Radio stations in Aspen, CO

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 KDNK Community Radio Glenwood Springs, Sunlight Peak
  88.3 K202AT Community Radio Red Mountain
  88.9 KCJX Aspen Public Radio Glenwood Springs, Sunlight Peak
  89.3 K207DT Aspen Public Radio Old Snowmass, Williams Peak
  89.9 K210BO K-Love Red Mountain
  90.5 KVOV CPR Classical Glenwood Springs, Sunlight Peak
  90.9 K215AC Aspen Public Radio Snowmass Village, Jackrabbit Ridge
  91.1 K216BF Aspen Public Radio Red Mountain
  91.5 KAJX Aspen Public Radio Smuggler Mountain
  91.9 KLXV K-Love Glenwood Springs, Sunlight Peak
  92.7 KKCH The Lift FM Glenwood Springs, Sunlight Peak
  93.1 K226BU Cat Country Red Mountain
  93.5 KTND Thunder 93.5 Old Snowmass, Williams Peak
  93.9 K230AN CPR Classical Old Snowmass, Williams Peak
  94.7 K234BJ Community Radio Old Snowmass, Williams Peak
  95.3 K237BH The Lift FM Aspen Mountain (Ajax)
  95.5 KRVG The River Glenwood Springs, Sunlight Peak
  96.7 KNDH CPR Indie 102.3 Glenwood Springs, Sunlight Peak
  98.1 K251BU The River Snowmass, Jackrabbit Ridge
  99.1 KMTS Country Glenwood Springs, Red Mountain
100.5 KGHT Hot 100.5
└ HD2 Cat Country
Old Snowmass, Williams Peak
101.1 K266AK CPR Indie 102.3 Red Mountain
101.5 K268BJ CPR Classical Red Mountain
102.7 K274AT The River Red Mountain
103.1 KSPN Heritage Rock Lower Red Mountain, Sunnyside Trail
103.9 KSNO The Mammoth Snowmass Village, Juniper Hill
105.5 K288FV Country Old Snowmass, Williams Peak
106.1 KNFO Sports Talk
Fox Sports Radio
Old Snowmass, Williams Peak
107.1 KPVW La Tricolor Old Snowmass, Williams Peak
107.9 KASP NOAA Weather Radio
Hwy Advisory Radio
402 Aspen Airport Business Center Ste D
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.450 WWG43 NOAA Weather Radio Glenwood Springs, Sunlight Peak
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    550 KRAI 55 Country Craig
    620 KJOL Hear The Light Grand Junction, CO, 2236 H Rd
    670 KLTT The Truth Denver, CO, Brighton, Barr Lake State Park
    690 KRGS ESPN Rifle Rifle
    760 KDFD Freedom 93.7 Denver, CO, Brighton, Todd Creek
    850 KOA NewsRadio Denver, CO, Paker Regional Park
    980 KGLN Talk Radio Glenwood Springs, 502 W 1st St
  1030 KTWO K2 Radio Casper, WY, Hat 6 Rd
  1100 KNZZ Talk Radio Grand Junction, CO, Whitewater




Aspen Mountain (Ajax)

Coordinates: 39°09'12" N, 106°49'15" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 11,155 ft (3400 m)
Aspen Mountain (also known as Ajax) is a mountain summit, located south of Aspen, Colorado. Communications station atop Aspen Mountain at the Ajax Express Chairlift top station includes radio translator K237BH 95.3 MHz (The Lift FM), Localizer-type Directional Aid (LDA) for Aspen-Pitkin County Airport and other public safety communications.

Red Mountain

Coordinates: 39°13'15" N, 106°48'49" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 10,384 ft (3165 m)
Red Mountain comminucations site is owned by Pitkin County Translator Department. It is used for FM & TV Translators and Public Safety Communications, serving Aspen and Snowmass Village. All facilities on Upper Red Mountain operate on solar power. Pitkin County owns and operates a mountaintop translator system that rebroadcasts FM radio and television signals to residents of Pitkin County and some other portions of the Roaring Fork Valley. Because of mountainous terrain it would be difficult to receive FM radio and over-the-air TV signals without the translators. The translator service is especially popular in rural areas of Pitkin County that aren't served by cable television. Police, fire and emergency services also broadcast from many of the translator sites. Pitkin County currently has eight mountaintop sites that broadcast TV and Radio signals. They are located on Lower Red Mountain and Upper Red Mountain serving Aspen and Snowmass, Williams Hill serving Watson Divide and Woody Creek, Jackrabbit Ridge serving Snowmass Village, Crown Mountain serving Basalt and El Jebel, Thomasville serving the upper Frying Pan Valley and Elephant Mountain serving the Crystal River Valley. Sunlight Mountain in Garfield County plays a key role not only for Pitkin County’s translator systems but also for all communications throughout the Roaring Fork Valley.

More info: Pitkin County Translator Department
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