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Radio stations in George Town

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  87.90 ZFKP Praise 87.9 East End, High Rock
  88.70 ZFKG Gospel FM Savannah, Caycom Tower
  89.90 ZFKC Radio Cayman One
BBC World Service
Northward, Government Tower
  92.70 ZFST Star FM Savannah, Caycom Tower
  94.90 ZFMX Bob FM Newlands, Avcom Tower
  95.50 ZFKO Big Fish 95.5 Savannah, Caycom Tower
  96.50 ZFKS CayRock Newlands, Avcom Tower
  98.90 ZFKV Irie FM Newlands, Avcom Tower
  99.90 ZFZZ Z99 Savannah, Caycom Tower
101.10 ZFKI ICCI-FM Newlands, ICCI FH-3 Building
101.90 ZFKY Rooster 101 Savannah, Caycom Tower
104.10 ZFKH Hot FM Northward, Government Tower
105.30 ZFKZ Breeze FM Northward, Government Tower
106.10 ZFKK Kiss FM Northward, Government Tower
107.10 ZFKX x107.1 Northward, Government Tower
107.90 ZFGT Weather Radio Northward, Government Tower
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    710 CMBA Radio Rebelde Cuba, Chambas + Martí
    800 PJB Radio Trans Mundial Bonaire
    890 CMBC Radio Progreso Cuba, Chambas
  1180 CMBD Radio Reloj Cuba, Martí



Northward Government Tower

Coordinates: 19°17'18" N, 81°15'57" W ; Antenna Height: 220 ft (67 m)
Government broadcast tower on Sheffield Drive in Northward, Grand Cayman.

Photo courtesy: Chris Huff

Savannah Caycom Tower

Coordinates: 19°16'52" N, 81°18'02" W ; Antenna Height: 150 ft (46 m)
Caycom Ltd. (Briggs) broadcast tower on Ranch Road in Savannah, Grand Cayman.

Photo courtesy: Chris Huff

Newlands Avcom Tower

Coordinates: 19°17'12" N, 81°17'58" W ; Antenna Height: 200 ft (61 m)
Aviation Communications (Avcom) Ltd. broadcast tower on Hirst Road in Newlands, Grand Cayman.

East End Praise 87.9 Tower

Coordinates: 19°19'20" N, 81°07'16" W ; Antenna Height: 130 ft (39 m)
ZFKP (Praise 87.9 FM) broadcast tower on High Rock Drive in East End, Grand Cayman.