Radio stations in Augusta, ME

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 WMEY Reach FM Bowdoin
  88.9 WMDR God's Country South Paris, Streaked Mountain
  89.3 WMSJ K-Love Portland, ME, Falmouth, Blackstrap Rd
  89.5 WWTP Relevant Radio Rte 202 at Ingraham Mountain Rd
  89.9 WERU Community Radio Blue Hill Mountain
  90.1 WMEA Maine Public Radio
└ HD2 Maine Public Classical
Portland, ME, Sebago, Douglas Mountain
  90.5 WMEP Maine Public Radio
└ HD2 Maine Public Classical
Camden, Ragged Mountain
  91.3 WMEW Maine Public Radio
└ HD2 Maine Public Classical
Waterville, Cook Hill
  91.9 WYFP Bible Broadcasting Netw. Portland, ME, Harpswell, Bailey Island
  92.3 WMME 92 Moose Rte 202 at Bolton Hill Rd
  93.1 WMGX Coast 93.1 Portland, ME, Presumpscot St
  93.5 WCTB True Country Skowhegan, 195 Middle Rd
  93.9 WARX Air 1 Litchfield, Oak Hill
  94.3 W232CU The Arrow 160 Bangor St
  94.9 WHOM Mount Washington, NH
  95.3 WWWA Reach FM Skowhegan, Bigelow Hill
  95.5 WPPI Sports Radio WEEI
ESPN Radio
Brunswick, Old Portland Rd
  96.3 WJJB The Big JAB South Paris, Streaked Mountain
  96.7 WBQA Maine Public Classical Newcastle
  97.1 WBFB The Bear Bangor, ME, Dixmont, Peaked Mountain
  97.5 WQSK Kiss FM Madison
  97.9 WJBQ Q97.9 Portland, ME, South Gray American Tower
  98.5 WEBB B-98.5 Waterville, Benton Ave
  98.9 WCLZ Different is Good Brunswick, I-295 at River Rd
  99.3 WKTJ Big Hits Farmington
  99.5 WJCX Life Begins at the Cross Bangor, ME, Pittsfield
  99.7 W259BY Maine Public Classical Waterville, Cook Hill
  99.9 WTHT The Wolf Portland, ME, Lewiston, New Gloucester
100.3 WKIT Bangor, ME, South Brewer, Kings Mountain
100.5 W265CO K-Love Rte 202 at Bolton Hill Rd
101.3 WVQM The Voice Of Maine Hallowell, Winthrop St
101.7 WKVV K-Love Bangor, ME, Frankfort, Mount Waldo
101.9 WPOR Today's Country Portland, ME, Falmouth, Blackstrap Rd
102.1 WKVZ K-Love Bangor, ME, Dexter Mountain, Hersey Hill
102.5 WQSS Kiss FM Camden, Ragged Mountain
102.9 WBLM Rock Station Portland, ME, Raymond
103.3 WMCM The Bear Rockland, Benner Hill
103.7 WPKQ WCYY Rock Mount Washington, NH
103.9 WVOM The Voice Of Maine Bangor, ME, Passadumkeag Mountain
104.3 WABK Big 104 Hallowell, Winthrop St
104.7 WBAK Big 104 Bangor, ME, Frankfort, Mount Waldo
105.1 WTOS Pure Rock Skowhegan, Sugarloaf Mountain
105.5 WBYA The Wolf Belfast, Northport
105.9 WBCI Life Changing Radio Bowdoin
106.5 WQCB Q 106.5 Bangor, ME, Dexter Mountain, Mansfield Ledge
106.9 WBQX Frank FM Rockland, Thomaston
107.3 WBZN Z107.3 Bangor, ME, Alton, Tannery Rd
107.5 WFNK Frank FM Auburn, Poland Springs
107.9 WFMX Mix 107.9 Oakland, S Gage Rd
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.450 WNG547 NOAA Weather Radio Skowhegan, Sugarloaf Mountain
162.475 WSM60 NOAA Weather Radio Dresden, Blinn Hill
162.500 KZZ41 NOAA Weather Radio Mount Washington, NH
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    560 WGAN NewsRadio Portland, ME, 236 Lane Ave
    590 WEZE The Word Boston, MA, Medford, Commercial St
    620 WZON Z62 Bangor, ME, 861 Broadway
    680 WRKO The Voice of Boston Boston, MA, Burlington, Meadow Rd
    690 CKGM TSN Radio 690
ESPN Radio
Canada, Montreal, QC, Mercier
    730 WJTO The Memories Station Bath, Austin Rd
    780 WEZR The Patriot Rumford
    850 WEEI Boston, MA, Needham, 1555 Central Ave
    900 WCME News Station Brunswick, Old Portland Rd
    930 CFBC Country Favourites Canada, Saint John, NB, Sheldon Point Trl
    940 CFNV La Superstation Canada, Montreal, QC, Mercier
    970 WZAN The Outlaw Portland, ME, Scarborough, Elmwood Ave
  1030 WBZ Newsradio Boston, MA, Hull, Newport Rd
  1160 WSKW The Score
CBS Sports Radio
Skowhegan, 195 Middle Rd
  1240 WIGY Radio Auburn
  1280 WJYE Hot Radio Maine Gardiner
  1340 WMDR The Arrow 160 Bangor St
  1470 WLAM The Memories Station Auburn, Washington St N
  1510 WMEX The Greatest Hits Boston, MA, Quincy, Harriet St
  1610 WPVS949 Hwy Advisory Radio Maine Turnpike (I-95)




Litchfield, Danforth Hill and Oak Hill

Coordinates: 44°09'15" N, 70°00'35" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 688 ft (209.7 m)
Danforth Hill in Litchfield, Maine, southwest of Augusta and northeast of Lewiston is home to three transmitter towers for Central Maine:
• 634 ft (193.2 m) tall Maine Public Broadcasting Corporation - WCBB-TV (PBS Ch. 10) tower,
• 720 ft (219.5 m) tall Sinclair Broadcast Group - WPFO-TV (Fox Ch. 23) tower and
• 303 ft (92.5 m) tall Educational Media Foundation - WARX-FM (Air1 93.9 MHz) tower on nearby Oak Hill.

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