Radio stations in San Francisco, CA

Emisoras de radio en San Francisco, CA

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 KECG World One Radio El Cerrito, El Cerrito High School
  88.50 KQED Public Radio San Bruno Mountain, Radio Peak
  88.90 K205BM K-Love Oakland, Grizzly Peak
  89.10 KCEA Music and Memories San Carlos, Heather School
  89.30 KPFB Pacifica Radio Berkeley, Golden Bear Center
  89.30 KMVS K-Love Montara Mountain North Peak
  89.50 KPOO Community Radio 1250 Jones St, The Clay-Jones
  89.70 KFJC Cupertino, Monte Bello Ridge, Black Mountain
  90.10 KZSU Stanford Radio Stanford University
  90.30 KDFC Classical Sausalito, Mount Beacon
  90.70 KALX UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  91.10 KCSM Jazz San Mateo, College of San Mateo
  91.70 KALW Public Radio Twin Peaks Radio Site
  92.10 KKDV Walnut Creek
  92.30 KSJO Bolly 92.3 San Jose, CA, Coyote Peak American Tower
  92.70 KREV VCY America Bayview Park, Candlestick Point
  93.30 KRZZ La Raza San Bruno Mountain, Radio Peak
  93.70 K229DD 灣區中文廣播之音
Sutro Tower
  94.10 KPFA Pacifica Radio Berkeley, Pacifica Park
  94.50 KBAY Bay FM San Jose, CA, Coyote Peak American Tower
  94.90 KYLD Wild 94.9
└ HD2 Evolution
San Bruno Mountain, Radio Peak
  95.30 KRTY Hot Country San Jose, CA, Mount Thayer + Los Gatos, Blackberry Hill
  95.70 KGMZ The Game
└ HD2 The Wolf
San Bruno Mountain, Radio Peak
  96.10 KEXU Radio Free Aztlán Oakland
  96.10 KACR Community Radio
KJTZ Jet Radio
  96.50 KOIT
└ HD2 Highway 1
Sutro Tower
  96.90 KQEB 希望之声湾区生活台 1250 Jones St, The Clay-Jones
  97.30 KLLC Alice @97.3
└ HD2 Channel Q
Sausalito, Mount Beacon
  97.70 KJLV K-Love
└ HD2 Air 1
└ HD3 K-Love 90s
└ HD4 Radio Nueva Vida
Cupertino, Monte Bello Ridge, Black Mountain
  97.70 K249DJ World One Radio San Pablo, Hasford Heights
  98.10 KISQ The Breeze Sausalito, Mount Beacon
  98.50 KUFX K-Fox
└ HD2 Highway 1
San Jose, CA, Los Gatos, Blackberry Hill
  98.90 KSOL Qué Buena Sutro Tower + Sausalito, Mount Beacon
  99.10 KSQL Qué Buena San Jose, CA, Loma Prieta
  99.30 K257GE Channel Q Forest Hill
  99.70 KMVQ Now 99.7
└ HD2 Pulse Radio
San Bruno Mountain, Radio Peak
100.30 KBRG Amor 100.3 San Jose, CA, Loma Prieta
100.70 KVVZ Latino Mix San Rafael, Boyd Memorial Park
100.90 K265DI Latino Mix Sausalito, Mount Beacon
101.30 KIOI Star 101.3
└ HD2 Pride Radio
San Bruno Mountain, Radio Peak
101.70 K269FB Relevant Radio Russian Hill, Bellaire Tower
102.10 KRBQ Q102.1
└ HD2 K-Fox
Sausalito, Mount Beacon
102.90 KBLX R&B San Bruno Mountain, Radio Peak
103.30 K277CH K-Love San Bruno Mountain, Radio Peak
103.70 KOSF 80s Plus
└ HD2 Bloomberg Radio
Sutro Tower
104.10 K281BU K-Love 90s San Bruno Mountain, Radio Peak
104.50 KNBR The Sports Leader
CBS Sports Radio
Sutro Tower
104.90 KXSC Classical San Jose, CA, 3903 Aborn Rd
105.30 KITS Alt 105.3
└ HD2 Live 105
└ HD3 Radio Zindagi
San Bruno Mountain, Radio Peak
105.70 KVVF Latino Mix San Jose, CA, Mount Hamilton
106.10 KMEL Hip Hop & R&B
└ HD2 American Top 40
San Bruno Mountain, Radio Peak
106.50 KEZR Mix 106.5 San Jose, CA, Coyote Peak American Tower
106.90 KFRC All News
└ HD2
Sausalito, Mount Beacon
107.30 KLVS K-Love
└ HD2 Air 1
└ HD3 K-Love 90s
Danville, Rocky Ridge
107.70 KSAN The Bone San Bruno Mountain, Radio Peak
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.40 KHB49 NOAA Weather Radio Mount Pise
162.425 WNG655 NOAA Weather Radio Mount Diablo
162.45 WWF64 NOAA Weather Radio San Jose, CA, Mount Umunhum
162.475 WZ2504 NOAA Weather Radio Sonoma Mountain
162.50 KDX54 NOAA Weather Radio Big Rock Ridge
162.55 KEC49 NOAA Weather Radio San Jose, CA, Mount Umunhum
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WPUV620 San Mateo Radio San Mateo, 1949 Pacific Blvd
    560 KSFO Hot Talk Islais Creek, Pier 94 Wetlands
    580 KMJ News Talk Radio Fresno, CA, Orange Cove
    610 KEAR Family Radio Berkeley, 601 Ashby Ave
    650 KSTE Talk Sacramento, CA, Eagles Nest Rd
    680 KNBR The Sports Leader
CBS Sports Radio
Redwood Shores
    710 KFIA The Word Sacramento, CA, Lincoln, Thunder Valley
    740 KCBS All News Novato, Gnoss Field
    770 KCBC Strong in the Word Modesto, CA, Oakdale
    780 KKOH News Talk Reno, NV, Lemmon Valley
    810 KGO News Talk Newark, Dumbarton Bridge
    840 WPEI433 Hwy Advisory Radio I-80 Bay Bridge, I-280, I-380, I-480
    860 KTRB The Answer Hayward, Enterprise Ave
    890 KVMX La Ranchera Sacramento, CA, 5008 Jefferson Blvd
    910 KKSF The Bay Area's BIN 910 Richmond, Point Isabel
    960 KNEW Bloomberg Radio Oakland Terminals
    990 KATD Radio Unica Sacramento, CA, Kiefer Blvd
  1010 KIQI Radio Unica Oakland Terminals
  1050 KTCT KNBR-1050
ESPN Radio
Hayward, Enterprise Ave
  1080 KSCO News Talk Santa Cruz, Corcoran Lagoon
  1100 KFAX Christian Radio Hayward, Enterprise Ave
  1140 KHTK Sports
CBS Sports Radio
Sacramento, CA, Blake
  1170 KLOK Radio Zindagi San Jose, CA, 2905 S King Rd
  1190 KDYA The Light Vallejo, Nobe Rd
  1220 KDOW Business Radio East Palo Alto
  1260 KSFB Relevant Radio Bayview Park
  1310 KMKY Radio De'Hotties Oakland Terminals
  1350 KSRO News Talk Santa Rosa, Stony Circle
  1370 KZSF La Kaliente San Jose, CA, 501 Wooster Ave
  1400 KVTO 灣區中文廣播之音
Berkeley, 601 Ashby Ave
  1420 KSTN The Bull Stockton, CA, 2171 Ralph Ave
  1430 KVVN Saigon Radio Hải Ngoại San Jose, CA, Saigon Business District
  1450 KEST Pier 70 Historic Shipyard
  1500 KSJX Việt Nam Bắc Cali San Jose, CA, 501 Wooster Ave
  1510 KSFN Radio Lazer Oakland, 2363 Poplar St
  1530 KFBK NewsRadio Sacramento, CA, Pleasant Grove
  1550 KGMZ Channel Q South San Mateo
  1610 WNXY470 SFO Airport Radio San Francisco International Airport
  1610 WNZV591 Berkeley Radio Berkeley, 2100 Martin Luther King Jr Way
  1610 WNSV220 San Leandro Radio San Leandro, 14200 Chapman Rd
  1620 KSMH Relevant Radio Sacramento, CA, New Era Park
  1640 KDIA Christian Talk Richmond, Point Isabel
  1680 WPUJ472 Foster City Radio Foster City, 1030 East Hillsdale Ave
  1700 WPTZ516 OAK Airport Radio Oakland International Airport



Sutro Tower

Coordinates: 34°12'47" N, 118°03'44" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 834 ft (254.2 m); Antenna Height: 977 ft (297.7 m)
Sutro Tower is a three-pronged antenna tower near Clarendon Heights in San Francisco, California. Rising from a hill between Twin Peaks and Mount Sutro, it is a prominent part of the city skyline and a landmark for city residents and visitors. Before the construction of Sutro Tower, television reception in San Francisco was spotty because the many hills of the city would block the line-of-sight television signal. Transmitters had been scattered throughout the Bay Area, including at San Bruno Mountain, Mt. Allison, Monument Peak, and Mt. Diablo. The great height of the new tower helped to resolve that problem. Today, Sutro Tower accommodates a large number of radio and television stations in the Bay Area.



More info: Sutro Tower official website , Wikipedia

San Bruno Mountain

Coordinates: 37°41'15" N, 122°26'09" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1314 ft (400.5 m)
San Bruno Mountain in northern San Mateo County, California is the northernmost part of the Santa Cruz Mountains. San Bruno Mountain is topped by a four mile long ridge. Trails to the summit afford expansive views of the San Francisco Bay Area. Radio Peak is the highest point, hosting several radio and television broadcast towers.


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