Radio stations in Savannah, GA

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 WLXP Air 1 2625 Gregory St
  88.7 WAGP The Light Okatie, SC, Hwy 170
  89.1 W206AT CSN Radio 5 Patton Rd, Savannah Comm. Tower
  89.5 WYFS Bible Broadcasting Netw. Fort Argyle Rd, BBN Tower
  89.9 WJWJ SCPR News & Talk Beaufort, SC
  90.3 WHCJ The Voice of SSU Savannah State University, Hodge Hall
  90.7 W214BZ Radio by Grace 5 Patton Rd, Savannah Comm. Tower
  91.1 WSVH GPB Radio (Savannah)
└ HD2 GPB Classical
Pembroke, Georgia Public Broadcasting Tower
  91.9 WLFS HIS Radio
└ HD2 HIS Radio Z
└ HD3 HIS Radio Praise
Hardeeville, SC, Bellinger Hill
  92.3 WSGA Thunder Country Riceboro, Tama Broadcasting Tower
  92.7 W224DA HIS Radio Praise Port Wentworth
  93.1 WEAS E93 Fort Argyle Rd, WTGS-TV Tower
  94.1 WQBT The Beat Fort Argyle Rd, WTGS-TV Tower
  94.7 WPES Radio Pesca 1 Gamble Rd, Primera Iglesia Bautista
  95.5 WIXV I-95 Fort Argyle Rd, WTOC-TV Tower
  96.1 W241CV La Pantera Hilton Head Island, SC
  96.5 WJCL Kix 96 Fort Argyle Rd, WTOC-TV Tower
  97.3 WAEV Kiss FM Fort Argyle Rd, WTGS-TV Tower
  97.7 W249BS NewsRadio 5 Patton Rd, Savannah Comm. Tower
  98.3 WGCO Hot 98.3 Shellman Bluff
  98.7 WYKZ The River Okatie, SC, Hwy 170
  99.7 W259DE Savannah's Gospel 5 Patton Rd, Savannah Comm. Tower
100.1 WXYY G100.1 Rincon, Grain Communications Tower
101.1 WLVH Love 101.1 I-16 exit 152, Pinnacle Tower
102.1 WKZV K-Love Fort Argyle Rd, WTOC-TV Tower
103.1 WVSC SC-103
└ HD2 Pure Oldies
Bluffton, SC, Foreman Hill Rd
103.9 WTYB Magic 103.9 Outland Island, Riverview Rd
104.3 W282AR The SuperStations
ESPN Radio
5 Patton Rd, Savannah Comm. Tower
104.7 WTHG The Hawk Hinesville, Virginia Rd
104.9 WLHH The Surf Ridgeland, SC, Old Cherry Hill
105.3 WRHQ Quality Rock 1311 Mills B Ln Blvd (E 52nd St)
106.1 WFXH Rock 106.1 Bluffton, SC, Foreman Hill Rd
106.5 W293BZ Pure Oldies Hilton Head Island, SC
106.9 WUBB Bob 106.9 Bluffton, SC, Foreman Hill Rd
107.5 WRUU Community Radio 5 Patton Rd, Savannah Comm. Tower
107.9 WRWN Rewind 107.9 Bluffton, SC, Foreman Hill Rd
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.400 KEC85 NOAA Weather Radio Hardeeville, SC
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    550 WAYR Way Radio Jacksonville, FL, Green Cove Springs, 2500 Russell Rd
    600 WBOB The Answer Jacksonville, FL, Lenox Ave
    690 WOKV ESPN Jacksonville Jacksonville, FL, Fleming Island (daytime) / Baldwin (nighttime)
    730 WLTQ Catholic Radio in SC
EWTN Catholic Radio
Charleston, SC, 1717 Wappoo Rd
    750 WSB News Talk Atlanta, GA, Northlake Tower Festival Shopping Plaza
    790 WSFN The SuperStations
ESPN Radio
    930 WFXJ Fox Sports Radio Jacksonville, FL, Hyde Grove Ave
  1130 WHHW La Pantera Hilton Head Island, SC
  1230 WSOK Savannah's Gospel E President St
  1290 WTKS NewsRadio 245 Alfred St
  1400 WSEG The SuperStations
ESPN Radio
East Coast Terminal
  1420 WAOC Way Radio St. Augustine, FL, 567 Lewis Point Rd Exd
  1490 WBGA Real 96.3 Brunswick, GA
  1570 WVOJ La Raza Jacksonville, FL, Fernandina Beach
  1600 WZNZ Relevant Radio Jacksonville, FL, Atlantic Beach, Atlantic Blvd
  1610 KPB799 FWS Information Radio Savannah National Wildlife Refuge




Fort Argyle Rd (Hwy 204) Towers

Coordinates: 32°03'30" N, 81°20'18" W
Several tall broadcasting towers for Savannah are located along Fort Argyle Road (Georgia State Route 204), including:
• 1479 ft (450.8 m) tall WSAV-TV (NBC Ch. 3) tower at 1772 Little Neck Road,
• 1530 ft (466.6 m) tall WTOC-TV (CBS Ch. 11) tower,
• 1479 ft (451 m) tall WJCL-TV (ABC Ch. 22) tower,
• 1532 ft (467 m) tall WTGS-TV (Fox Ch. 28) tower and
• 1435 ft (437.4 m) tall Georgia Public Broadcasting WVAN-TV (GPB Ch. 9) and WSVH (91.1 FM) tower in Pembroke, GA.

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