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Radio stations in Honiara

Redio stesin long Honiara

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FM,MHz Station / Redio Transmitter
  88.10 Hope FM Honiara
  88.30 Gud Nius Redio Honiara
  88.60 Gold Ridge FM Gold Ridge Mine
  89.90 Radio Bosco Tetere
  96.30 SIBC Wantok FM Honiara
  97.70 Paoa FM Honiara
  99.50 ZFM Honiara
101.70 Paoa FM Honiara
105.90 BBC World Service Honiara
107.00 ABC Radio Australia Honiara
AM,kHz Station / Redio Transmitter
  1035 SIBC Radio Happy Isles Henderson Field
SW,kHz Station / Redio Transmitter
  5020 SIBC Radio Happy Isles Henderson Field
  9545 SIBC Radio Happy Isles Henderson Field



SIBC Headquarters Honiara

Coordinates: 09°25'49" S, 159°56'39" E
Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) headquarters are located at Rove in Honiara, the capital city of the Solomon Islands.


Henderson Field MW/SW Transmitter

Coordinates: 09°26'14" S, 160°03'30" E
Radio transmitting station near Henderson International Airport was inagurated in 1970 with two mediumwave transmitters (5 kW and 10 kW) with 2x309 ft antenna masts and three shortwave transmitters (2x10 kW and 5 kW) with four phased 186 ft Dipoles and two phased 123 ft Dipoles. A new 10 kW shortwave transmitter, manufactured by Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc. and antenna system were installed in 2014.