Radio stations in Des Moines, IA

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 KDPS Edge 88 Central Academy
  88.7 KWDM The Point West Des Moines, Valley High School
  88.9 KICJ IPR Classical Mitchellville
  89.1 K206BW Effect Radio Adel
  89.3 KJMC The Heart & Soul NE 53rd Ave and 16th St
  89.7 K209EN CSN Radio 4039 Delaware Ave
  90.1 WOI IPR Studio One
└ HD2 IPR Classical
Alleman, WOI Tower
  90.5 K213DV K-Love Sleepy Hollow Sports Park
  90.9 KLOX St. Gabriel Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
  91.3 KDFR Family Radio 2350 NE 44th Ct
  91.7 KICG IPR Classical Boone
  92.1 KRLS True Country Knoxville
  92.5 KJJY Country's Best Saylorville, NE 66th Ave
  93.3 KIOA
└ HD2 Hits 99.9
Altoona, 7504 NE 38th Ave
  93.7 K229CC The Outlaw 888 9th St, KCCI-TV Tower
  94.5 K233BT Iowa Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
888 9th St, KCCI-TV Tower
  94.9 KGGO Classic Rock Altoona, 7504 NE 38th Ave
  95.9 KCOB Newton
  96.1 KNWM Life 107.1 Madrid
  96.5 K243CO La Reina Alleman Saga Communications Tower
  96.9 K245CO The Bull 1801 Grand Ave
  97.3 KHKI River Country Johnston, NW 100th St
  97.7 K249EJ IPR Classical Central Academy
  97.9 KNSL IPR Studio One Lamoni
  98.3 KWQW The Vibe Big Creek Lake
  98.9 KFMG 1000 Walnut St
  99.3 KVDI VCY America Polk City, 7701 NW 158th Ave
  99.9 K260AM Hits 99.9 Altoona, 7504 NE 38th Ave
100.3 KDRB The Bus
└ HD2 WHO NewsRadio
Alleman American Tower
100.7 K264CD Faith Radio 888 9th St, KCCI-TV Tower
101.1 KXIA Kix 101.1 Marshalltown
101.3 K267CY The Champ Johnston, NW 100th St
101.7 KPUL The Pulse Winterset
102.1 K271CO ESPN Des Moines 888 9th St, KCCI-TV Tower
102.5 KSTZ Star 102.5
└ HD2 The Outlaw
Alleman Saga Communications Tower
102.9 KPOG Power of God Grimes
103.3 KAZR Lazer 103.3
└ HD2 Pure Oldies
Prairie City
104.1 KOEZ EZ FM Woodward
104.5 K283CC Pure Oldies Altoona, 7504 NE 38th Ave
104.9 KBOE Hot Country Oskaloosa
105.1 KCYZ Now 105.1 Ames
105.5 KDLS La Ley Granger
105.9 KICP IPR Classical St Charles
106.3 KXNO Sports Station
└ HD2 The Bull
Saylorville, NE 66th Ave
106.7 KRTI Energy 106.7 Grinnell
106.9 K295CB La Q Buena 4039 Delaware Ave
107.1 KNWI Life 107.1
└ HD2 Faith Radio
107.5 KKDM Kiss FM Colfax
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.550 WXL57 NOAA Weather Radio Alleman, KCCI-TV Tower
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    540 KWMT Fort Dodge
    570 WNAX Yankton, SD, 309th St and 444th Ave
    590 KXSP ESPN Omaha Omaha, NE, 5504 Kansas Ave
    600 WMT News Talk Cedar Rapids, IA, Marion, 1837 Radio Rd
    640 WOI IPR News Ames
    680 KFEQ St. Joseph, MO, US 71 at Emerald Ln
    710 KCMO Talk Radio Kansas City, MO, 12416 N Eastern Ave
    740 KBOE Hot Country Oskaloosa
    810 WHB Sports Radio
ESPN Radio
Kansas City, MO, Nashua
    830 WCCO News Talk Minneapolis, MN, Coon Rapids
    910 WSUI IPR News Iowa City, Hills, Sand Rd SE
    920 KYFR Family Radio Coin
    940 KPSZ Hope 940 Hartford
    960 KMA Land Shenandoah
  1040 WHO NewsRadio Mitchellville
  1110 KFAB NewsRadio Omaha, NE, Papillion
  1120 KMOX NewsRadio St. Louis, MO, Pontoon Beach, IL
  1150 KWKY Iowa Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
  1190 KDAO Good Time Oldies Marshalltown
  1210 WQES965 Urbandale Radio Urbandale
  1230 KFJB News Talk Marshalltown
  1260 KDLF La Reina Boone
  1280 KCOB Newton
  1310 KDLS Raccoon Valley Radio Perry
  1320 KNIA True Country Knoxville
  1350 KRNT ESPN Des Moines SE 22nd St
  1430 KASI News Talk Ames
  1460 KXNO Sports Station NE Broadway Ave
  1490 KXLQ La Q Buena Indianola
  1540 KXEL News Talk Waterloo, Dysart
  1590 KWBG Local News Radio Boone
  1670 WQFA538 Hwy Advisory Radio I-35, I-80, I-235
  1700 KBGG The Champ Pleasant Hill, Fairview Dr




Alleman American Tower

Coordinates: 41°49'47" N, 93°36'56" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 997 ft (303.9 m), Antenna Height: 1999 ft (609.3 m)

Alleman, KCCI-TV Tower

Coordinates: 41°48'33" N, 93°37'17" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 970 ft (295.7 m), Antenna Height: 2000 ft (609.6 m)

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