Radio stations in Denver, CO

Emisoras de radio en Denver, CO

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  87.75 KXDP La Invasora Boulder, CO, Eldorado Mountain
  88.1 KVOD CPR Classical Morrison, Mount Morrison
  88.5 KGNU Community Radio Boulder, CO, Louisville Reservoir
  88.9 K205FV Air 1 Golden, Lookout Mountain
  89.3 KUVO Jazz 89
└ HD2 The Drop
└ HD3 Denver Open Media
Golden, Lookout Mountain
  89.7 KXGR Grace FM Fort Collins, CO, Buckhorn Mountain
  90.1 KCFR CPR News
└ HD2 CPR Classical
Golden, Lookout Mountain
  90.5 K213EG The Light Golden, Lookout Mountain
  90.7 K214FJ Your Network of Praise Golden, Lookout Mountain
  91.1 KLDV K-Love
└ HD2 Air 1
└ HD3 K-Love 2000s
Morrison, Chief Mountain
  91.5 KUNC Community Radio Fort Collins, CO, Buckhorn Mountain
  91.7 K219LF Community Radio Golden, Lookout Mountain
  92.1 KJMN La Suavecita Castle Rock, Jarre Canyon
  92.5 KKSE Altitude Sports 92.5
└ HD2 Altitude Sports 92.5
Frederick, KDEN-TV Tower
  92.9 K225BS Denver Open Media 3457 Ringsby Ct
  93.3 KTCL Channel 93.3
└ HD2 Punk Tacos Radio
Golden, Lookout Mountain
  93.7 K229BS Freedom 93.7 Golden, Lookout Mountain
  93.9 KETO ኢትዮጵያዊ ሬዲዮ Aurora, 8275 E 11th Ave
  94.1 K231BQ KOA NewsRadio Golden, Lookout Mountain
  94.3 K232FK Legends 95.3 Brighton, Wattenburg
  94.7 KRKS The Word Boulder, CO, Lee Hill
  95.1 K236CQ The Truth Brighton, Barr Lake State Park
  95.3 K237GG Legends 95.3 Golden, Lookout Mountain
  95.7 KDHT Hits 95.7
└ HD2 Rocks The Rockies
Golden, Lookout Mountain
  96.1 K241CP Onda 1150 Golden, Lookout Mountain
  96.5 KXPK La Tricolor Idaho Springs, Squaw Mountain
  96.9 K245CM The Cloud Golden, Lookout Mountain
  97.3 KBCO World Class Rock
└ HD2 Studio C Channel
└ HD3 Pride Radio
Boulder, CO, Eldorado Mountain
  97.7 K249EX Qué Bueno Golden, Lookout Mountain
  97.9 KXBG Big 97.9
└ HD2 B107.3
Fort Collins, CO, Table Mountain
  98.1 K251CV Mile High Sports Golden, Lookout Mountain
  98.5 KYGO New Country
└ HD2 Legendary Country
└ HD3 The Light
Idaho Springs, Squaw Mountain
  98.9 KKMG Magic FM Colorado Springs, CO, Cheyenne Mountain
  99.1 KUAD K99 Fort Collins, CO, Pierce, KFCT-TV Tower
  99.5 KQMT The Mountain
└ HD2 Comedy
Golden, Lookout Mountain
  99.9 KVUU My 99.9
└ HD2 WayFM
Colorado Springs, CO, Cheyenne Mountain
100.3 KIMN Mix 100 Morrison, Mount Morrison
100.7 K264BO The Source Golden, Lookout Mountain
101.1 KOSI 101
└ HD2 Mormon Channel
Golden, Lookout Mountain
101.5 KJHM Jammin' 9805 Iliff Ave + Leader, Hoyt Radio Tower
101.9 KXWA WayFM Castle Rock, Jarre Canyon
102.3 KVOQ CPR Indie 102.3 Greenwood Village
102.7 K274DF The Point of Faith Westminister, Belleview Christian College
103.1 K276FK Front Range Country Golden, Lookout Mountain
103.5 KRFX The Fox
└ HD2 KHOW Talk Radio
Golden, Lookout Mountain
103.9 KRKA Air 1 Fort Collins, CO, Buckhorn Mountain
104.3 KKFN The Fan
└ HD2 ESPN Denver
└ HD3 Denver Pioneers
Lakewood, Green Mountain
104.7 K284CI The Drop Golden, Lookout Mountain
105.1 KXKL Kool 105 Morrison, Chief Mountain
105.5 KJAC The Colorado Sound Fort Collins, CO, Buckhorn Mountain
105.9 KALC Alice 105.9
└ HD2 Channel Q
Golden, Lookout Mountain
106.3 K292FM The Light Golden, Lookout Mountain
106.7 KWBL The Bull Golden, Lookout Mountain
107.1 KFCO Flo 107.1 9805 Iliff Ave + Leader, Hoyt Radio Tower
107.5 KQKS KS1075
└ HD2 Front Range Country
└ HD3 Mile High Sports
Lakewood, Green Mountain
107.9 K300CP Rocks The Rockies Downtown Denver, CenturyLink Tower
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.450 WNG550 NOAA Weather Radio Franktown
162.475 WXM51 NOAA Weather Radio Longmont, Mead
162.500 WXJ45 NOAA Weather Radio Deer Trail
162.550 KEC76 NOAA Weather Radio Glendale, 4340 E Louisiana Ave
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WNSV510 Hwy Advisory Radio I-25 at Mile 193 and 225, I-70 at Mile 254 and 289, I-76 at Mile 17, US-36 at Hwy 121
    530 WPLX284 Hwy Advisory Radio I-25 at Colorado Blvd
    530 WQHF576 Hwy Advisory Radio I-70 and C-470 Junction
    540 WPDI548 DEN Airport Radio Denver International Airport
    560 KLZ The Source Welby
    590 KCSJ NewsRadio Pueblo, CO, 4.8 Mi N by I-25
    600 KCOL News Talk Fort Collins, CO, Elder Reservoir
    630 KHOW Talk Radio Thornton, E 120th Ave
    650 KGAB News Talk Cheyenne, WY, Terry Ranch Rd
    670 KLTT The Truth Brighton, Barr Lake State Park
    690 KWRP The Buzz Pueblo, CO, 2829 Lowell Ave
    710 KNUS News Talk Brighton, Brighton Rd
    740 KVOR News Talk Colorado Springs, CO, Black Forest
    760 KDFD Freedom 93.7 Brighton, Todd Creek
    780 KJME K-Love Colorado Springs, CO, Fountain, S Meridian Rd
    790 KXXX Classic Country Colby, KS
    810 KLVZ Legends 95.3 Brighton, Wattenburg
    850 KOA NewsRadio Paker Regional Park
    870 KJMP Jump 104.5 Fort Collins, CO, Pierce, Cnty Rd 86
    880 KRVN Rural Radio Lexington, NE
    890 WPHH900 Coors Field Radio Coors Field
    890 WNPC752 State Park Radio Cherry Creek State Park
    910 KPOF The Point of Faith Westminister, Belleview Christian College
    950 KKSE Altitude Sports 950
VSiN Sports Betting
Thornton, E 100th Ave
    970 KFEL Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Pueblo, CO, 4411 Goodnight Ave
    990 KRKS The Word North Washinghton
  1010 KSIR Farm Radio Brush
  1030 KTWO K2 Radio Casper, WY, Hat 6 Rd
  1040 KPPF Power Talk Colorado Springs, CO, Valley Hi Golf Course
  1060 KRCN Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Longmont, Hill Lake
  1090 KMXA TUDN Radio Aurora
  1120 KCRN Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
  1150 KNRV Onda 1150 Centennial, Cherry Creek State Park
  1190 KVCU Radio 1190 Boulder, CO, University of Colorado South Campus
  1220 KLDC Lakewood, Ruby Hill Park
  1240 KRDO NewsRadio Colorado Springs, CO, 399 S 8th St
  1260 WQKK262 Hwy Advisory Radio I-25 at Colfax Ave + I-25 at Downing St
  1280 KBNO Qué Bueno Littleton, Milliken Park
  1300 KCSF Xtra Sports Radio
CBS Sports Radio
Colorado Springs, CO, E Brookside St
  1340 KDCO ESNE Radio Católica Lakewood, Ruby Hill Park
  1360 KHNC The Lion Fort Collins, CO, Johnstown
  1390 KGNU Community Radio Englewood
  1430 KAMP The Bet (Denver) Littleton, 4680 E County Line Rd
  1460 KZNT The Answer Colorado Springs, CO, Skylark Rd
  1490 KCFC CPR News Boulder, CO, Bluff St
  1510 KCKK Radio 74 Thornton, E 96th Ave
  1530 KQSC Mountain Country Colorado Springs, CO, Valley Hi Golf Course
  1550 KKCL The Cloud Golden, Hwy 93
  1580 KFCS Tigre Radio Colorado Springs, CO, Fountain, 490 Willow Spring Rd
  1600 KEPN ESPN Denver Lakewood, Three Lakes
  1650 KBJD Radio La RED North Washington
  1690 KDMT Relevant Radio Lakewood, Three Lakes
SW,kHz Station Transmitter
  2500 WWV NIST Time signal Fort Collins, CO, 2000 E Cnty Rd 58
  5000 WWV NIST Time signal Fort Collins, CO, 2000 E Cnty Rd 58
10000 WWV NIST Time signal Fort Collins, CO, 2000 E Cnty Rd 58
15000 WWV NIST Time signal Fort Collins, CO, 2000 E Cnty Rd 58
20000 WWV NIST Time signal Fort Collins, CO, 2000 E Cnty Rd 58




Lookout Mountain

Coordinates: 39°43'58" N, 105°14'18" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 7411 ft (2259 m)
Lookout Mountain is one of the largest foothills, overlooking Golden, Colorado. The Denver metropolitan area can be seen clearly from the mountain. It is known for its natural scenery and has played a major role in area recreation, transportation, water supply and telecommunications as Lookout Mountain transmitter site.

More info: Wikipedia , Mauna Towers

KAMP Radio Tower Array

Coordinates: 39°43'58" N, 105°14'18" W
KAMP 1430 AM antennas are located near State Highway 470 between Littleton and Highlands Ranch. In 2012 Entercom and KEZW (Cruisin' 1430) installed 40 solar panels. As a result, the 100-kilowatt solar array has become the largest radio station in the United States to be powered by the sun and monthly energy costs have dropped 80%.

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