Radio stations in Detroit, MI

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 WHPR Highland Park
  88.1 WSDP The Park Canton, Salem High School
  88.1 WBFH The Biff Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Hills High School
  88.3 WDTE Smile FM Grosse Pointe Shores, Blossom Heath
  88.3 WSHJ Southfield, Southfield High School
  88.3 WXOU The Grizz Auburn Hills
  88.7 CIMX Pure Country 89 Canada, Windsor, ON, Amherstburg
  89.1 WEMU Jazz Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti
  89.1 WPHS Exile Radio Warren, Paul K. Cousino High School
  89.3 WHFR Dearborn, Henry Ford Community College
  89.3 WBLD Lakes FM West Bloomfield, West Bloomfield High School
  89.5 W208BB CSN Radio Highland Park, Ford Plant
  89.5 WAHS Radio Auburn Hills Auburn Hills, Avondale High School
  89.5 WOVI Real Radio Novi, Novi High School
  89.5 WDTP Smile FM Riverview Highlands
  89.9 CBE CBC Music Canada, Windsor, ON, McGregor
  90.3 KDTI K-Love 2000s Rochester Hills
  90.5 CJAH UCB 90.5 Canada, Windsor, ON, 1640 Ouellette Ave
  90.9 WRCJ Classical/Jazzy 9345 Lawton St
  91.1 WFUM Michigan Radio Flint, Atlas
  91.3 WGTE Public Radio Toledo, OH, Oregon, WGTE Tower
  91.7 WUOM Michigan Radio Ann Arbor, Peach Mountain
  92.3 WMXD Mix 92.3 Downtown Detroit, Cadillac Tower
  92.7 W224CC Faith Talk Oak Park, 20931 Meyers Rd
  93.1 WUFL Family Life Radio Oak Park, Greenfield Rd and W 10 Mile Rd
  93.5 W228CJ Playa 93.5 Oak Park, 20931 Meyers Rd
  93.9 CIDR Virgin Radio (Windsor) Canada, Windsor, ON, Amherstburg
  94.3 W232CA Relevant Radio Oak Park CBS Broadcasting Tower
  94.7 WCSX Classic Rock
└ HD2 Podcast Radio US
└ HD3 Smile FM
Royal Oak Motower Multilink Tower
  95.1 WFBE B95 Flint, Burton
  95.5 WKQI Channel 955 Oak Park, Greenfield Rd and W 10 Mile Rd
  95.9 CJWF Country 95.9 & 92.7 Canada, Windsor, ON, Amherstburg
  96.3 WDVD Today's Best Hits
└ HD2 WJR News Talk
Royal Oak Motower Multilink Tower
  96.7 WNUC Community Radio Weatherby, Evergreen Ave
  96.7 CHYR Mix 96.7 Canada, Leamington, ON, Cottam
  96.7 W244DL Gospel Weatherby, Evergreen Ave
  97.1 WXYT The Ticket
└ HD2 WWJ Newsradio
└ HD3 The Bet (Detroit)
Southfield, Greenfield Rd and Lincoln Dr
  97.5 CBEW CBC Radio One Canada, Windsor, ON, McGregor
  97.9 WJLB Hip-Hop & R&B Downtown Detroit, Cadillac Tower
  98.3 W252BX Detroit Praise Netw. Dearborn, I-94 exit 210A
  98.7 WDZH Alt 98.7
└ HD2 Channel Q
Lyndon St and Cloverdale St
  99.1 CJAM Canada, Windsor, ON, University of Windsor
  99.1 W256EA Podcast Radio US Oak Park, 20931 Meyers Rd
  99.5 WYCD Best Country Ferndale, 2201 Woodward Heights
  99.9 W260CB Detroit Praise Netw. Royal Oak Motower Multilink Tower
100.3 WNIC 13961 Turner St
100.7 CKUE Cool 100.7 Canada, Windsor, ON, Solidarity Tower
101.1 WRIF Rock
└ HD3 Dave & Chuck the Freak
Royal Oak Motower Multilink Tower
101.5 W268CN The Patriot Oak Park, 20931 Meyers Rd
101.9 WDET Detroit Public Radio Midtown Detroit, Cass Ave and Canfield St
102.3 CINA راديو سينا Canada, Windsor, ON, 1640 Ouellette Ave
102.7 WDKL K-Love
└ HD2 Air 1
└ HD3 K-Love 2000s
Clinton, S Gratiot Ave
102.9 WWWW W4 Country Ann Arbor, Lakewood
103.5 WMUZ The Light
└ HD2 Gospel
└ HD3 The Word
Weatherby, Evergreen Ave
103.9 CJBC ICI Musique Canada, Windsor, ON, CBC/SRC building
104.3 WOMC Greatest Hits Ferndale, 2201 Woodward Heights
104.7 WIOT Rock
└ HD2 The Gambler
Toledo, OH, Oregon, iHeart Radio Tower
105.1 WMGC The Bounce
└ HD2 Playa 93.5
Royal Oak Motower Multilink Tower
105.5 CBEF ICI Première Canada, Windsor, ON, CBC/SRC building
105.9 WDMK Kiss FM
└ HD2 Detroit Praise Netw.
Oak Park, Greenfield Rd and W 10 Mile Rd
106.3 W292DK Air 1 Oak Park CBS Broadcasting Tower
106.7 WLLZ Detroit's Wheels Downtown Detroit, Cadillac Tower
107.1 W296CG Air 1 Ferndale, Bonner St
107.1 WQKL Ann Arbor's 107one Ann Arbor, Tower Plaza
107.5 WGPR Hot 107.5
Midtown Detroit, Maccabees Building
107.9 W300DI La Z 13961 Turner St
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.475 VAZ533 Weatheradio Canada Canada, Windsor, ON, Amherstburg
162.550 KEC63 NOAA Weather Radio Southfield
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    560 WRDT The Word South Monroe (daytime) / Royal Oak Motower Multilink Tower (nighttime)
    580 CKWW Motor City Favorites Canada, Windsor, ON, Amherstburg
    610 WTVN News Talk Columbus, OH, South Outerbelt
    620 WTMJ Newsradio Milwaukee, WI, Yorkville
    630 CFCO Country 92.9 Canada, Chatham, ON, Queen's Line
    660 WMIC Sandusky
680/690 WNZK Station of the Nations
Radio Maryja
Flat Rock (690 kHz Daytime, 680 kHz Nighttime)
    700 WLW NewsRadio Cincinnati, OH, Mason
    740 CFZM Zoomer Radio Canada, Toronto, ON, Mississauga, Eighth Line
    760 WJR News Talk Riverview, Sibley Rd
    800 CKLW The Information Station Canada, Windsor, ON, Harrow
    850 WKNR ESPN Cleveland Cleveland, OH, North Royalton
    870 WKAR News Talk Lansing, MI, East Lansing, Michigan State University
    910 WFDF Superstation Carleton
    920 WPDE847 DTW Airport Radio Detroit Metropolitan Airport
    950 WWJ Newsradio Estral Beach, Haggerman Rd
    990 WDEO Ave Maria Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, W Clark Rd
  1010 CFRB Newstalk 1010 Canada, Toronto, ON, Mississauga, Royal Windsor Dr
  1030 WKEG Relevant Radio Clinton - Mt Clemens
  1050 WTKA Sports Talk
Infinity Sports Netw.
Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Stony Creek Rd
  1070 CHOK Country 103.9 Canada, Sarnia, ON, Waubuno Rd
  1090 WCAR La Explosiva Garden City
  1100 WTAM NewsRadio Cleveland, OH, Brecksville
  1130 WDFN Black Information Netw. Trenton, Vreeland Rd
  1160 WCXI The Overcomer Ministry Wixom
  1200 WMUZ The Salt Huron Charter Township
  1220 WHKW The Word Cleveland, OH, Akins Rd, Broadview Heights
  1270 WXYT The Bet (Detroit) Carleton, I-275 exit 2
  1310 WDTW La Z Taylor, Monroe Blvd
  1340 WCHB Gospel Ferndale, 2201 Woodward Heights
  1370 WSPD News Radio Toledo, OH, Rossford
  1400 WDTK The Patriot Highland Park, Midland St
  1440 WMKM Gospel Romulus
  1460 WPON Oldies Wixom
  1480 WSDS La Explosiva Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti
  1500 WLQV Faith Talk Lincoln Park
  1520 WPAY Relevant Radio Toledo, OH, Perrysburg
  1550 CBEF ICI Première Canada, Windsor, ON, Oldcastle
  1600 WAAM Talk 1600 Ann Arbor, Hwy 23
  1610 WPYF269 Hwy Advisory Radio Ambassador Bridge
  1610 WPYD802 Clinton Twp Radio Clinton Township
  1610 WQEE251 Rochester Hills Radio Rochester Hills
  1620 WQBQ687 Wayne Radio Wayne
  1640 WQVP792 Oakland Cnty Radio Pontiac
  1650 WPWK899 Riverview Radio Riverview
  1650 WQGH391 Farmington Hills Radio Farmington Hills
  1670 WPZV580 Wyandotte Radio Wyandotte
  1670 WPZY431 Livonia Radio Livonia
  1670 WQGH347 Troy Radio Troy
  1690 WPZC633 Warren Radio Warren
  1690 WQEQ301 Dearborn Heights Radio Dearborn Heights
  1700 WPPZ755 Westland Radio Westland
  1700 WPUA590 Grosse Ile Radio Grosse Ile
  1700 WPTC520 Sterling Heights Radio Sterling Heights
  1700 WPWI622 Southfield Radio Southfield




Cadillac Tower

Coordinates: 42°19'55" N, 83°02'41" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 597 ft (182 m), Antenna Height: 578 ft (176 m)
Cadillac Tower is a skyscraper located at 65 Cadillac Square in downtown Detroit, Michigan. It was built in 1927 as the Barlum Tower and is 578 feet (176 m) tall and has 40 floors, including two below ground. At the top of the tower is a tall guyed mast for local radio stations WJLB, WLLZ, WMXD and television station WLPC-LD.

More info: Cadillac Tower official website , Wikipedia

WDET Tower

Coordinates: 42°21'05" N, 83°03'47" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 623 ft (190 m), Antenna Height: 564 ft (172 m)
WDET transmitting tower at 105 West Canfield Street in Detroit's Midtown area.

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