Radio stations in Scranton, PA

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.30 WLKA K-Love Carbondale, Salem Mountain
  88.70 WBYX Word FM Camelback Mountain (Big Pocono)
  88.90 W205AG Good News Network Dewey Mountain
  89.50 W208BQ Family Life Clarks Summit
  89.90 WVIA Public Radio
NPR News
Wilkes-Barre, Penobscot Knob
  90.30 W212AT Public Radio
NPR News
Clarks Summit
  90.70 WCLH Wilkes-Barre, Penobscot Knob
  90.90 WZZH Word FM Carbondale, Salem Mountain
  91.10 WRTY Classical & Jazz Camelback Mountain (Big Pocono)
  91.30 WCIN Family Life Tunkhannock
  91.70 WVMW Marywood University
  92.10 WFUZ Alt 92.1 Wilkes-Barre, Penobscot Knob
  92.90 WMGS Magic 93 Wilkes-Barre, Penobscot Knob
  93.30 W227BA Word FM Wilkes-Barre, Penobscot Knob
  93.70 WSJR Nash FM Wilkes-Barre, Plymouth Mountain
  94.30 WTRW The Talker Carbondale, Salem Mountain
  94.70 W234BV Family Life Clarks Summit
  95.10 W236BV Family Life Batluck St
  95.70 WBHD 97 BHT Dewey Mountain
  96.10 W241AZ Alt 92.1 Clarks Summit
  96.50 WPEL Information & Inspiration Montrose
  97.10 WBHT 97 BHT Wilkes-Barre, Penobscot Knob
  97.90 WBSX 97.9X Rocks Wilkes-Barre, Penobscot Knob
  98.50 WKRZ 98.5 KRZ Wilkes-Barre, Wyoming Mountain
  98.90 W255BO JMJ Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Bald Mountain, Pinnacle Rock
  99.50 WUSR Dewey Mountain
100.10 WEJL NEPA's ESPN Radio Carbondale, High Knob
100.50 W263AL NEPA's ESPN Radio 149 Penn Ave, The Times-Tribune Building
100.70 W264CP Rock 107 Clarks Summit
101.30 WGGY Froggy 101 Bald Mountain, Pinnacle Rock
101.70 W269CF Gem 104 Clarks Summit
101.90 W270CC Wayne Pike News Radio Carbondale, Salem Mountain
102.30 WMQX Max 102 Pittston, Armstrong Rd
102.70 W274AO Alt 92.1 149 Penn Ave, The Times-Tribune Building
103.10 WILK NewsRadio Pittston, Armstrong Rd
103.90 W280CV Family Radio Bald Mountain, Pinnacle Rock
104.30 W282BJ Gem 104 Batluck St
104.50 W283BJ Gem 104 Kingston Twp, Bunker Hill
104.90 WWRR 105 The River Dewey Mountain
105.30 WYCY Classic Hits Honesdale, Buckingham Rd
105.70 W289AU Progressive Voice Bald Mountain, Pinnacle Rock
106.10 W291AP Classical & Jazz Bald Mountain, Pinnacle Rock
106.50 WCFT Bigfoort Country Bloomsburg
106.90 WEZX Rock 107 Montage Mountain Ski Resort
107.30 W297AF Rock 107 149 Penn Ave, The Times-Tribune Building
107.70 WCIG Family Life Kingston Twp, Bunker Hill
107.90 WKRF 107.9 KRF Camelback Mountain (Big Pocono)
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.45 WNG705 NOAA Weather Radio Honesdale, Wayne County Park
162.55 WXL43 NOAA Weather Radio Wilkes-Barre, Penobscot Knob
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    590 WARM CBS Sports Radio Falls
    630 WEJL NEPA's ESPN Radio 149 Penn Ave, The Times-Tribune Building
    660 WFAN Sports Radio
CBS Sports Radio
New York, NY, The Bronx, High Island
    680 WINR US 96.9 Binghamton, NY, Windy Hill Rd
    710 WOR News Talk New York, NY, Lyndhurst, NJ
    730 WZMF Gem 104 Nanticoke
    750 WQOR JMJ Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
    770 WABC New York, NY, Lodi, NJ
    790 WAEB NewsRradio Allentown, PA, Whitehall
    800 WPEL Gospel Montrose
    830 WEEU The Voice of Berks County Reading
    880 WCBS NewsRadio New York, NY, The Bronx, High Island
    910 WBZU NewsRadio 149 Penn Ave, The Times-Tribune Building
    950 WKDN Family Radio Philadelphia, PA, Penn Wynne, Overbrook Park
    980 WILK NewsRadio Wilkes-Barre, Hanover Twp
  1040 WCHR Station for Inspiration Trenton, NJ, Flemington
  1060 KYW NewsRadio Philadelphia, PA, Lafayette Hill
  1130 WBBR Bloomberg Radio New York, NY, Carlstadt, NJ
  1210 WPHT Talk Radio Philadelphia, PA, Moorestown, NJ
  1220 WGNY ESPN Radio Newburgh, NY
  1240 WBAX NEPA's ESPN Radio Wilkes-Barre, Edwardsville
  1300 WKZN NewsRadio Hazleton
  1340 WYCK 105 The River Wilkes-Barre, I-81 and Rte 315 Interchange
  1400 WICK The Game
Fox Sports Radio
Olive St
  1440 WCDL The Game
Fox Sports Radio
  1460 WGMF Gem 104 Tunkhannock
  1550 WITK Christian Talk Pittston
  1590 WPSN Wayne Pike News Radio Honesdale
  1610 WPBG740 Hwy Advisory Radio I-81
  1640 WPWE235 Hwy Advisory Radio Pennsylvania Turnpike



The Times-Tribune Building

Coordinates: 41°24'34" N, 75°40'00" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1115 ft (340 m)
The Times-Tribune Building on 149 Penn Avenue in Downtown Scranton.


Bald Mountain, Pinnacle Rock summit

Coordinates: 41°25'36" N, 75°44'50" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 2205 ft (672.1 m)
Bald Mountain is a prominent peak in Lackawanna County which stands above Scranton and the Wyoming Valley.


Wilkes-Barre, Penobscot Knob antenna farm

Coordinates: 41°10'58" N, 75°52'11" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 2142 ft (653 m)
Penobscot Knob, also knows as Penobscot Mountain or Electronics Heights, is a summit located near Mountain Top in the southwest fringe of the Poconos, overlooking the Wyoming Valley. It is the location of the major broadcast transmitters for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton area, including WBRE-TV (NBC Ch. 11), WNEP-TV (ABC Ch. 16), WYOU-TV (CBS Ch. 22), WVIA-TV (PBS Ch. 44), WOLF-TV (Fox Ch. 56) and many radio stations.