Radio stations in Utica, NY

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 W201BS Rejoice Radio Smith Hill
  88.70 WHCL Pumpin' the Wattage Clinton, Hamilton College
  89.50 WUNY Classic FM Smith Hill
  89.90 WOPG Pax et Bonum Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Cherry Valley
  90.30 WRUN Northeast Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Remsen, Starr Hill
  90.70 WPNR Pioneer Radio Utica College
  91.10 WMHU Mars Hill Network Newport, Cook Hill
  91.30 WCNY Classic FM Syracuse, NY, Pompey, Sevier Rd
  91.50 WVHC College Radio Herkimer, Herkimer College
  91.90 WRVN Public Radio
NPR News
SUNY Polytechnic Institute
  92.70 WXUR The Drive Smith Hill
  93.10 WNTQ 93Q Syracuse, NY, Pompey, Sevier Rd
  93.50 WARW Air 1 Remsen, Steuben
  93.90 WKXZ 94KXZ Norwich
  94.50 WYYY Y94 Syracuse, NY, LaFayette, Sentinel Heights
  94.90 WKLL K-Rock Smith Hill
  95.70 WAQX 95X Syracuse, NY, Dewitt, Old Stonehouse Rd near I-481
  96.10 WODZ The Eagle Smith Hill
  96.90 WOUR The Rock of CNY Smith Hill
  97.30 WHIH With Him is Hope Whitesboro
  97.90 WSKS Kiss FM Clinton, Prospect Hill
  98.70 WLZW Lite 98.7 Smith Hill
  99.10 W256AJ Tony-FM Smith Hill
  99.70 WBGK Big Country Newport, Cook Hill
100.30 WMVN The Beat Sylvan Beach
100.70 WUTQ Talk 100.7 Stewart Corners, 1017 Higby Rd
101.10 WBUG Big Country Fort Plain
101.30 WBRV The Moose Boonville, Jackson Hill
101.90 WJIV Christian Radio Cherry Valley
102.50 WUMX Mix 102.5 Clinton, Prospect Hill
102.90 WMHR Mars Hill Network Syracuse, NY, Onondaga, 4044 Makyes Rd
103.50 WQBJ Q103 Johnstown, Palatine
104.30 WFRG Big Frog 104 Clinton, Church Hill
105.10 WCIS Family Life Syracuse, NY, DeRuyter
105.50 WSKU Kiss FM Mohawk, Shoemaker Hill
106.30 WMCR Mix 106.3 Oneida
106.50 W293CD Northeast Gospel Netw. Stewart Corners, 1017 Higby Rd
107.30 WKVU K-Love Smith Hill
107.90 WWHT Hot 107.9 Syracuse, NY, LaFayette, Sentinel Heights
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.425 WXM45 NOAA Weather Radio Middleville, Kallett Rd
162.55 WXL31 NOAA Weather Radio Syracuse, NY, Makyes Rd
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    540 WPPU697 Hwy Advisory Radio New York State Thruway, I-90 Exit 31
    570 WSYR NewsRadio Syracuse, NY, Nedrow
    590 WROW Magic 590 Albany, NY, Glenmont
    620 WHEN Power 620 Syracuse, NY, Liverpool
    660 WFAN Sports Radio
CBS Sports Radio
New York, NY, The Bronx, High Island
    730 WDOS CNY News
ESPN Radio
    770 WABC New York, NY, Lodi, NJ
    810 WGY NewsRadio Albany, NY, Rotterdam, I-90 exit 25A
    880 WCBS Newsradio New York, NY, The Bronx, High Island
    900 WBRV The Blizzard Boonville, Gulf Rd
    950 WIBX News Talk Clarck Mills Rd
  1120 WKAJ Saint Johnsville
  1230 WIXT ESPN Radio Utica-Rome Little Falls
  1310 WTLB ESPN Radio Utica-Rome Washington Mills
  1350 WRNY ESPN Radio Utica-Rome Rome, Muck Rd
  1420 WNRS Good Time Oldies Herkimer, Steuben Hill
  1450 WKAL News Talk Rome, Muck Rd



Smith Hill

Coordinates: 43°08'37" N, 75°10'39" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1220 ft (371.8 m)
Most local television and radio stations broadcast from Smith Hill, which is located just north of Utica.