Radio stations in Montgomery, AL

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.3 WAPR Alabama Public Radio Selma
  88.7 WELL Praise 88.7 Opelika, Gold Hill
  89.1 WLBF Faith Radio 1200 Dunbarton Rd, Cumulus Tower
  89.5 WRNF Moody Radio Selma
  89.9 WTSU Troy Public Radio
└ HD2 Classical 24
└ HD3 BBC World Service
Pine Level, Peake Rd
  90.7 WVAS Jazz
└ HD2 Bama State Radio
└ HD3 ASU Radio
Alabama State University
  91.3 WBNB The Life FM Equality
  91.9 W220DS Radio by Grace Normandale, WCOV-TV Tower
  92.3 WLWI I-92 Country 1200 Dunbarton Rd, Montgomery Tower
  92.7 W224CR AFR Talk 2800 Gainsville St
  93.1 WACV News Talk Prattville, 319 Old Farm Ln N
  93.5 WPHH The JOY FM Hope Hull
  93.9 WQSI FM Talk Auburn, Davisville
  94.1 W231DF The Big KD 3251 Harrison Rd, WNCF-TV Tower
  94.5 WUMO 2525 E South Blvd
  94.7 WTBF Good Time Oldies Troy
  95.1 WXFX The Fox
└ HD2 WMSP Sports Radio
└ HD3 WLWI NewsRadio
└ HD4 WayFM
1200 Dunbarton Rd, Montgomery Tower
  95.5 W238CE WRBZ 3251 Harrison Rd, WNCF-TV Tower
  95.9 WTGZ The Tiger Tuskegee
  96.1 WQKS Kiss 96.1
└ HD2 Yo!
└ HD3 The Vault
└ HD4 The Possum
3251 Harrison Rd, WNCF-TV Tower
  96.5 W243CS Praise 96.5 3251 Harrison Rd, WNCF-TV Tower
  97.1 WWMG Magic 97.1 Normandale, WCOV-TV Tower
  97.5 WVRV The River Pine Level, Lockheed Martin Dr
  97.9 WJWZ 97.9 Jamz Wetumpka Hwy
  98.5 WKEM Kiss 98.5 195 Hunter Loop Rd
  98.9 WBAM Bama Country Grady, Bluewater Broadcasting Tower
  99.3 W257DS Black Information Netw. 3251 Harrison Rd, WNCF-TV Tower
  99.9 WQNR Kate FM Tallassee
100.1 WDXX Dixie Country Selma
100.5 W263BX Yo! 3251 Harrison Rd, WNCF-TV Tower
100.9 WALX Alex FM Selma
101.5 W268BH The River 3251 Harrison Rd, WNCF-TV Tower
101.9 WHHY Y102 1200 Dunbarton Rd, Montgomery Tower
102.3 W272CO WayFM Normandale, WCOV-TV Tower
102.7 W274BG The Big Station I-65 Exit 169
103.3 WMXS Mix 103.3 1200 Dunbarton Rd, Montgomery Tower
103.9 W280EI The Possum 3251 Harrison Rd, WNCF-TV Tower
104.3 WHLW Hallelujah 104.3 Grady, WSFA-TV Tower
104.9 W285AJ The Gump 3251 Harrison Rd, WNCF-TV Tower
105.3 WBFZ Z105.3 Selma
105.7 WZHT Hot 105.7 Grady, WSFA-TV Tower
106.1 WSTH South 106.1 Opelika, iHeart Radio Tower
106.3 WZNN ESPN Radio Plantersville
106.7 WKMX 106.7 KMX Dothan, Enterprise
107.1 W296AI The Vault 3251 Harrison Rd, WNCF-TV Tower
107.5 W298BC The Ticket
ESPN Radio
3251 Harrison Rd, WNCF-TV Tower
107.9 WMRK K-Love
└ HD2 Black Information Netw.
└ HD3 Praise 96.5
Pike Road
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.400 KIH55 NOAA Weather Radio 1300 Upper Wetumpka Rd, WAIQ-TV Tower
162.450 WNG635 NOAA Weather Radio Selma
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    540 WDAK NewsRadio Columbus, GA, 3293 Victory Dr
    560 WOOF The Ball
Fox Sports Radio
Dothan, 2518 Columbia Hwy
    580 WACQ Tuskegee
    640 WBIN Black Information Netw. Atlanta, GA, 2108 Joseph E. Boone Blvd NW
    690 WJOX Jox-3
Fox Sports Radio
Birmingham, AL, Midfield
    740 WMSP Sports Radio Riverside Rd
    750 WSB News Talk Atlanta, GA, Northlake Tower Festival Shopping Plaza
    800 WMGY Praise 96.5 Cedar St
    850 WXJC The Truth Birmingham, AL, Pawnee
    920 WXKD The Big KD Brantley
    950 WZKD The Big KD Riverside Rd
    970 WTBF CBS Sports Radio Troy
  1070 WAPI Talk 99.5 Birmingham, AL, Forestdale
  1170 WGMP The Gump Coosada Ferry Rd
  1210 WTXK The Ticket
ESPN Radio
Macedonia Dr
  1250 WRBZ Blue Ridge
  1300 WTLS Tallassee
  1340 WJAM Jammin' Selma
  1440 WLWI NewsRadio Narrow Lane Rd
  1490 WHBB Selma's Station Selma
  1600 WXVI New Life Radio Fourney St
  1690 WQGC573 Hwy Advisory Radio I-65, I-85




Grady, WSFA-TV Tower

Coordinates: 31°58'29" N, 86°09'44" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 532 ft (162.2 m), Antenna Height: 1935 ft (589.8 m)
WSFA-TV (NBC Ch. 12) transmitter tower along the Montgomery and Pike County line, south of Montgomery, Alabama.

Grady, Bluewater Broadcasting Tower

Coordinates: 31°58'29" N, 86°11'31" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 390 ft (118.9 m), Antenna Height: 1004 ft (306 m)
Bluewater Broadcasting Tower located a few miles from the WSFA-TV tower in Grady, Alabama. It serves as a main antenna for WBAM-FM (98.9 MHz) with a transmitter power output of 30.26 kW using a Continental Electronics transmitter into an 8-Bay Shively Labs Super-High-Power 6814 non-directional antenna.

Montgomery Tower

Coordinates: 32°24'13" N, 86°11'47" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 180 ft (55 m), Antenna Height: 1168 ft (356.1 m)
Montgomery Tower is located at 1200 Dunbarton Road behind the Eastdale Mall in Montgomery, Alabama. The antenna is a shared panel which broadcasts several local FM radio stations.
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