Radio stations in Fort Smith, AR

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 KKRI Air 1 Greenwood
  88.5 KTKL K-Love Stigler, OK
  88.9 KAOW AFR Talk Van Buren, 928 Pernot Ave
  89.7 KBHN The Word Booneville, Barber
  90.3 KLFS K-Love Muldrow, OK
  90.7 KEAF Family Radio Booneville, Magazine Mountain
  91.3 KUAF Public Radio
└ HD2 Classical 24
└ HD3 JazzWorks
Fayetteville, AR, Brentwood, iHeart Radio Tower
  91.7 KARG American Family Radio Poteau, OK, Cavanal Hill
  92.3 KREU La Raza Dripping Springs, Young Mountain
  92.7 KDYN True Country Ozark
  93.1 K226BS Outlaw 93.1 3115 State Line Rd
  93.7 KISR
└ HD2 Rock 94.1
└ HD3 The River
└ HD4 The Rooster
Cartwright Mountain, KFTA-TV Tower
  94.1 K231BS Rock 94.1 3115 State Line Rd
  94.5 KFPW The Fort White Bluff, 6637 Old Harrison Ln
  94.9 KRMW Nash Icon Fayetteville, AR, Skylight Mountain
  95.3 KERX ESPN Arkansas Charleston
  95.9 KKBD Big Dog Sallisaw, OK
  96.3 KTTG ESPN Arkansas Mena, Buck Knob Mountain
  96.7 K244FJ Red Dirt 3115 State Line Rd
  97.1 KYAL The Sports Animal
ESPN Radio
Muskogee, OK
  97.9 KZBB B98 Poteau, OK, Cavanal Hill
  98.3 KKEG The Keg Fayetteville, AR, Goshen Cumulus Radio Tower
  98.7 K254AM The Cross Fianna Hills
  99.1 KMAG New Country Poteau, OK, Cavanal Hill
  99.5 K258CE CSN Radio 3115 State Line Rd
  99.9 KTCS Country Poteau, OK, Cavanal Hill
100.7 KLSZ Nash FM Greenwood, Jenny Lind
101.1 K266BS KLRC Van Buren, 928 Pernot Ave
101.5 KXVB The Vibe Fayetteville, AR, Brentwood, Hutch Peak
101.7 KTFX Okie Country Muskogee, OK
101.9 K270BR The River 3115 State Line Rd
102.7 KBBQ The Vibe Van Buren, 928 Pernot Ave
103.5 KHGG The Sports Hog Waldron, White Oak Mountain
103.9 KKIX Kix 104 Fayetteville, AR, Mount Kessler
104.7 KQBK Kool 104.7 Booneville, Milltown
105.1 KXMX Mix 105.1 Belfonte, OK
105.5 K288GO The Rooster 3115 State Line Rd
105.7 KMCK Power 105.7 Fayetteville, AR, Harmon
105.9 K290BU Outlaw 93.1 Booneville, Magazine Mountain
106.3 KZKZ Spirit 106.3 Greenwood
106.7 KJSL White Bluff, 6637 Old Harrison Ln
107.3 KOMS Big Country Hartford, Poteau Mountain
107.9 KEZA Magic 107.9 Fayetteville, AR, Brentwood, iHeart Radio Tower
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.475 WXJ52 NOAA Weather Radio Fayetteville, AR, Winslow, KAFT-TV Tower
162.550 WXJ50 NOAA Weather Radio Barling, W Hospital St
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    610 KARV Regional Radio Russellville
    640 WCRV Bott Radio Netw. Memphis, TN, Mineral Wells, MS, Stateline Rd
    670 KHGZ Caddo Country Glenwood
    690 KGGF NewsRadio Coffeyville, KS
    740 KRMG News Talk Tulsa, OK, Mannford
    790 KURM Fayetteville, AR, Rogers
    820 WBAP News Talk Fort Worth, TX, Mansfield
    950 KFSA Outlaw 93.1 Remy, OK
    980 KCAB River Talk Dardanelle
  1030 KFAY News Talk Fayetteville, AR, Truckers Dr
  1130 KWKH The Tiger
Fox Sports Radio
Shreveport, LA, Belcher
  1170 KTSB The Blitz Tulsa, OK, 15000 E 11th St
  1230 KFPW The Marshall Van Buren, Ned Lake
  1280 KPRV Poteau, OK, 22153 Old Hwy 59
  1290 KUOA La Maxxima Siloam Springs
  1320 KWHN News Talk Plum St
  1410 KTCS Solid Gospel 5304 Hwy 45
  1540 KDYN True Country Ozark
  1580 KAGE Red Dirt Van Buren, Ned Lake
  1650 KFSW The Cross Pocola, OK
  1680 WPTA559 Hwy Advisory Radio I-40
  1680 WPTR461 Hwy Advisory Radio I-40




Young Mountain, KISR Tower

Coordinates: 35°31'22" N, 94°23'32" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1092 ft (332.9 m), Antenna Height: 893 ft (272.3 m)
KISR-FM (93.7 MHz) radio broadcasting tower atop Young Mountain, on Dripping Springs Trail, north of Van Buren, Arkansas.

Poteau, OK, Cavanal Hill

Coordinates: 35°04'17" N, 94°40'45" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 2385 ft (727 m)
Cavanal Hill, located near Poteau, Oklahoma, is the transmitting point for several Fort Smith-based radio stations and KHBS-TV (ABC Ch. 40).

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