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What is

    Welcome to the World Radio Map! This is a website that lists AM/FM radio stations by their real broadcasting frequencies and enables you to tune in directly from your browser, with no download required. It's also a place to find information about main transmitters and towers' basic technical data and many radio-related links.

    World Radio Map covers all the major cities of the world, from Chicago to Acapulco, from Frankfurt to Johannesburg, from Moscow to Tel Aviv, from Shanghai to Melbourne ... Now you can listen online all radio stations from these cities and thousands more from all over the World for free!

    World Radio Map is owned and operated by Mikhail Shcherbak (a.k.a. Predavatel) with the help of many friends from around the world. Because we all love to listen to radio.

Where to click?

    You can select a city on the map or from the list to review the full frequency band in selected location. First there are listed FM stations in the range 87.5—108.0 MHz (65.9—74.00 in Russia and CIS, 76.0-89.9 MHz in Japan) and after that Longwave and Mediumwave stations that can be received in normal daily conditions. The stations marked in pale in most cases are not local (from other place in the same country or cross-border), but can be received with good quality in the city area.

How to listen?

    To listen live selected station just click on it! The new popup window will appear and in few seconds your radio will play live. Radio stations stream online in different audio formats:

Windows Media Audio format, compatible with Windows Media Player
mp3 format, also compatible with WMP, but also with Winamp , AIMP or other mp3 players
aacPlus (Orban AAC/aacPlus plugin ) or mp3PRO (mp3PRO plugin )
OGG format needs Java or VLC media plugin
Real Audio format - Real Player

    Some streaming players require Adobe Flash Player or JavaScript . This website is optimized for Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox 2/3 or above, and also it's working well on other browsers such as Opera and Chrome. You should also have at least a 56k Internet connection, but a broadband connection will give you the best results.

Problems with Mobile devices and other systems?

    Many radio stations simply cannot be heard on some mobile devices running Android, iOS and on Mac computers. We are working hard to make it possible. Meanwhile you can copy the streaming link and play it with Windows Media Components for Quicktime for Mac, or install the multiplatform VLC Player .

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