Radio stations in Oklahoma City, OK

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 KMSI Oasis Radio Netw. Newcastle
  88.50 KZTH The House FM El Reno
  88.90 KYLV K-Love The Oaks, KUCO Tower
  89.30 KSSO SonLife Radio Norman
  89.50 K208CG CSN Radio The Oaks, American Tower - GTP Site
  90.10 KUCO Classical Radio The Oaks, KUCO Tower
  90.50 K213EM RadioU The Oaks, American Tower #1
  90.90 KOKF Air 1 The Oaks, Tyler Media Tower
  91.30 KAKO AFR Talk Tucumseh, Shawnee
  91.70 KOSU Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Guthrie, Seward Tower
  92.10 K221FQ Heart & Soul The Oaks, Griffin Tower
  92.50 KOMA Greatest Hits The Oaks, American Tower #2
  92.90 K225BN The Edge The Oaks, Oklahoma City Tower
  93.30 KJKE Jake FM Newcastle
  93.70 KSPI Hot 93.7 Stillwater, W 6th Ave
  93.90 KWDW Radio Salvaciòn 10710 S Portland Ave
  94.10 K231BH Community Talk Nichols Hills
  94.70 KBRU The Brew The Oaks, American Tower #1
  95.10 KQCV Bott Radio Netw. Wetumka, Bott Broadcasting Tower
  95.30 KHVJ Stereo Restauracion El Monte 2700 NW 10 St
  95.50 K238AT Bott Radio Netw. The Oaks, American Tower - GTP Site
  96.10 KXXY Classic Country The Oaks, American Tower #1
  96.50 K243BJ Éxitos 96.5 Valley Brook
  96.90 KQOB Alice 96.9 Crescent, Christholm Trail Broadcasting Tower
  97.30 KKNG Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
  97.70 KSQE The City Edmond, University of Central Oklahoma
  98.10 WWLS The Sports Animal
ESPN Radio
The Oaks, American Tower #2
  98.50 K253BV El Patrón The Oaks, KUCO Tower
  98.90 KYIS Kiss FM The Oaks, American Tower #2
  99.30 KZUC UCentral Radio Edmond, University of Central Oklahoma
  99.70 KNAH Hank FM Newcastle
100.10 K261DP The House FM Edmond, University of Central Oklahoma
100.50 KATT Rock The Oaks, American Tower #2
101.10 K266BG CSN Radio Akers Park
101.50 K268BR The Gospel Station Valley Brook
101.90 KTST The Twister The Oaks, American Tower #1
102.70 KJYO KJ103 The Oaks, American Tower #1
103.10 K276EX V103 Downtown Oklahoma City, Chase Tower
103.50 KVSP Power 103.5 Carnegie, Alfalfa, Perry Broadcasting Tower
103.70 KYLK K-Love Wetumka, Bott Broadcasting Tower
104.10 KMGL Magic 104.1 The Oaks, American Tower #2
104.50 K283BW Classic Rock The Oaks, Tyler Media Tower
104.90 KKWD WILD 104.9 Bethany, Windsor Oaks Water Tower
105.30 KINB CBS Sports Radio Okarche, 248th Street Northeast
105.70 KROU Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
The Oaks, Paramount Tower
106.30 KGOU Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Norman, E Indian Hill Rd
106.70 KTUZ La Zeta Okarche Tyler Broadcasting Tower
107.30 K297BB The Gospel Station The Oaks, KUCO Tower
107.70 KRXO The Franchise
NBC Sports Radio
The Oaks, American Tower #2
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.40 WXK85 NOAA Weather Radio The Oaks, 1401 E Britton Rd, KFOR-TV Tower
162.50 WNG654 NOAA Weather Radio Stillwater
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WNWU499 Hwy Advisory Radio I-40
    640 KWPN ESPN Oklahoma City Moore, W Indian Hills Rd
    690 KGGF NewsRadio Coffeyville, KS
    740 KRMG News Talk Tulsa, OK, Mannford
    780 KSPI Sports Stillwater, S Perkins Rd
    800 KQCV Bott Radio Netw. S County Line Rd
    820 WBAP News Talk Fort Worth, TX, Mansfield
    890 KTLR Community Talk The Oaks, Tyler Media Tower
    930 WKY La Indomable The Oaks, 400 E Britton Rd
  1000 KTOK NewsRadio Moore, NE 27th St
  1020 KOKP TriplePlay Sports
Fox Sports Radio
Perry, Harvest Rd
  1080 KRLD NewsRadio Dallas, TX, Garland
  1090 KAAY Little Rock, AR, Wrightsville
  1130 KWKH The Tiger
Fox Sports Radio
Shreveport, LA, Belcher
  1140 KRMP Heart & Soul Springfield, SE 79th St
  1170 KFAQ Talk Radio Tulsa, OK, 15000 E 11th St
  1220 KTLV Valley Brook
  1340 KGHM The Game 128 NE 28th St
  1400 KREF Sports Talk Norman, 2020 E Alameda St
  1460 KZUE La Tremenda El Reno
  1490 KMFS SonLife Radio Guthrie
  1520 KOKC News Talk Moore, 820 SW 4th St
  1560 KEBC The Franchise 2
NBC Sports Radio
Akers Park
  1610 WNWU499 Hwy Advisory Radio I-40
  1640 KZLS The Eagle Enid, Hennessey
  1710 The Wire Norman, University of Oklahoma (Carrier current)



The Oaks, American Tower #1

Coordinates: 35°35'52" N, 97°29'21" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1102 ft (336 m), Antenna Height: 1647 ft (502 m)
Guyed mast for FM/TV-broadcasting, built in 1999 on the corner of North Kelly Avenue and Northeast 122nd Street in Northeast Oklahoma City. Candelabra branching design at top to accommodate more antennas.


The Oaks, American Tower #2

Coordinates: 35°33'36" N, 97°29'08" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1145 ft (349 m), Antenna Height: 1609 ft (489 m)
Guyed mast for FM/TV-broadcasting, at Northeast 1501 NE 85th Street in Northeast Oklahoma City.


More info: Richland Towers

Moore, KOKC-AM Transmitting Facility

Coordinates: 35°20'00" N, 97°30'17" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1225 ft (373.4 m), Antennas Height: 327 ft (99.7 m)
Transmitter towers for KOKC-AM 1520 kHz (formerly KOMA) at 820 SW 4th Street in Moore, south of Oklahoma City. The towers were built in 1948 and began transmitting AM radio waves the following year. The station's studios are in North Oklahoma City and their audio is transmitted to these towers and transmitter via a studio to transmission link (STL) using microwave. Station uses a single tower for a non-directional pattern daytime, all three towers for a directional pattern at night. These three towers are an amazing source for a powerful 50,000 watt signal and their signal can be heard well over 1,000 miles away. In March 2015, a tornado destroyed two of the towers and broke the third tower in half. An emergency 190-foot tower was erected, allowing ste station to broadcast at 10,000 watts.