Radio stations in Altoona, PA

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 WHHN Radio Maria
Vatican Radio
Brush Mountain
  88.90 WFRJ Family Radio Johnstown, Laurel Hill
  89.30 W207CN Rev FM Tyrone, Old Hoover Rd
  89.70 WQEJ Classical Johnstown, Laurel Hill
  89.90 WTLR Way Truth Life Radio State College, PA, Bald Eagle Mountain
  90.70 WPAI Air 1 Nanty-Glo
  91.10 WUFR Family Radio Blue Knob, Herman Point
  91.50 WPSU Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
State College, PA, Rattlesnake Pike
  91.90 WMMH The Compass Houtzdale
  92.70 WJSM Heaven 92.7 Martinsburg, Dunning Mountain
  93.10 WPQP Pop 93.1-95.9 Clearfield
  93.50 WLKE K-Love Gallitzin
  93.90 W230CC Way Truth Life Radio Brush Mountain
  94.30 WBXQ Q94 Wopsononock Lookout + Patton
  94.70 WBRX Mix 94.7 Duncansville
  95.50 WFGI Froggy 95 Johnstown, Laurel Hill
  96.10 W241CQ Oldies Duncansville
  96.50 WKYE 96Key Johnstown, Tripoli St
  96.90 W245CZ Easy Favorites Brush Mountain
  97.30 WPCL Way Truth Life Radio Ebensburg
  98.10 WFGY Froggy 98 Wopsononock Lookout
  98.50 W253CJ News Talk Wopsononock Lookout
  99.10 WRKW Rocky 99 Johnstown, New Germany
100.10 WWOT Hot 100 Wopsononock Lookout
100.70 W264BZ Easy Favorites Tyrone, Old Hoover Rd
101.10 WFGE Big Froggy State College, PA, Rattlesnake Pike
102.10 WIFT Bigfoot Country DuBois
102.70 W274BE Rev FM Brush Mountain
103.10 W276AS Heaven 92.7 Martinsburg, Dunning Mountain
103.50 WHUN WOWY Huntingdon, Loop Mountain
103.90 WALY Wopsononock Lookout
104.90 WRKY Rocky 104.9 Wopsononock Lookout
105.70 WLKJ K-Love Portage
105.90 WQCK QWiK Rock Philipsburg, Sandy Ridge
106.70 W294AE Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Brush Mountain
107.10 W296ED Jack FM Duncansville
107.30 WCOH Family Life DuBois
107.70 WMES The Messenger 714 8th Ave
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.425 WNG589 NOAA Weather Radio Brush Mountain
162.475 WXM59 NOAA Weather Radio State College, PA, Tussey Mountain, Little Flat
162.525 WWG52 NOAA Weather Radio Huntington, Three Springs
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    560 WFRB Willie 560 & 106.7 Frostburg, MD
    670 WLUI Big Lewie Lewistown, Klondyke
    850 WKGE Johnstown, Hooversville
    900 WCPA Passport Radio Clearfield
    990 WNTI News Talk Somerset
  1020 KDKA Newsradio Pittsburgh, PA, Alison Park
  1040 WZSK News Talk Everett
  1060 KYW Newsradio Philadelphia, PA, Lafayette Hill
  1080 WWNL Christian Talk Pittsburgh, PA, Hampton Twp
  1090 WBAL Radio
SB Nation Radio
Baltimore, MD, Randallstown
  1110 WJSM Heaven 92.7 Martinsburg, 724 Rebecca Furnace Rd
  1150 WHUN WOWY Huntingdon, Awkerman Rd
  1170 WWVA NewsRadio Wheeling, WV, St. Clairsville
  1240 WRTA News Talk Garfield Park
  1290 WFBG Big 1290 Hilltop, 1 Forever Dr
  1340 WTRN Easy Favorites Tyrone, 5620 E Pleasant Valley Blvd
  1370 WKMC Oldies Roaring Spring
  1400 WYUP Jack FM Loretto
  1430 WVAM Toona 1430 2727 West Albert Dr
  1610 WPPU761 Hwy Advisory Radio Hollidaysburg
  1630 WPPU761 Hwy Advisory Radio I-99
  1640 WPPU761 Hwy Advisory Radio Hollidaysburg



Wopsononock Lookout

Coordinates: 40°34'03" N, 78°26'25" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 2253 ft (778.1 m)
Wopsononock Lookout, northwest of Altoona, Pennsylvania is the location of several radio and television broadcast towers.


Brush Mountain

Coordinates: 40°29'16" N, 78°21'15" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 2550 ft (777.2 m)
Brush Mountain is a ridge in the Appalachian Mountains in Blair County, Pennsylvania.

More info: Wikipedia