Radio stations in Casper, WY

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.30 KKRR Casper Mountain
  88.70 KKWY Douglas
  89.10 KLWC K-Love Casper Mountain
  89.70 K209CS Rejoice Radio Casper Mountain
  90.30 KCSP Pilgrim Radio Casper Mountain
  90.70 K214DI Air 1 Casper Mountain
  91.30 KUWC Wyoming Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Casper Mountain
  91.70 K219CA Family Radio Casper Mountain
  92.30 K-Rocks Casper
  92.50 KMXW Max 92.5 Laramie Peak
  93.50 KWYX Oldies Casper Mountain
  94.50 KMLD Melody 94.5 Casper Mountain
  95.50 KWYY My Country Casper Mountain
  96.70 KRNK Rock 96.7 Casper Mountain
  97.70 KCYA Oldies Casper Mountain
  98.50 KGRK Oldies Casper Mountain
  99.30 KKTS Hit Radio Douglas
100.10 KKTY Best Country Douglas
100.50 KTED Pure Rock Casper Mountain
103.70 KQLT Kolt Country Casper Mountain
104.70 KTRS Kiss FM Casper Mountain
105.50 KZQL Kool 105 Casper Mountain
106.90 KASS Kick 107 Casper Mountain
107.30 K297AV Hit Radio Casper Mountain
107.90 KRVK Jack FM Casper Mountain
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.40 WXM47 NOAA Weather Radio Casper Mountain
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    540 CBK CBC Radio One Canada, Watrous, SK
    610 KCSR Stereo AM Chadron, NE
    830 KUYO Classic Christian Radio Evansville, Yellowstone-Cole Creek Rd
    850 KOA NewsRadio Denver, CO, Paker Regional Park
  1030 KTWO K2 Radio Hat 6 Rd
  1060 KRCN Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Denver, CO, Longmont, Hill Lake
  1160 KSL NewsRadio Salt Lake City, UT, Northpointe
  1230 KVOC Voice of Casper E 15th St
  1290 KOUU Best Country Today Pocatello, ID
  1400 KKTL The Cowboy Liberty Ave
  1470 KKTY Classic Hits Douglas
  1580 KKTS Hit Radio Evansville, Station Rd
  1610 WQHS744 Hwy Advisory Radio I-25
  1670 K-Rocks Casper (Carrier current)



Casper Mountain

Coordinates: 42°44'31" N, 106°18'29" W
Casper Mountain is located 5 miles South of Casper, Wyoming overlooking the town. At a top elevation of 8,130 feet (2,478 m), the mountain rises approximately 3,000 feet (914 m) above Casper. A vast majority of Casper's radio and television stations operate from towers on the mountain. Casper Mountain also has a tower for local amateur radio repeater W7VNJ.


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