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    World Radio Map respects your privacy. Our Policy applies to our web sites, including This Privacy Policy explains what information we collect through the Sites, how we use that information, and how your rights are respected by us. The World Radio Map Site contains links to other web sites. This Privacy Policy does not apply to the practices of any other companies or individuals that World Radio Map does not control, or any web sites that you link to from the World Radio Map Site. You should use caution and review the privacy policies of any sites that you visit from ours to learn more about their information practices. Please take a few moments to read this agreement. By accessing the World Radio Map Site, you agree to accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and are aware that our policies may change in the future as indicated below.


    World Radio Map is a registered trademark owned by Mikhail Shcherbak. Radio station streams and logos are the copyright of each respective owner.

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    In various places on the World Radio Map Site, we collect "Personally Identifiable Information," such as your name, and e-mail address and other information that can be used to contact you or identify you as an individual. For example, we collect this information when you register for your World Radio Map account. From time to time in the future we may offer additional features, services, and promotional opportunities that would require you to submit Personally Identifiable Information to participate. We also collect "Anonymous Information" such as your IP address, the type of browser you use, the pages on our Sites that you have visited, and the advertisements that you have clicked on. Your Personally Identifiable Information is linked to your Anonymous Information. Like many Internet sites, we also use "cookies" to collect information. A cookie is a small data file that we transfer to your computer and that is stored on your hard drive. When you visit our Site(s) the cookie identifies your computer to us so that you do not have to re-register each time you visit. We may also use cookies to measure the traffic to our Sites and to measure the use of different services and features of the Sites.

Personal Use Only

    Third party sites accessible through World Radio Map Webpages may similarly place cookies on your computer subject only to their privacy policies. You should visit their sites to learn about their information practices. Advertisers or other companies do not have access to World Radio Map's cookies.

    We use Personally Identifiable Information that you provide to communicate with you, to process orders for products and services (as may be available in the future), to customize content available on the World Radio Map Webpages, to conduct research for internal purposes and to use such information to improve our services and the World Radio Map Site. We use information that is not personally identifiable to determine how people use our web site and its services. For example this data tells us information including how often users click on our advertisements and which areas of our site are the most popular. Analyzing this data allows us to improve the offerings on and performance of our site(s). Using your IP address, we can also determine the general physical location of a user.

    Changes In Terms and Conditions: We may modify our services from time to time, for any reason, and without notice, including the right to terminate with or without notice, without liability to you, any other user or any third party. We reserve the right to modify the TOS from time to time without notice.

    Except as noted below, World Radio Map does not share your Personally Identifiable Information with third parties unless you give us your permission or we need to share such information in order to provide content or related services that you have requested. For example, we may in the future license music from 3rd parties and may want to share music-specific traffic and usage information with them (but not your email address or identity). We also engage third parties to assist us by tracking the number of visitors to the Sites that have "clicked-through" from specified promotions on third party sites and those visitors' activities on the World Radio Map Site or on World Radio Map Webpages. When we supply personally identifiable information to these third parties, we require them to use it only for the function they are helping us with. We aggregate the Anonymous Information that we collect and exchange it with advertisers and others who are interested in our services. We will disclose Personally Identifiable Information when required by law or under the good-faith belief that such disclosure is necessary in order to conform to applicable law, comply with subpoenas, court orders or legal process served on World Radio Map, to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims, and to protect the property or interests of World Radio Map, its agents and employees, personal safety, or the public. Under such circumstances, World Radio Map may be prohibited by law, court order or other legal process from providing notice of the disclosure, and World Radio Map reserves the right to not provide you with notice in its sole discretion. If we become part of another organization, including without limitation, by merger, change of control, sale of assets, or other acquisition, the acquiring organization will obtain and have access to the Personally Identifiable Information collected by World Radio Map and it will assume the rights and obligations regarding your Personally Identifiable Information as described in this Privacy Policy. If we cease operation, your information may be transferred to and used by another company that offers similar or related products or services. While we cannot predict a great deal about such an unlikely event, we would hope this could provide you continuity of service.

    We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time as our services change and expand. If we update this Privacy Policy, we will notify you about significant changes by sending a notice to the email address specified in your account or by posting a notice of such changes on the World Radio Map Site. Unless otherwise provided, the revised terms will take effect on the date they are posted. Once such changes become effective, your continued use of the Site will signify your acceptance of the new Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, or any revised Privacy Policy, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using the Site.

    If you have questions about this Statement or our policies, please contact us.

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