Radio stations in Adelaide, SA

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  87.6 Radio Italia Uno Adelaide
  87.6 VKJ762 Vision Christian Radio Aldinga Beach + Birdwood + Morphett Vale
  87.8 Vision Christian Radio Two Wells
  88.0 Faith FM Adelaide
  88.0 VMS700 Vision Christian Radio Christie Downs + Elizabeth + Virginia
  88.0 VKJ448 3ABN Christian Radio North Adelaide
  88.7 5CST Coast FM O'Halloran Hill
  89.7 5PBA PBA FM Para Hills, East Para Primary School
  90.3 5SSA SAFM 77 Grenfell St
  90.9 8SAT Flow FM Minlaton, Water Tank Stansbury Rd
  91.9 5ADL Nova 919 Mount Lofty, Broadcast Australia Tower
  92.7 5FBI Fresh 92.7 Mount Lofty, TX Australia Tower
  93.7 5DDD Three D Radio Mount Lofty, TX Australia Tower
  95.1 5SBSFM SBS Radio 2
BBC World Service
77 Grenfell St
  95.9 5JJJ ABC triple j 77 Grenfell St
  96.7 5ADD Mix 102.3 77 Grenfell St
  97.5 5ABCFM ABC Classic 77 Grenfell St
  98.3 5MMM Triple M Adelaide 77 Grenfell St
  98.7 5EZY Power FM Murray Bridge, Koehler Rd
  99.1 5ADL Nova 919 77 Grenfell St
  99.5 8SAT Flow FM Mount Rufus, Power Comm Site
  99.9 5MBS Fine Music 99.9 Grand Chifley Hotel Adelaide
100.3 5EZY Power FM Mount Barker, Mount Summit Rd
100.5 5WOW Wow-FM Semaphore, Phillips Reserve
101.5 5UV Radio Adelaide Mount Lofty, Broadcast Australia Tower
102.3 5ADD Mix 102.3 Mount Lofty, TX Australia NWS-9 Tower
103.1 5EBI Multicultural Radio Mount Lofty, TX Australia Tower
103.9 5ABCFM ABC Classic Mount Lofty, Broadcast Australia Tower
104.7 5MMM Triple M Adelaide Mount Lofty, TX Australia Tower
105.5 5JJJ ABC triple j Mount Lofty, Broadcast Australia Tower
106.3 5SBSFM SBS Radio 2
BBC World Service
Mount Lofty, Broadcast Australia Tower
107.1 5SSA SAFM Mount Lofty, TX Australia NWS-9 Tower
107.9 5RAM 1079 Life Mount Lofty, Broadcast Australia Tower
DAB+,MHz Station Transmitter
1079 Life
5EBI Multicultural Radio
Radio Adelaide
Blender Beats
Coles Radio (SA)
Cruise 1323
CW Remix
Dance Hits
Fresh 92.7
LiSTNR Radio
Mix 102.3
Mix 80s
Mix 90s
Nova 919
Nova Throwbacks
Oldskool 80s Hits
Oldskool 90s Hits
RnB Fridays
Smooth Adelaide
Smooth 90s
Three D Radio
TikTok Trending
Triple M Adelaide
Triple M 80s
Triple M 2000s
Triple M Classic Rock
Triple M Tradie Radio
Vision Australia Radio
Mount Lofty, TX Australia Tower

ABC Radio Adelaide
ABC Radio National
ABC Classic
ABC News Radio
ABC triple j
ABC triple j Unearthed
ABC Double J
ABC Country
ABC Jazz
ABC KIDS listen
ABC Sport
SBS Radio 1
SBS Radio 2
SBS Radio 3
SBS Chill
SBS PopAsia
SBS PopDesi
أس بي أس 24 العربية
Mount Lofty, TX Australia Tower
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    531 5RTI Radio Italiana Wingfield, 5RTI mast
    639 5CK ABC North and West SA Port Pirie, Crystal Brook
    729 5RN ABC Radio National Reynella
    891 5AN ABC Radio Adelaide Reynella
    972 5PB ABC News Radio
BBC World Service
Wingfield, 5PB mast
  1125 5MU Murray Bridge, Gifford Hill
  1197 5RPH Vision Australia Radio Wingfield, 5RPH mast
  1323 5DN Cruise 1323 Gepps Cross
  1395 5AA FIVEaa Paralowie
  1539 5TAB Radio TAB Paralowie
  1611 Vision Christian Radio Salisbury East
  1629 VLS994 SEN SA Regency Park
  1647 2ME Radio St Morris, 375 Magill Rd
  1683 Hellenic Radio Mount Osmond
  1701 阿德莱德中文广播电台 Beverley, 52 East Ave




Mount Lofty

Coordinates: 34°58'51" S, 138°42'28" E ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 727 metres
Mount Lofty is the highest point in the southern Mount Lofty Ranges. It is located about 15 km east of the centre of the city of Adelaide. On the ridge near the summit are three tall broadcasting transmission towers: Broadcast Australia, TX Australia and TX Australia NWS-9 towers.

More info: Wikipedia
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