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Radio stations in Port Moresby

Redio stesin long Pot Mosbi

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FM,MHz Station / Redio Transmitter
  89.10 Lalokau FM Port Moresby
  89.90 FM Central Maoro Boroko
  90.70 NBC Karai National Radio Burns Peak
  92.30 Tribe FM Boroko
  93.10 Yumi FM Burns Peak
  93.90 Wantok Radio Light Burns Peak
  95.50 NBC Central - Kibi Gadona Burns Peak
  96.50 Nau FM Burns Peak
  97.00 Hot 97 FM Burns Peak
  98.50 Radio UPNG University of Papua New Guinea
  99.50 Rait FM Gordons, Gabaka St
100.40 FM100 Burns Peak
101.10 Legend FM Burns Peak
101.90 ABC Radio Australia Burns Peak
103.50 Radio Maria Burns Peak
105.10 Paradise FM Boroko
106.70 BBC World Service Burns Peak
107.50 Hope FM Pacific Adventist University
AM,kHz Station / Redio Transmitter
    585 NBC Karai National Radio Waigani
    675 NBC Morobe - Nek BlongKundu Lae, Bubia
SW,kHz Station / Redio Transmitter
  3220 NBC Morobe - Nek BlongKundu Lae, Bubia
  3290 NBC Central - Kibi Gadona Waigani
  3345 NBC Northern - Voice of Oro Popondetta
  4890 NBC Karai National Radio Waigani (Nighttime)
  7325 Wantok Radio Light Waigani
  9675 NBC Karai National Radio Waigani (Daytime)


Weather / Taim

Burns Peak

Coordinates: 09°27'19" S, 147°09'52" E
Most Port Moresby FM stations broadcast from Burns Peak, which is about 200 metres high. The broadcasting site is located above Konedobu area in Port Moresby.