Radio stations in Lexington, KY

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 WRFL Radio Free Lexington University of Kentucky
  88.9 WEKU Public Radio
└ HD2 WEKU Classical
Clays Ferry, Woodland Dr
  89.7 WDCL Public Radio Somerset
  89.9 WKVO K-Love Georgetown, 700 Lemons Mill Rd
  90.3 WMKY Public Radio Morehead
  90.7 WPTJ King of Kings Radio Paris
  91.3 WUKY NPR Rocks
└ HD2 WUKY Essential Classics
└ HD3 BBC World Service
Clays Ferry, Woodland Dr
  91.7 W219DM Radio by Grace 2851 Winchester Rd, WKYT-TV Tower
  92.1 WBVX Classic Rock Jimtown, Hume Bedford Rd and Greenwich Rd
  92.5 W223CV ESPN Radio Lexington Lexington Financial Center
  92.9 WVLK K92.9 2851 Winchester Rd, WKYT-TV Tower
  93.3 W227CW Christian Country 1065 Russel Cave Rd, WLEX-TV Tower
  93.7 WRVG Georgetown, Georgetown College
  93.9 WLXU RadioLEX Bluegrass Community and Technical College - Newton Campus
  94.5 WMXL Mix 94.5
└ HD2 iHeart Country Top 20
3549 Russel Cave Rd
  94.9 W235AK Relevant Radio 1065 Russel Cave Rd, WLEX-TV Tower
  95.3 WVRB K-Love Nicholasville, US-27 and Brannon Rd
  95.7 WLXL RadioLEX Bluegrass Community and Technical College - Leestown Campus
  96.1 WZNN The Hound Georgetown, 700 Lemons Mill Rd
  96.3 WXKY K-Love Danville
  96.9 WGKS Kiss FM Paris, Houston Antioch Rd
  97.3 W247CT News Talk 2851 Winchester Rd, WKYT-TV Tower
  97.5 WAMZ Best Country Louisville, KY, Brooks Hill
  97.7 W249DJ WTF97.7 1087 E New Circle Rd
  98.1 WBUL The Bull
└ HD2 Icons
1087 E New Circle Rd
  98.5 W253BK Icons 1087 E New Circle Rd
  99.1 WJMM Life Changing Radio 1065 Russel Cave Rd, WLEX-TV Tower
  99.7 WXCN Christian radio
3ABN Radio
Liberty Area
100.1 WKQQ Rock Station
└ HD2 Strictly Blues
3549 Russel Cave Rd
100.7 WCYO The Coyote Richmond
101.5 WLXX Jack FM Clays Ferry, Woodland Dr
101.9 W270DE La Explosiva 1065 Russel Cave Rd, WLEX-TV Tower
102.1 WKYL Passport Radio Lawrenceburg
102.5 WLTO Hot 102 Nicholasville, US-27 and Brannon Rd
103.3 WXZZ Z-Rock 1065 Russel Cave Rd, WLEX-TV Tower
103.7 WFRT Passport Radio Frankfort, Bald Knob and Saint Johns Rds
103.9 W280DO Real 103.9 2599 Palumbo Dr
104.5 WLKT The Cat
└ HD2 Real 103.9
5654 Briar Hill Rd
104.9 WFKY Froggy 104.9/101.7 Frankfort, Bald Knob and Saint Johns Rds
105.1 WRNZ Z105 Danville
105.5 WLXO Hank FM 5654 Briar Hill Rd
105.9 WNJK Jess-FM Nicholasville
106.3 WCDA Hits 106.3 Lexington Financial Center
106.7 WLFX The Pinnacle Berea
107.1 WLAI Air 1
└ HD2 K-Love 90s
Nicholasville, US-27 and Brannon Rd
107.5 WKYB Bee-Country Danville, Persimmon Knob
107.7 WKYN K107 Classic Country Mount Sterling
107.9 WBTF The Beat Midway
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.400 KIH41 NOAA Weather Radio Clays Ferry, Woodland Dr
162.525 WWF82A NOAA Weather Radio Richmond, Madison County Emergency Operations Center
162.525 WWF82B NOAA Weather Radio Richmond, Maple Grove Rd
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WPFZ722 Hwy Advisory Radio I-64 and I-75 Interchange
    550 WKRC The Talk Station Cincinnati, OH, Cold Spring, KY
    590 WVLK News Talk Leestown Rd
    630 WLAP NewsRadio 3549 Russell Cave Rd
    650 WSM The Legend Nashville, TN, Brentwood
    700 WLW NewsRadio Cincinnati, OH, Mason
    770 WCGW Christian Country Nicholasville
    790 WKRD Sports Talk
Fox Sports Radio
Louisville, KY, Tucker Station Rd
    840 WHAS NewsRadio Louisville, KY, 1502 Flat Rock Rd
    940 WCND La Pantera Shelbyville
  1070 WFNI ESPN Radio Indianapolis, IN, Whitestown
  1110 WCBR Christian Radio Richmond
  1150 WMST Mount Sterling
  1190 WOWO News Talk Fort Wayne, IN, Roanoke
  1230 WHIR News Talk Sport Danville
  1250 WLRT La Explosiva Nicholasville
  1300 WLXG ESPN Radio Lexington 1300 Greendale Rd
  1340 WEKY Y-92.5 Richmond
  1380 WMJR Relevant Radio Nicholasville
  1400 WCYN Classic Hits Cynthiana
  1420 WHBN The Rooster Harrodsburg
  1440 WYGH Tri State Gospel Paris
  1470 WBFC Mountain Gospel Stanton
  1490 WKYW Pop Radio 93.5 Frankfort
  1500 WKXO Gospel You Know Berea
  1510 WLAC TalkRadio Nashville, TN, Dickerson Pike and W Old Hickory Blvd
  1530 WCKY ESPN Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH, Villa Hills, KY
  1550 WIRV Coll Oldies V-99.3 Irvine
  1580 WWTF WTF97.7 Georgetown
  1620 WQKE967 Radio Lexington 399 Southland Dr + 1098 S Cleveland Rd + 2099 Newtown Pike + Van Meter Rd + 1813 Charleston Dr
  1700 WQKH253 UK Radio University of Kentucky





Coordinates: 38°03'56" N, 84°29'13" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 950 ft (289.6 m), Antenna Height: 670 ft (204.3 m)
WLEX-TV (NBC Ch. 18) Tower located at 1065 Russell Cave Road.


Coordinates: 38°02'22" N, 84°24'10" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 989 ft (301.4 m), Antenna Height: 1000 ft (305 m)
WKYT-TV (CBS Ch. 27) Tower located at 2851 Winchester Road.


Coordinates: 38°02'02" N, 84°23'37" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1000 ft (305 m), Antenna Height: 994 ft (303 m)
WTVQ-TV (ABC Ch. 36) Tower located at 6940 Man O'War Blvd.

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