Radio stations in Colorado Springs, CO

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 K201EC KTPL Word Rampart Range Rd
  88.3 KTPL Word
└ HD2 The Legacy
Pueblo, CO, Rye, Camp Jackson
  88.7 KCME Classical Music
└ HD2 Jazz 93.5
Cheyenne Mountain
  89.1 K206BZ College Radio Manitou Cliff Dwellings
  89.7 KEPC College Radio Pikes Peak Community College
  90.1 K211AW Public Radio Manitou Springs, Black Canyon Rd
  90.5 KTLF The Light
└ HD2 KTPL Word
└ HD3 The Legacy
Cheyenne Mountain
  90.9 KRWA WayFM Pueblo, CO, Rye, Camp Jackson
  91.1 KLDV K-Love
└ HD2 Air 1
└ HD3 K-Love 2000s
Denver, CO, Morrison, Chief Mountain
  91.5 KRCC Public Radio Cheyenne Mountain
  92.1 KJMN La Suavecita Castle Rock, Jarre Canyon
  92.5 K223CU NewsRadio Cheyenne Mountain
  92.9 KKPK Peak FM Cheyenne Mountain
  93.3 KTCL Channel 93.3
└ HD2 Punk Tacos Radio
Denver, CO, Golden, Lookout Mountain
  93.5 K228EM Jazz 93.5 Gardiner Gulch
  94.3 KILO Rock Cheyenne Mountain
  94.7 K234AJ The Legacy Rampart Range Rd
  95.1 KATC Cat Country Cheyenne Mountain
  95.5 KPHT Greatest Hits Pueblo, CO, Fowler, Cnty Rd 703
  95.7 K239CH Power Talk Gardiner Gulch
  96.1 KIBT The Beat
└ HD2 J. Anthony Brown
Cheyenne Mountain
  96.5 K243AM K-Love Almagre Mountain South
  96.9 KCCY Y96.9 Cheyenne Mountain
  97.3 KBCO World Class Rock Denver, CO, Eldorado Mountain
  97.5 K248AS The Legacy Rampart Range Rd
  97.7 KAFA Voice of the Academy United States Air Force Academy
  98.1 KKFM Classic Rock Cheyenne Mountain
  98.5 K253AH Power Talk Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  98.9 KKMG Magic FM Cheyenne Mountain
  99.3 K257FO WayFM Cheyenne Mountain
  99.9 KVUU My 99.9
└ HD2 WayFM
Cheyenne Mountain
100.3 K262AQ Best Country Austin Bluffs
100.7 KGFT The Word Cheyenne Mountain
101.1 K266CK The Answer Rampart Range Rd
101.3 KFEZ Gnarly 101 Pueblo, CO, Walsenburg, Cnty Rd 125
101.5 K268DV Tigre Radio Gardiner Rock Ln
101.7 KXCL Grace FM Security, Mauna Tower
102.1 K271CK CPR Indie 102.3 Manitou Springs
102.7 KBIQ Q102.7 Cheyenne Mountain
103.1 K276GG Tigre Radio Gardiner Rock Ln
103.3 KIQN Country Pueblo, CO, Walsenburg, Cnty Rd 124
103.5 KRFX The Fox
└ HD2 KHOW Talk Radio
Denver, CO, Golden, Lookout Mountain
103.9 KRXP X1039 Cheyenne Mountain
104.3 K272FP Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Austin Bluffs
104.5 KSTY Star Country Cheyenne Mountain + Cañon City, Cnty Rd 84-B
104.7 KKCS K-Love Calhan
104.9 KWRY Air 1 Pueblo, CO, Rye, Camp Jackson
105.1 K286CO Timeless Country Valley Hi Golf Course
105.5 KRDO NewsRadio Cheyenne Mountain
105.9 K290AK The Light Manitou Springs
106.3 KKLI Sunny 106.3
└ HD2 K-Love
Cheyenne Mountain
106.7 KWBL The Bull Denver, CO, Golden, Lookout Mountain
106.9 KLCX K-Love Pueblo, CO, Rye, Camp Jackson
107.1 KFCO Flo 107.1 Denver, CO, South Parker Rd + Leader, Hoyt Radio Tower
107.3 K297BQ Mountain Country Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
107.5 KQKS KS1075
└ HD2 Front Range Country
└ HD3 Mile High Sports
Denver, CO, Lakewood, Green Mountain
107.9 KBPL KBPI South
└ HD2 iHeartRadio Countdown
Cheyenne Mountain
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.400 WXM52 NOAA Weather Radio Pueblo, CO, 902 N Erie Ave, Colorado State Patrol
162.475 WXM56 NOAA Weather Radio Cheyenne Mountain
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WPKZ237 Manitou Springs Radio Manitou Springs
    560 KLZ The Source Denver, CO, Welby
    590 KCSJ NewsRadio Pueblo, CO, 4.8 Mi N by I-25
    630 KHOW Talk Radio Denver, CO, Thornton, E 120th Ave
    670 KLTT The Truth Denver, CO, Brighton, Barr Lake State Park
    690 KWRP The Buzz Pueblo, CO, 2829 Lowell Ave
    740 KVOR News Talk Black Forest
    760 KDFD Freedom 93.7 Denver, CO, Brighton, Todd Creek
    780 KJME K-Love Fountain, S Meridian Rd
    850 KOA NewsRadio Denver, CO, Paker Regional Park
    890 KCEG Timeless Country Fountain, S Meridian Rd
    910 KPOF The Point of Faith Denver, CO, Westminister, Belleview Christian College
    920 KLMR The Country Giant Lamar
    950 KKSE Altitude Sports 950
VSiN Sports Betting
Denver, CO, Thornton, E 100th Ave
    970 KFEL Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Pueblo, CO, 4411 Goodnight Ave
    990 KRKS The Word Denver, CO, North Washinghton
  1010 KSIR Farm Radio Brush
  1040 KPPF Power Talk Valley Hi Golf Course
  1060 KRCN Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Longmont, Hill Lake
  1090 KMXA TUDN Radio Denver, CO, Aurora
  1120 KCRN Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
  1150 KNRV Onda 1150 Denver, CO, Centennial, Cherry Creek State Park
  1230 KDZA Pueblo, CO, W 11th and Garnett St
  1240 KRDO NewsRadio 399 S 8th St
  1280 KBNO Qué Bueno Denver, CO, Littleton, Milliken Park
  1300 KCSF Xtra Sports Radio
CBS Sports Radio
E Brookside St
  1340 KDCO ESNE Radio Católica Denver, CO, Lakewood, Ruby Hill Park
  1350 KUBE Fox Sports Radio Pueblo, CO, 4.8 Mi N by I-25
  1390 KGNU Community Radio Denver, CO, Englewood
  1400 KRLN NewsRadio Cañon City, 1615 Central Ave
  1430 KAMP The Bet (Denver) Denver, CO, Littleton, 4680 E County Line Rd
  1460 KZNT The Answer Skylark Rd
  1480 KIXD Kix Country Pueblo, CO, 4301 N Elizabeth St
  1490 KXRE CPR Indie 102.3 Manitou Springs, Duncan Ave
  1510 KCKK Radio 74 Denver, CO, Thornton, E 96th Ave
  1530 KQSC Mountain Country Valley Hi Golf Course
  1580 KFCS Tigre Radio Fountain, 490 Willow Spring Rd




Cheyenne Mountain

Coordinates: 38°44'39" N, 104°51'46" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 9793 ft (2985 m)
Cheyenne Mountain is a mountain in El Paso County, Colorado, southwest of downtown Colorado Springs. During the 1950s, an antenna farm was built on the middle peak of the mountain. There are 700 cell phone, television, radio, and law enforcement transmitters on the antenna farm.

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