Radio stations in Greenville, SC

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.30 WLXK K-Love Boiling Springs, NC
  88.50 WEPC Toccoa Falls Radio Belton
  88.70 WNCW Public Radio Asheville, NC, Clingmans Peak
  89.30 WLFJ His Radio Paris Mountain
  89.70 W209CM His Radio Praise Paris Mountain
  90.10 WEPR SCPR News & Music Paris Mountain
  90.50 W213BD CSN Radio Paris Mountain
  90.90 WRAF Toccoa Falls Radio Toccoa Falls, GA
  91.10 WYFG Bible Broadcasting Netw. Gaffney
  91.50 WTBI 3931 White Horse Rd
  91.90 WAHP His Radio Praise Cokesbury
  92.50 WESC Country Caesars Head, Little Rich Mountain
  92.90 W225AZ Christian Talk Paris Mountain
  93.30 WTPT The Planet Columbus, NC, Skyuka Mountain
  93.70 WFBC B93.7 Caesars Head, WYFF-TV Tower
  94.10 W231BA Hot 98.1 Greer, Wellford
  94.50 WGTK Conservative Talk Paris Mountain
  94.90 W235BM La Jefa Paris Mountain
  95.10 WNKS Kiss 95.1 Charlotte, NC, Dallas, WJZY-TV Tower
  95.30 WWOK OK Radio Paris Mountain
  95.50 WMXP 1199 S Pleasantburg Dr
  95.90 WPLS Furman University
  96.10 WHQC Channel 96.1 Charlotte, NC, Dallas, WJZY-TV Tower
  96.30 W242BX The Block Paris Mountain
  96.90 W245CH Rejoice 96.9 Paris Mountain
  97.10 W246CV ESPN Upstate Spartanburg, 231 Broadcast Dr
  97.30 W247AB Public Radio 101 N Main St, Bank Of America Building
  97.70 W249DL ESPN Upstate Paris Mountain
  98.10 WHZT Hot 98.1 Seneca
  98.50 W253BG X98.5 Paris Mountain
  98.90 WSPA Magic 98.9 Hogback Mountain
  99.50 W258CB Jack FM Paris Mountain
  99.90 WKSF Kiss Country Asheville, NC, Mount Pisgah
100.50 WSSL Whistle 100 Gray Court
101.10 WROQ Classic Rock Fountain Inn
101.50 WBWT The Beat McAlister Square
101.70 WGOG Walhalla
101.90 WBAV V101.9 Charlotte, NC, Gastonia, Crowder's Mountain
102.10 W271BS The Z Paris Mountain
102.50 WMYI The Lake Caesars Head, Little Rich Mountain
102.90 W275BJ Poder 102.9 Paris Mountain
103.30 WRTH Earth FM Greer, Wellford
103.90 WSHP His Radio Praise Easley
104.50 W283CG The Block Spartanburg, 231 Broadcast Dr
104.50 WYCJ Simpsonville
104.90 WROO Real Rock Paris Mountain
105.50 WCCP The Roar Clemson
105.70 W289BS La Raza Spartanburg, Boiling Springs
106.30 WYRD 106.3 Word Five Forks, 740 Reidville Rd
106.90 WMIT The Light Asheville, NC, Clingmans Peak
107.30 WJMZ Jamz Pendleton
107.90 WXRU The Lodge Piedmont
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.55 WXL56 NOAA Weather Radio Asheville, NC, Mount Pisgah
162.55 WXJ21 NOAA Weather Radio Paris Mountain
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    540 WRGC Sylva, NC
    570 WWNC NewsRadio Asheville, NC
    640 WBIN Atlanta's BIN 640 Atlanta, GA, 2108 Joseph E. Boone Blvd NW
    660 WESC Country 7540 White Horse Rd
    720 WGCR Gospel Carolina Radio Pisgah Forest, NC
    750 WSB News Talk Atlanta, GA, Northlake Tower Festival Shopping Plaza
    780 WWOL Forest City, NC
    800 WPJM The Light Greer
    840 WCEO La Raza Columbia, SC, Elgin
    860 WLBG Real Radio Laurens
    890 WBAJ Columbia, SC, Winterwood Rd
    910 WOLI La Raza Spartanburg, Boiling Springs
    950 WORD ESPN Upstate Spartanburg, 231 Broadcast Dr
  1010 WKJW The King's Radio Asheville, NC, Black Mountain
  1020 WRIX The Life FM Andreson, Homeland Park
  1070 WCSZ La Jefa 200 N Hwy 25 Bypass
  1110 WBT News Talk Charlotte, NC, 9201 Nations Ford Rd
  1160 WWQT The Life FM Tryon, NC
  1220 WDYT Cadena Radial Nueva Vida Charlotte, NC, Gastonia, Flyer Park
  1230 WAIM News Radio Anderson, Soren Ln
  1260 WPJF Radio Vida Donkle and Rutherford Rd
  1280 WANS Oldies Anderson, McGee Rd
  1290 WHKY Talk Radio
Fox Sports Radio
Hickory, NC
  1300 WCKI Catholic Radio in SC
EWTN Catholic Radio
  1330 WYRD ESPN Upstate 50 N 6th St
  1360 WELP The Truth Easley
  1380 WKJW The King's Radio Asheville, NC, Adams Hill Rd
  1400 WSPG Spartanburg, 340 Garner Rd
  1440 WGVL Greenville's BIN 1440 737 Saluda Lake Rd
  1490 WPCI Radio Randy 78 Mayberry St
  1510 WQUL Classic Hits Woodruff
  1530 WASC Solid Gospel Soul Spartanburg, Wofford St
  1540 WTBI Pickens
  1560 WAHT The Roar Clemson
  1580 WDAB La Invasora Travelers Rest



Paris Mountain

Coordinates: 34°56'30" N, 82°24'42" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 2047 ft (624 m)
Most of local radio stations broadcast from Paris Mountain, located five miles north of Greenville.

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