Radio stations in Baton Rouge, LA

Stations de radio à Bâton Rouge, LA

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 KPAQ AFR Talk Plaquemine
  88.5 WJFM SonLife Radio Jimmy Swaggart Bible College
  88.9 WMAU MPB Think Radio
└ HD2 MPB Music Radio
Bude, MS
  89.3 WRKF Public Radio
└ HD2 WRKF Classical
Duncan Point, LPB Tower
  89.7 WPAE Sound Radio Centreville, MS
  90.3 WBRH Jazz 844 Government St
  90.7 KPEF LifeSongs Pierre Part
  91.1 KLSU College Radio Louisiana State University
  91.5 KPAE Sound Radio Erwinville
  91.9 WWRA Radio Amor Clinton
  92.3 WZRH Alt 92.3 New Orleans, LA, South Vacherie
  92.7 WBKL K-Love Clinton
  93.3 WQUE Q93 New Orleans, LA, Algiers American Tower
  93.7 KYFJ Bible Broadcasting Netw. Ramah
  94.1 WEMX Max 94.1 Clinton
  94.5 KSMB Lafayette, LA, Church Point
  94.7 W234DH Tropical Nesser, Honore Ln
  95.3 K237EW CSN Radio Port Allen, 2787 Hwy 190 W
  95.7 WKBU Bayou 95.7 New Orleans, LA, Algiers American Tower
  96.1 KRVE The River
└ HD2 Air 1
Greenwell Springs, 15862 Frenchtown Rd
  96.5 KAJD K-Joy Radio 2835 Aubin Ln, Joy of Deliverance Ministry
  96.9 WHYR Community Radio 5700 Florida Blvd
  97.1 WEZB B97
└ HD2 Channel Q
New Orleans, LA, Algiers American Tower
  97.3 WBRJ 9135 Jefferson Hwy, Jefferson Baptist Church
  97.7 K249DV Downtown Radio 1650 Highland Rd
  98.1 WDGL Eagle 98.1
└ HD2 ESPN Baton Rouge
Duncan Point, WAFB-TV Tower
  98.5 WYLD R&B New Orleans, LA, Algiers American Tower
  98.7 K254DM NewsRadio 1650 Highland Rd
  99.1 KXKC Acadiana's Country Lafayette, LA, Parks Cumulus Media Tower
  99.9 KTDY Lafayette, LA, Parks Cumulus Media Tower
100.7 WTGE The Tiger
└ HD2 Talk 107.3
Addis Pinnacle Tower
101.1 W266CD Air 1 9936 Airline Hwy
101.5 WYNK Country 101.5
└ HD2 Downtown Radio
Addis Pinnacle Tower
101.9 WLMG Magic 101.9 New Orleans, LA, Algiers American Tower
102.1 WUBR Power 102.1 Zachary
102.5 WFMF Today's Hit Music
└ HD2 WJBO NewsRadio
Addis Pinnacle Tower
102.9 K275AL CSN Radio Denham Springs
103.3 WRQQ Classic Hits Walker
103.7 K279AL CSN Radio 9936 Airline Hwy
104.1 KVDU The Spot
└ HD2 La Calle 97.9
New Orleans, LA, South Vacherie
104.5 WNXX ESPN Baton Rouge Jackson
104.9 KNXX ESPN Baton Rouge Donaldsonville
105.1 K286CS Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Port Allen, Louisiana Ave
105.5 KDDK Latin 105.5 Addis, 59420 Louisiana 1148
105.9 WPYR Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
106.1 WTQT 3140 Florida Blvd
106.5 KQXL Q106.5 Zachary
106.9 KBRS Global Radio White Castle
107.3 WBRP Talk 107.3 Cortana Place
107.9 KHXT Hot 107.9 Lafayette, LA, Parks Cumulus Media Tower
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.400 KHB46 NOAA Weather Radio 844 Government St
162.475 KIH23 NOAA Weather Radio Morgan City
162.550 WXK80 NOAA Weather Radio Lafayette, LA, Youngsville
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WPOX738 SUBR Radio Southern University
    580 KJMJ Radio Maria (USA)
Vatican Radio
Alexandria, 336 Dupree St
    600 WVOG The Gospel New Orleans, LA, Jefferson, Mississippi River Trl
    640 KTIB La Calle 97.9 Thibodaux
    690 WQNO Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
New Orleans, LA, Chalmette, Paris Rd
    710 KEEL NewsRadio Shreveport, LA, 7545 Haygood Rd
    800 WSHO Sonshine New Orleans, LA, Estelle
    810 WSJC Christian Radio Jackson, MS, Magee
    830 KGLA Tropical 105.7 New Orleans, LA, Norco
    870 WWL News Talk Sports New Orleans, LA, Barataria Preserve
    910 WUBR Power 102.1 Zachary
    940 WYLD Hallelujah New Orleans, LA, Algiers, Tullis Dr
  1010 WCKW Covenant Network
EWTN Catholic Radio
  1060 WLNO Gospel Radio New Orleans, LA, Belle Chasse
  1130 KWKH The Tiger
Fox Sports Radio
Shreveport, LA, Belcher
  1150 WJBO NewsRadio Port Allen, 4482 Rebelle Ln
  1260 KBRH Blues Port Allen, 2777 Rosedale Rd
  1280 WODT Black Information Netw. New Orleans, LA, Algiers, Forest Park Ln
  1330 KVOL MeTV FM Lafayette, LA, 515 E Amedee Dr
  1360 KNIR Radio Maria (USA)
Vatican Radio
New Iberia
  1380 WPYR Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Port Allen, Louisiana Ave
  1460 WXOK Heaven 1460 Port Allen, 1815 Lafiton Ln
  1500 KCLF Voice of Pointe Coupee New Roads
  1520 KFXZ News Talk 98.5 Lafayette, LA, Buttercup Dr
  1550 WPFC Gospel Music Port Allen, 3814 Hwy 1 N
  1570 WABL Amite
  1590 KKAY Global Radio White Castle
  1610 WPLR917 Hwy Advisory Radio I-110
  1630 WPLR917 Hwy Advisory Radio I-10 at Port Allen
  1650 WPLR917 Hwy Advisory Radio I-10 at Siegen Ln
  1670 WPLR917 Hwy Advisory Radio I-12




Addis Pinnacle Towers tower

Coordinates: 30°19'35" N, 91°16'36" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 12 ft (3.7 m), Antenna Height: 1737 ft (529.4 m).
Pinnacle Towers Tower is located near Addis and Plaquemine. The tallest tower serving metro Baton Rouge rises 1737 feet in the air. It is home to three 100 kW FM stations: WTGE 100.7 MHz, WYNK 101.5 MHz and WFMF 102.5 MHz, as well as several TV stations.

Duncan Point, WAFB-TV Tower

Coordinates: 30°21'59" N, 91°12'47" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 23 ft (7 m), Antenna Height: 1725 ft (525.8 m).
WAFB-TV (CBS Ch. 9) broadcasting tower at 7387 River Road in Duncan Point, southwest of Arlington, Louisiana.

Plaquemine Point, WBRZ-TV Tower

Coordinates: 30°17'48" N, 91°11'37" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 21 ft (6.4 m), Antenna Height: 1737 ft (529.4 m).
WBRZ-TV (ABC Ch. 2) broadcasting tower at 1327 Louisiana Highway 75 in Plaquemine Point, near Sunshine, Louisiana.
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