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Radio stations in Elko, NV

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 KTQQ Radio 74 Grindstone Mountain
  88.70 K204EU Effect Radio Twin Peaks East
  89.30 KLKR Nevada Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Twin Peaks East
  90.30 K212AM SOS Radio Grindstone Mountain
  90.70 KNVQ Pilgrim Radio The "E" Hill
  91.10 K216BB SOS Radio The "E" Hill
  91.50 KNCC Reno Public Radio
NPR News
Elko Mountain
  91.90 K220HG CSN Radio Twin Peaks East
  93.70 KLKO Jack FM Twin Peaks East
  94.50 KZBI News Talk Elko Twin Peaks East
  95.30 KRJC Pure Country Eightmile Spring
  95.90 K240AI Elko's Original The "E" Hill
  96.70 KHIX Mix 96.7 Twin Peaks East
  98.90 K255CE Pilgrim Radio Grindstone Mountain
  99.70 KDHE My 99.7 Spring Creek
101.10 K266AB Coyote FM The "E" Hill
102.30 KVUW Sam 102 Wendover, Rocky Point
102.90 KGLJ Greater Life Radio 685 Juniper St, Greater Life Church
103.90 KBGZ BIG Country 103.9 Twin Peaks East
105.50 K288AU Jack FM Swales Mountain
107.30 K297BC Jack FM Grindstone Mountain
107.70 K299AN Z107 Elko Mountain
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.55 WXL28 NOAA Weather Radio Twin Peaks West
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    700 KALL ESPN 700 Salt Lake City, UT, West Bountiful, S 2300 W St
    780 KKOH News Talk Reno, NV, Lemmon Valley
  1160 KSL NewsRadio Salt Lake City, UT, Northpointe
  1240 KELK Elko's Original 1800 Idaho St
  1280 KZNS The Zone
Fox Sports Radio
Salt Lake City, UT, West Bountiful, N 3200 W St
  1340 KTSN The Source 1250 Lamoille Hwy
  1610 WPXK767 Hwy Advisory Radio I-80



The "E" Hill

Coordinates: 40°48'41" N, 115°41'59" W
The hill bearing the big white landmark letter "E" on its slope, located 4 miles southeast of Elko. It has an elevation of 6,539 feet (1,993 m).


Elko Mountain

Coordinates: 40°53'40" N, 115°37'47" W
Elko Mountain (or Elko Hills) is a mountain range, located about 8 miles northeast of the city of Elko. It has an elevation of 7,505 feet (2,287 m).


Twin Peaks

Coordinates: 40°55'18" N, 115°51'01" W
Twin Peaks (East and West, 7475 ft (2,278 m) and 7472 ft (2,277 m) respectively) are located on Adobe Range, north and northwest of Elko.