Radio stations in Evansville, IN

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.3 WNIN Public Radio Boonville, W New Hope Rd
  88.7 WEUC Ave Maria Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Morganfield, KY
  89.1 WVJC The Bash Mount Carmel, IL
  89.5 WKPB Public Radio Reed, KY, WKOH-TV Tower
  89.9 WSOF Sounds of Faith Madisonville, KY
  90.1 WSDM Ave Maria Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Mount Vernon
  90.7 WPSR Real Variety
└ HD2 The Spin
Central High School
  90.9 WKMD Public Radio Madisonville, KY
  91.1 WVUB Blazer 91.1 Vincennes
  91.5 WJWA WayFM
└ HD2 Vida Unida
└ HD3 Pure Radio
└ HD4 Worship 24/7
University of Evansville
  91.9 W220DV Pure Radio Henderson, KY, WEVV-TV Tower
  92.5 WBKR Country Owensboro, KY, Red Hill
  93.1 W226CB Faith Music Radio Newburgh
  93.5 WLYD The Lloyd Chandler
  93.9 WKTG 93.9 KTG Rocks Madisonville, KY
  94.5 WBFW Thy Word Network Morganfield, KY
  94.9 WYNG K-Love Mount Carmel, IL
  95.3 WKVN K-Love Henderson, KY, Hwy 41-A
  95.7 W239CI The Spin 1162 Mt Auburn Rd, Midwest Communications Tower
  96.1 WSTO Hot 96 Hebbardsville, KY
  96.5 W243CU WSON Henderson, KY, WEVV-TV Tower
  96.9 WYIR Wired Radio Baugh City
  97.3 WRUL The Tri State Boomer Carmi, IL
  97.7 W249BP WBNL Boonville, 1425 N Rockport Rd
  98.1 WRAY Princeton
  98.5 W253BF WEOA 1115 Mt Auburn Rd, Raycom Media Tower
  98.7 WHOP Lite Rock
└ HD2 95.3 The Farm
└ HD3 WHOP NewsRadio
Hopkinsville, KY
  98.9 WDXM Great Weather Newburgh
  98.9 W255DQ Country Mount Vernon
  99.1 WCFY Radio CFC 4100 Millersburg Rd
  99.5 WKDQ Henderson, KY, Townsquare Media Tower
100.1 W261CW Worship 24/7 Henderson, KY, WEVV-TV Tower
100.3 WVVR Beaver 100.3 Hopkinsville, KY
100.5 WSJD Princeton
100.9 WBDC Country Huntingburg
101.3 WMSK Country Morganfield, KY
101.5 WBGW Thy Word Network Haubstadt, 4463 E 1200 S
101.9 WEKV K-Love Owensboro, KY, Pleasant Ridge
102.5 W273DY Thy Word Network Haubstadt, 4463 E 1200 S
103.1 WGBF 103GBF Henderson, KY, Hwy 41-A
103.5 WIAH Catholic Radio
Relevant Radio
104.1 WIKY 1162 Mt Auburn Rd, Midwest Communications Tower
104.7 WITZ-FM Jasper
105.3 WJLT My 105.3 Darmstadt
106.1 WDKS Kiss FM
└ HD2 WayFM
Henderson, KY, Townsquare Media Tower
106.5 WWBL The Bullet Washington
106.7 WMVI Mount Vernon
107.1 WJPS Classic Hits Boonville, W New Hope Rd
107.5 WABX Classic Rock 1162 Mt Auburn Rd, Midwest Communications Tower
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.400 KXI52 NOAA Weather Radio McLeansboro, IL
162.475 KZZ61 NOAA Weather Radio Whitesville, KY
162.550 KIG76 NOAA Weather Radio Haubstadt, 4463 E 1200 S
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WPKW675 Hwy Advisory Radio US-41 and IN-66 Jct
    540 WKFN ESPN Clarksville Clarksville, TN
    550 KTRS Big 550 St. Louis, MO, Madison, IL, Mueller Ln
    570 WBMP The Beat Paducah, KY
    610 WRUS Russellville, KY
    650 WSM The Legend Nashville, TN, Brentwood
    700 WLW NewsRadio Cincinnati, OH, Mason
    730 WFMW Classic Hit Country Madisonville, KY
    820 WSWI The Spin University of Southern Indiana
    840 WHAS NewsRadio Louisville, KY, 1502 Flat Rock Rd
    860 WSON Henderson, KY
    990 WITZ Juan 99.1 Jasper
  1060 WMCL The Legendary McLeansboro, IL
  1070 WFNI 1070 The Fan Indianapolis, IN, Whitestown
  1120 KMOX NewsRadio St. Louis, MO, Pontoon Beach, IL
  1160 WKCM Country Classics Hawesville, KY
  1180 WGAB Faith Music Radio Newburgh
  1250 WRAY Princeton
  1280 WGBF News Talk 6020 Wedeking Ave
  1310 WTTL The Light Madisonville, KY
  1330 WBGW Thy Word Network Highland
  1400 WEOA S Weinbach Ave
  1420 WVJS Greatest Hits Owensboro, KY
  1460 WROY All Oldies Carmi, IL
  1490 WOMI News Talk Owensboro, KY
  1510 WLAC TalkRadio Nashville, TN, Dickerson Pike and W Old Hickory Blvd
  1540 WBNL Boonville
  1590 WPIW Country Mount Vernon




Mt. Auburn Towers

Coordinates: 37°59'18" N, 87°35'50" W
Mount Auburn is a hill just north of Evansville's West Side. It is the location of several broadcasting towers, including:
• 583 ft (177.7 m) tall Midwest Communications (WIKY/WABX) tower at 1162 Mount Auburn Road,
• 388 ft (118.5 m) tall Raycom Media (WFIE-TV) tower at 1115 Mount Auburn Road.

Wolf Hills Towers

Coordinates: 37°53'17" N, 87°32'37" W
Wolf Hills in Henderson, Kentucky, just south of the Ohio River, is the location of several broadcasting towers, including:
• 949 ft (289.3 m) tall WFIE-TV (NBC Ch. 14) tower,
• 1016 ft (309.7 m) tall WEVV-TV (CBS Ch. 44) tower,
• 946 ft (288.4 m) tall Townsquare Media tower.
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