 KJLT Christian Radio US-30 at N Front Rd
  1010 KSIR Farm Radio Brush, CO
  1060 KNLV The Mighty 1060 Ord
  1110 KFAB NewsRadio Omaha, NE, Papillion
  1240 KODY News Talk W 17th St and N Washington Ave
  1280 KCNI Broken Bow
  1300 KBRL The Big Talker McCook
  1360 KNGN Real Christian Radio McCook
  1380 KUVR Oldies Holdrege
  1410 KOOQ ESPN North Platte US-83 2 mi North
  1460 KXPN ESPN Spuerstation Kearney
  1580 KAMI Country Legends Cozad



Sutherland, Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Tower

Coordinates: 41°01'22" N, 101°09'16" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 3209 ft (978 m), Antenna Height: 1084 ft (330.4 m)

Meadows Lawns Rd, Tri-State Broadcasting Association Inc. Tower

Coordinates: 40°59'49" N, 100°52'49" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 3162 ft (963.8 m), Antenna Height: 699 ft (213 m)