Radio stations in Grand Rapids, MI

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 WYCE Community Radio Wyoming, 2843 Woodward Ave SW
  88.5 WGVU Public Radio Coopersville
  88.9 WBLU Blue Lake Public Radio 1308 Plymouth Ave NE
  89.3 WGNB Moody Radio Zeeland, 3764 84th Ave
  89.7 WNHG Strong Tower Radio Cornerstone University
  90.3 WBLV Blue Lake Public Radio Hesperia
  90.5 WKAR NPR & Classical
└ HD2 WKAR Classical
└ HD3 WKAR News Talk
Lansing, MI, Okemos, 4101 Dobie Rd
  90.7 W214AY CSN Radio Walker, Standale
  90.9 WSLI Smile FM Belding
  91.3 WCSG Byron Center, 632 92nd St SE
  91.7 WMCQ AFR Talk Muskegon, Alger Rd, WZZM-TV Tower
  91.9 WDPW Power 91.9 Belding, Belding Rd NE
  92.3 WRVU Radio Visión Kentwood
  92.5 WLAW Sunny 92.5 Muskegon, Alger Rd, WZZM-TV Tower
  92.9 W225BL Classic Christian Radio 399 Garfield Ave SW
  93.3 W227CG La Poderosa 399 Garfield Ave SW
  93.7 WBCT B-93 Wayland, WWMT-TV Tower
  94.5 WKLQ The Q Zeeland, New Holland St
  94.9 W235BN Jethro-FM 399 Garfield Ave SW
  95.3 W237CZ Public Radio Wyoming, 2306 Clyde Park Ave SW
  95.7 WLHT Mix 95.7
└ HD2 Smile FM
Comstock Park, Cordes Ave NW
  96.1 WMAX The Game
└ HD2 WTKG Talk Radio
Hudsonville, 3507 Felch St
  96.9 WLAV Classic Rock 97LAV Ada, 3960 Pettis Ave NE
  97.3 WJWC The Heat Coldbrook St NE and Clancy Ave NE
  97.9 WGRD Byron Center, 632 92nd St SE
  98.3 W252DG Holy Family Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Allendale, WTLJ-TV Tower
  98.7 WFGR Greatest Hits Comstock Park, Cordes Ave NW
  99.3 WJQK Joy 99.3 Zeeland, 2640 72nd Ave
100.5 WTRV The River Walker, 2853 Three Mile Rd NW
101.3 WBFX Big 101.3 Lowell, 12504 Five Mile Rd NE
101.7 WMRR Rock 101.7 Muskegon, 3705 W Giles Rd
102.1 WMUK Public Radio
└ HD2 Classical
Kalamazoo, Plainwell
102.5 W273DD The Ride Comstock Park, Cordes Ave NW
102.9 WYHA Bible Broadcasting Netw. 399 Garfield Av SW
103.3 WKFR Today's Best Music
└ HD2 The Block
Battle Creek
103.7 WSNH Radio Vida Coldbrook St NE and Clancy Ave NE
104.1 WVGR Michigan Radio Wayland, 165 N Payne Lake Rd
104.5 WSNX 104.5SNX Muskegon, 2691 Ensley Rd
104.9 W285FO Magic 104.9 399 Garfield Ave SW
105.3 WHTS Hot 105.3 Muskegon, Alger Rd, WZZM-TV Tower
105.7 WSRW Star 105.7 Wayland, 165 N Payne Lake Rd
106.5 WVFM Jack FM Kalamazoo, Delton
106.9 WOOD NewsRadio
└ HD2 WKBZ News Talk
Muskegon, 1392 S Hilton Park Rd
107.3 WTNR Thunder 107.3 Lowell, 2900 Lincoln Lake Rd
107.9 WMUS 107MUS Muskegon, 3705 W Giles Rd
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.550 WZ2560 NOAA Weather Radio Cannonsburg
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    540 WAUK ESPN Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI, Jackson
    560 WIND The Answer Chicago, IL, Griffith, IN, Colfax Ave
    590 WKZO Everything Kalamazoo Kalamazoo, McKinley St
    620 WTMJ Newsradio Milwaukee, WI, Yorkville
    670 WSCR The Score
Infinity Sports Netw.
Chicago, IL, Glendale Heights
680/690 WNZK Station of the Nations
Radio Maryja
Detroit, MI, Flat Rock (690 kHz Daytime, 680 kHz Nighttime)
    720 WGN Radio Chicago, IL, Elk Grove Village
    760 WJR News Talk Detroit, MI, Riverview, Sibley Rd
    780 WBBM Newsradio Chicago, IL, Itasca
    790 WSGW NewsRadio Saginaw, Robin Glen-Indiantown
    800 CKLW The Information Station Canada, Windsor, ON, Harrow
    810 WMJH La Poderosa Rockford
    870 WKAR News Talk Lansing, MI, East Lansing, Michigan State University
    890 WLS Chicago's Talk Leader Chicago, IL, Orland Park
    930 WFAT The Fat One Battle Creek
  1000 WMVP ESPN Chicago Chicago, IL, Downers Grove
  1090 WKBZ News Talk Muskegon, 517 W Giles Rd
  1140 WVHF Holy Family Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Ada, Grand River Dr SE
  1180 WXLA Easy 93.3 Lansing, MI, Dimondale
  1230 WTKG Talk Radio 280 Ann St NW
  1260 WPNW Joy Worship Holland
  1300 WOOD NewsRadio Kentwood
  1320 WILS Talk Radio Lansing, MI, Dimondale
  1340 WJRW The Ticket
Infinity Sports Netw.
399 Garfield Ave SW
  1380 WGLM M-106.3 Greenville
  1410 WNWZ Magic 104.9 1308 Plymouth Ave NE
  1430 WION I-1430 Ionia
  1480 WSLI Smile FM Kentwood
  1530 WYGR Jethro-FM Wyoming, Grandville
  1570 WFUR Classic Christian Radio 399 Garfield Ave SW
  1590 WAQU The Squirrel Aquinas College (Carrier current)
  1610 WPKI666 GRR Airport Radio Gerald R. Ford International Airport
  1660 WTOU The Touch Kalamazoo, Portage
  1680 WPRR The Ride Ada, Grand River Dr SE




Wayland, WWMT-TV Tower

Coordinates: 42°37'56" N, 85°32'16" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 770 ft (234.6 m), Antenna Height: 1130 ft (344.4 m)
WBCT 93.7 FM antenna is located on the WWMT-TV Tower on MI-179 - Chief Noonday Rd near the northern edge of Gun Lake. The tower is constructed in 1961. WBCT's 320 kW Effective Radiated Power (ERP) transmitter is one of the most powerful in North America and provides coverage area of 25,000 square miles (65,000 km²) over 20 counties in Michigan - as far east as Ann Arbor, Michigan, as far south as Rome City, Indiana, and as far north as Reed City, Michigan.

More info: Tower site of the week: High Power in West Michigan , Michigan Broadcast Towers
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