Radio stations in New Orleans, LA

Stations de radio à La Nouvelle-Orléans, LA

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.3 WRBH Reading Radio Chalmette, E Josephine St
  88.7 WOTB The Bridge Radio Pearl River
  89.1 WBSN LifeSongs Algiers American Tower
  89.5 K208FC Radio by Grace Arabi
  89.9 WWNO Public Radio
└ HD2 Classical 104.9
└ HD3 Jazz
Algiers American Tower
  90.3 WAMF The Voice of the People Marigny
  90.7 WWOZ
└ HD2 WWOZ-2
1440 Canal St, Tidewater Building
  91.1 WNKV K-Love Bayou Gauche
  91.5 WTUL Tulane University
  91.9 KMRL K-Love Port Sulphur, Fleur de Lis Broadcasting Tower
  92.3 WZRH Alt 92.3 South Vacherie
  92.9 W225CZ The Bet (New Orleans) Algiers, Behrman Hwy
  93.3 WQUE Q93 Algiers American Tower
  94.3 WTIX Oldies Metairie, Best Western Landmark
  94.7 WYLK Lake 94.7 Lacombe, Fish Hatchery Rd
  94.9 WGUO Gumbo 94.9 Houma, Raceland
  95.3 WNOZ Smooth Jazz 3199 Dugue St
  95.7 WKBU Bayou 95.7 Algiers American Tower
  96.3 K242CE Throwwback 96.3 One Shell Sq
  97.1 WEZB B97
└ HD2 Channel Q
Algiers American Tower
  97.5 K248BB Latino Mix One Shell Sq
  97.9 K250BA La Calle 97.9 Place St. Charles
  98.1 WDGL Eagle 98.1
└ HD2 ESPN Baton Rouge
└ HD3 Talk 107.3
Baton Rouge, LA, Duncan Point, WAFB-TV Tower
  98.5 WYLD R&B Algiers American Tower
  99.1 WXDR Dolphin Radio Delgado Community College
  99.5 WRNO News Talk 99.5
└ HD2 Throwwback 96.3
Chalmette, Bayou Bienvenue Towers
100.3 KLRZ ESPN New Orleans Larose, W 39th St
100.7 WTGE The Tiger Baton Rouge, LA, Addis Pinnacle Tower
101.1 WNOE Country 101.1 Chalmette, Bayou Bienvenue Towers
101.5 K268DR Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Chalmette, Paris Rd
101.9 WLMG Magic 101.9 Algiers American Tower
102.3 WHIV 2601 Tulane Ave
102.5 WFMF Today's Hit Music
└ HD2 WJBO NewsRadio
Baton Rouge, LA, Addis Pinnacle Tower
102.9 KMEZ Chalmette, Emmis Towers
103.3 WRQQ Classic Hits Baton Rouge, LA, Walker
104.1 KVDU The Spot
└ HD2 La Calle 97.9
South Vacherie
104.5 KWMZ Z-104.5 Port Sulphur, Fleur de Lis Broadcasting Tower
104.9 K285FF Classical 104.9 One Shell Sq
105.3 WWL News Talk Sports
Chalmette, Bayou Bienvenue Towers
105.7 K289AM Tropical Chalmette, Quincy Jones Broadcasting Tower
106.1 WRKN Nash Icon Covington, Ronald Quave Rd
106.3 KLXH K-Love Houma, Bayou Blue Rd
106.7 KKND Heaven 106.7 Delacroix Hwy, Reggio Citadel Tower
107.1 K296HM KKNO Christian Radio Place St. Charles
107.5 KNOL K-Love Chalmette, Emmis Towers
107.9 W300DP The Gospel Place St. Charles
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.550 KHB43 NOAA Weather Radio Plaza Tower
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WNKX209 MSY Airport Radio Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
    600 WVOG The Gospel Jefferson, Mississippi River Trl
    640 KTIB La Calle 97.9 Thibodaux
    690 WQNO Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Chalmette, Paris Rd
    750 KKNO Christian Radio Harvey, Industry St
    800 WSHO Sonshine Estelle
    810 WSJC Christian Radio Jackson, MS, Magee
    830 KGLA Tropical Norco
    870 WWL News Talk Sports Barataria Preserve
    940 WYLD Hallelujah Algiers, Tullis Dr
    990 WGSO 1500 Canal St, Jung Hotel
  1010 WCKW Covenant Network
EWTN Catholic Radio
  1060 WLNO Gospel Radio Belle Chasse
  1130 KWKH The Tiger
Fox Sports Radio
Shreveport, LA, Belcher
  1150 WJBO NewsRadio Baton Rouge, LA, Port Allen, 4482 Rebelle Ln
  1190 WMEJ Rejoice 1190 Bay St. Louis, MS
  1230 WBOK St. Roch
  1280 WODT Black Information Netw. Algiers, Forest Park Ln
  1320 WRJW Picayune, MS
  1350 WWWL The Bet (New Orleans) Algiers, Behrman Hwy
  1370 WQFL351 St. Charles Parish Radio St. Rose
  1490 KJIN Jamz FM Houma, Fahey St
  1510 KAGY Port Sulphur
  1540 WFNO Latino Mix Harvey, Industry St
  1560 WSLA
ESPN Radio
  1580 WPMO The Game Pascagoula, MS, 5115 Telephone Rd
  1600 KLEB Rajun' Cajun Golden Meadow
  1630 WPYX975 Port NOLA Radio Port of New Orleans
  1640 WTNI Bob 106.3 Biloxi, MS, McClellan and Tucker Rds
  1650 WPYX975 Port NOLA Radio Port of New Orleans
  1660 WPYX975 Port NOLA Radio Port of New Orleans
  1670 WPYX975 Port NOLA Radio Port of New Orleans
  1680 WQIW791 St. Bernard Parish Radio Chalmette
  1690 WPYX975 Port NOLA Radio Port of New Orleans
  1700 WNKG901 Hwy Advisory Radio Lake Pontchartrain Causeway
SW,kHz Station Transmitter
  7505 WRNO Worldwide Marrero, 3711 Barataria Blvd
Online Station
  Radio is a Foreign Country




Jung Hotel

Coordinates: 29°57'25" N, 90°04'33" W
The building of Jung Hotel at 1500 Canal Street is home for New Orleans radio station WGSO-AM (990 kHz), which broadcast from the 310 feet (94 m) high antenna atop the building.

South Vacherie Tower

Coordinates: 29°57'10" N, 90°43'27" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 5 ft (1.5 m), Antenna Height: 1999 ft (609.3m)
Located at 29563 Dicks Road in Vacherie, this tower is the tallest man-made structure in Louisiana.

Algiers American Tower

Coordinates: 29°55'13" N, 90°01'28" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: -3 ft (-0.9 m), Antenna Height: 1034 ft (315 m).
American Tower Corp. broadcasting tower (also known as The New Orleans FM Tower and previously Spectrasite or Lonestar tower) in Algiers on the westbank of the Mississippi River at 3210 Behrman Highway.

Chalmette, Bayou Bienvenue Towers

Coordinates: 29°58'57" N, 89°57'08" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 3 ft (0.9 m), Antenna Heights: 980 ft (298.7 m) and 1046 ft (318.8 m)
WVUE-TV (Fox Ch. 8) and WYES-TV (PBS Ch. 12) "twin towers" in Chalmette on the eastbank of the Mississippi River.

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